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No Cherry Ice Cream Smile, BUT Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she’s falling!

After 27 years I FINALLY SAW DURAN DURAN!!!! The first show of their mini-US tour kicked off at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino this weekend. And even though we were in the last row of the section at the back – this was one of the best concerts I have ever seen! (and you know me, I go to A LOT of concerts 😉 )

It wasn’t just the anticipation of finally seeing a band I really love after so long – these guys are tight – this is NO nostalgia tour of tired rockers dutifully playing their greatest hits to an audience that only knows their 30 year old songs. Duran Duran are in fighting form right now. They’ve got a phenomenally good new album with songs that hold up just as well next to the classics. In fact, I would say some of the new tracks are pretty seamless with the old stuff which made for a damn exciting set list.

And the audience was great. I have to say I was a little concerned at first that it would be full of “sitters” – you know, those damn people that SIT DOWN for an entire concert, or only stand for the songs they know then sit for the rest. I was happy to be wrong and for the most part everyone was up and dancing their asses/screaming their heads off for the entire show.

And how could they not?? Planet Earth! (with us screaming “SWITCH IT ON!” if you’re a Durannie, this needs no explanation ;-p), Hungry Like the Wolf!, Come Undone! OMFG Careless Memories!!!!!! I knew they were rehearsing Friends of Mine because Simon was tweeting looking for the lyrics – but that still did not prepare me for HOW FUCKING EXCITED I was to hear it. The energy from both band and crowd was incredible – I kicked off my boots and danced around next to my mom who was so good to me – screaming “That’s DURAN DURAN!!!!” when they came on stage, and then getting me a keychain and tour book as presents for my nearly three decades of fandom.

Do yourself a favor – go see this tour. The new songs are great, the old songs will give you the energy and joy of a 14 year old, and trust me when I say there is no better time to be had than screaming “WILD BOYS! WILD BOYS! WILD BOYS!!” with a thousand or so other excited fangirls AND boys! (I met a guy who looked like he would be at home at a metal show. Except he’s seen Duran Duran 75 times! I shook that man’s hand.)


And check out this adorable shirt I got:

Look familiar?

Also? I still John Taylor 😉


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Gotta have some faith in the sound, it’s the one good thing that he’s got!

Guess who I just found out is on Twitter?

This guy! (tm Blogging Pal Julie)

No, not “The Other Guy from Wham!” How did I find out? Simon LeBon of course 😉

Today people were sending him garden pictures by request:

Seeing bright, sunny shots from Greece and Scotland (among other places) certainly made the cold, grim day outside my door a bit lovelier. So thanks for that George!

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Duran Duran Unstaged tonight!!

To celebrate the release of their new album All You Need is Now, tonight you can go here at 10PM and watch this:

Here’s the story behind the concert. In the meantime I’m counting down the days until my Duran Duran show, and still enjoying John and Simon’s tweets from the road! Sample Simon tweet from the other day:

Awww I love him!!


I know I’m something special and I look like I’m the best

We interrupt the regular schedule of no-posting-weekends because I just got tickets to SEE DURAN DURAN!!!!!!!

It only took 27 years, but I will l finally get to scream Cherry ice cream SMILE, I suppose it’s very nice LIVE!!!

I’m as giddy as – well – as a 14 year old girl 😉

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Wild Boys never lose it

I’m slightly totally obsessed with the Duran Duran Twitter feeds. Just today John was posting pictures of a photo shoot like a sort of live blog. It pretty much confirmed for me that had this existed when I was 14 years old, today would have been the day I was expelled from junior high for incessant internet checking and squealing! (if teen boys today think they have it bad with Bieber, they should be grateful there is only one of him and not FIVE!!)

The other night Simon was up late into the London night doing his own live tweeting of the interminable and awful Oscars. I have to say there is just something really cool about reading the thoughts of one of your idols in real time. It’s like, “hey! I’m watching the Oscars! With Simon LeBon!!” A friend of mine and fellow Durannie thinks this takes some of the “mystery” away and I can see that. But honestly I just think it’s pretty damn cool.

Speaking of Simon – his life fucking ROCKS!!! Here’s a recent week of his:

  • Attended a posh fashion show which his wife Yasmin was modeling in
  • Went to a posh cocktail party AT 10 Downing Street
  • Saw his wife on the cover of  (another – she’s a supermodel for chrissakes!) magazine
  • Had his name as a clue on a crossword (please call him “47 Down” from now on!)
  • Attended the Brit Awards with John where they hung out with fellow 80’s Brit Pop Idols Boy George and Holly Johnson
  • Made Shepherd’s Pie
  • Jetted off to Milan for Pop Star Stuff

That’s in ONE WEEK!! He also does completely normal stuff like walk his dogs and crab about his daughter running the hair dryer too long!

Duran Duran have a new song All You Need is Now and I have to say, my Inner 14 YO is not a fan of Simon’s beard, but my grown-ass self thinks he’s lookin’ hella good with it ;-):

(Awww look at the New Romantics!!)

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In news that surprises absolutely no one: I am still a 14 YO girl

I found out this weekend that Simon LeBon and John Taylor are on Twitter. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!

My same-age friends and I often comment that it is good we grew up in the 80’s and not today. The existence of social networking, YouTube, the internet and celebrity crushes on Twitter – would NOT have been good for seriously obsessive teen girls who grew into obsessive women who get just as excited about Duran Duran tweeting as if they were in fact STILL 14 YEAR OLD GIRLS!!

Follow Simon here, John here. Then crank up Rio and flip through your copy of Sing Blue Silver. I know you still have them, because I have mine 😉

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Christmas Carols: Do They Know It’s Christmas?

For me the holiday season does not start until I hear this song for the first time:

Band Aid happened at the height of my love for all things English in pop music. This video, and a making-of-documentary we used to rent at the video store were like crack to my little anglophile ears.

I have the documentary on tape somewhere, I should pull it out. My mom and I used to watch it at Christmas and get hysterical: Boy George being catty, George Michael pretending he’s straight, John Taylor hung over, Bono being intimidated by Simon LeBon (consider this, when this song came out in ’84 Duran Duran were bigger than U2!) And look how everyone has that damn 80’s English Pop Star Mullet! Could you not get in to the studio without one?

I also appreciate that Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet are prettier and more dressed up that the girls of Bananarama, even though in the documentary the boys admit they’ve been up all night drinking together. It is pure “English Pop Friend” genius. And the song is so damn catchy. Just today a friend posted a facebook status about it and half a dozen people (oh you know I did!) posted lyrical responses of the “did you hear clanging chimes of doom?” and “tonight thank god it’s them, instead of you” variety.