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Let him entertain me!!

I finally watched my DVR’d Royal Jubilee shows and was cautiously hopeful that ABC would actually let me see “Mayor of Britain” Robbie Williams who opened the show with a lively version of his classic “Let Me Entertain You.” But because ABC is American Broadcasting Corporation and America does not GET HOW BRILLIANT ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS, instead I had to curse my way through f’ing who, BTW is not even English!!

So thank you to my darling Candy Soulmate Felicity (who IS English, so there!) who found me a lovely clip of Robbie’s performance that had everything you could hope for in an English concert: a Royal Guards drum corps, regal fanfare, bouncing Londoners along the Mall, a string section, a sea of  Union Jacks and an English superstar in a monogrammed “uniform” giving a quick crotch grab in front of two future Kings of England:

When he came on I’m not even kidding when I say I fist pumped! “Hell! YEAH! Robbie!” So listen up ABC – when this man asks to entertain you – YOU LET HIM.


These are a few of my favorite things

I had a lovely Christmas which included an Irish Breakfast:

Irish bacon, sausage and brown bread

An English Trifle:

Ladyfingers soaked in sherry, Bird's custard, jam, whipped cream and raspberries

A relaxing day watching the entire first season of Downton Abbey with my mom (that would be the DVD she got me and a “Biscuit Jar” to keep by the side of my bed, like the ladies of Downton Abbey):

Only Cadbury biscuits of course!!

And some wicked cool presents!:

S3 PiningPacey is the BEST Pacey!


Thanks to Heather for the ornament and my mom for the Royal Tea Tin!


Not one, but TWO “Mrs. Brandon Flowers” signs!

Thank you Felicity and Lauren!!

A very Merry Christmas for 2011 I must say. I’m such a lucky girl 😉



William and Kate TV

I am completely OBSESSED with the Royals Tour of Canada! I check People like, 10 times a day for new pictures and info. On Twitter I discovered the Canadian Heritage channel on YouTube that has little videos of each day of their tour:

Look at them! They’re so damn adorable! My favorite gossip Lainey loves them, as do the always awesome Fug Girls who I think may be just as obsessed with them as I am.

Not only are they lovely and composed and regal – but they look so comfortable and kind. He’s been raised to do this and you can see so much of his mother in the way he talks to people, leans down to chat with children and makes a connection with those he’s speaking with. It is hard to believe that Kate wasn’t born doing this – she seems completely at ease being a Princess. Love them, love them, LOVE THEM!!

Seriously – if this was a TV show I would never leave my house 😉


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THE Wedding!!!

I am counting down the days until The Royal Wedding! Basically since the announcement in November, Heather and I have been obsessing on it. You see, we’re BIG Princess Diana fans and we pretty much have been waiting for William’s wedding day since he was born in 1982! (you think I’m kidding, I am not.)

In fact we contemplated GOING to London for it because really, how often does the wedding of a future monarch take place? (about every 30 years.) But I was already slated to go to Vegas this weekend which is lucky, because that’s where she lives! We haven’t quite worked out some of the details yet (when we’ll be able to sleep) but we have worked out that there will be lots of eating of English confections, crying into commemorative tea towels, and general “What Would Diana Think?” discussions about pretty much every detail.

This was the window display at Myers of Keswick in NYC where I went a few weeks ago to stock up on swag for our celebrations. Good thing too – today they said they are down to only thimbles and magnets!! That’s what happens if you haven’t been preparing for a wedding for 28 years like we have 🙂