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“Magic Mike” – oh you know I’m going!

I have no interest in actual male strippers, and I didn’t even care too much about Channing Tatum until I was charmed by him in 21 Jump Street – but if you think I’m not going to see a movie that is over an hour of Hot Shirtless Pretty Boys – then obviously we’ve never met: Hi, I’m Amy and I like Hot Shirtless Pretty Boys 😉

And OH YES, there will be a “A Girl’s Review” of this one!


My International Boyfriends

You know what they say – have one in every port!:

My Irish Boyfriend

Chris O’Dowd (Source)

My French Boyfriend

Jean Dujardin (Source)

My English Boyfriend

Joseph Morgan (Source)

My Scottish Boyfriend

Ewan McGregor (Source)

My Australian Boyfriend

Ryan Kwanten (Source)

My Canadian Boyfriend

Joshua Jackson (Source)

I am currently taking applications for Italian, Spanish and Swedish Boyfriends 😉


Why I love my blog

These are the kind of searches I get here:




Bloody Good Cookies

Tonight is the S3 finale of True Blood. That certainly flew by! And I managed to see the entire season without paying an extra cent to Comcast for HBO so yay me!

It was quite the summer in Bon Temps – dumb boys, annoying vampires and mouthwatering biscuits…I hope we don’t have to wait nearly a year again for S4.

To celebrate I thought I’d do something special. I wanted to bake cookies and thought that finding vampire cookie cutters should be the easiest thing in the world. I mean, Halloween stuff is all over the place already and Vampires are hot! They’re everywhere! However, I had trouble finding any cookie cutters that had a caped vamp or even some fangs.

So instead I googled and found this recipe and I made my own damn Vampire Cookies thankyouverymuch!:

Sugar cookies filled with jam and poked with “bite marks”, then you ooze the jam out for “blood” (and I experimented with red icing.) I only had strawberry, but I think next time I’ll try raspberry for added bloodiness. I’m pretty pleased with them.

Happy Finale Viewing Fangbangers!


Brandon Off the Wall

Well look whose decided to go solo on the Wall of Men as well as in his career?

Thanks to Jill for holding Brandon up. These squares fall off my wall all the time – usually in the middle of the night – and it wakes me and I go oh, well. Hope it’s not a burglar, and go back to sleep!

As you can see, Jake and Jason booted Ewan and Matty.


I love you Jason Stackhouse, you big dope

The first season I watched True Blood I literally stared at Ryan Kwanten’s shoulders so much I think I may have gone cross-eyed. His character – dumb, redneck, sex-crazed, maybe-killing-women-but-too-dumb-to-even-know-it, V-addicted Jason Stackhouse was so spectacularly idiotic his entire existence could be summed up by Lafayette’s line, you’s a stupid bitch Jason Stackhouse.

Season 2 Jason kept his clothes on more (BOOO!) but his character developed. He felt guilt and shame and recognized the life he’d been living hadn’t been one to be proud of. Of course he was also in the throes of being brainwashed by a cult and let the cult leader’s bible thumping wife give him a bath time hand job – BUT still – he was getting just a wee bit smarter. And come on – his pairing with Andy Bellefleur to take on zombies with his God Who Comes impersonation was really a highlight of the entire season.

So far this season Jason is getting there. Slowly. He knows his limitations and wants more for himself (like to be a cop), but he also has no idea how to get there because he’s never really thought hard about much of anything (other than all the work he put into “watching porn” and “working out like a motherf*cker”!) You have to be a pretty good actor to play someone that stupid and not appear either as if you yourself are that dumb, or that you’re condescending to people who really are that dumb. I think Ryan Kwanten does a great job and he’s made Jason less reprehensible-yet-hot-to-drool-over and more winning-and-hot-to-drool-over.

And that boy’s body is SICK. He must work out HOURS every day to look like that. Sheesh! Apparently when he’s not working on his show or on his body – he’s Tweeting, blogging, and Facebooking!

(Duh – of course I realize these are ALL shirtless pictures. I mean, he works so hard on that body, what a shame it would be not to show the fruits of his labor 🙂 You’re welcome Ryan)


Oh boys of Bon Temps how we’ve missed you!

Hey ladies and gays, have you seen this???!!!:

Details why are you torturing us when we still have two months until the True Blood season 3 premiere?!?!

I haven’t read the article yet, mostly because I haven’t been able to stop staring at Kwanten’s abs – but when I do, I hope it talks about how this is the best show on TV for Boy Eye Candy, and how for every pair of boobs we see, we get like – five shirtless guys and a raunchy Jason Stackhouse sex scene.

Oh dear god there’s a gallery, and THREE COVERS!!! I can’t urge you enough to look at the gallery. Moyer in the dirt is particularly nice. Why can’t Bill Compton be this hot all the time??

Great, now I can’t stop staring at Kwanten’s shoulders in that tank top pic. Good god in heaven its gonna be a long, hot, summer indeed.