she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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Somethin’ stupid

My stepsister led me to this site and I love it!:

It reminds me of the Parks and Recreation episode “Ron and Tammys” where Ron Swanson’s evil first wife Tammy One utters a line that I love so much I want it on a card to hand out whenever I have to deal with morons:

Oh, are we playing a game where everyone says something stupid

Except, it’s not a question 😉 The episode is here (7:21 for the scene)


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Oh Pawnee – DON’T LEAVE ME!!!

Season 3 of Parks and Recreation is coming to a close 😦 It feels like it just got here too! Hopefully its brilliant season – along with all the critical acclaim, will remind NBC to put it back in in the Fall and NOT make us wait another near year to see S4.

Frankly I couldn’t handle that. P&R has become my comedy equivalent of Friday Night Lights: a show featuring a place I wish really existed, with people I wish were real – so that I could go there and hang out with them.

In a recent interview Amy Poehler said, “…we talk about creating a world that seems to really exist, because it’s important you believe Pawnee exists.” And to that I say, WHY DOESN’T IT????!!!! Any town that gets so excited over an ancient miniature horse, has this guy, and this guy – is a town I want to be part of.

I’m so enthralled with Pawnee that I have made my first P&R Crush Craft!! My friend at work who I introduced to the show got her very own bottle of Tom Haverford’s own Snake Juice last week!:

I hear it has “a dope aftertaste” 😉

Watch the S3 finale “The Bubble” Thursday night at 10PM on NBC!!

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Cute Boy Alert!: Ben Wyatt, Human Disaster

In case you haven’t heard, I love me some Parks & Recreation. And while it is hard to shake my devotion to Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson, new budget guy and former “Boy Mayor” Ben Wyatt is certainly doing his best to make me love him.

Adam Scott came on as Ben late in S2 and has done something rather impressive – which is fit so seamlessly into a pretty perfect cast it seems as he’s been there from the start. Ben is adorably dorky with a pitch perfect deadpan that is needed in the wacky world of Pawnee. His little crush on Leslie is sweet as is his inability to speak publicly without making a total ass of himself.

How cute is he modeling raincoats in this month’s GQ!:


And what’s that? He’s in a movie called Friends with Kids starring Jon Hamm? YES PLEASE!


Guess I’ve got some Party Down to catch up on!

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Pawnee Rocks!

To say I was excited to see the dual covers of Entertainment Weekly the other day is putting it mildly:


I am having a massive love affair with Parks and Recreation. I recently re-watched all of S2 and each week since January’s S3 premiere tops the last in terms of sheer awesomeness. I see EW’s Smartest Comedy on TV and raise that it’s the Funniest Show on TV. Period.

I have converted a few people into fans with my endless campaigning – and at least one person into a fanatic like myself: my colleague who works next to me so adores the show that we joint purchased a poster of Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness and are putting it up on a column between our two desks. It will be a centerpiece to our Wall of Pawnee. At work. In public. AND we’re even Punk Ass Book Jockeys!

Watch Parks and Rec on NBC Thursday nights at 9:30PM, or I can’t talk to you anymore, I mean – honestly.


Behold the “Swanson Pyramid of Greatness”

As you know I was more than a little excited about the return of Parks and Rec last week. And it did not disappoint:

To fully understand the beauty that is The Pyramid – you need to click on the above and read up on what Pawnee Parks and Recreation Director Ron Swanson believes are the Building Blocks of Greatness, then watch the episode Go Big or Go Home to hear his personal introduction to this thing of wonder.

And really – you know you want a printable copy to frame for your home and/or office. I mean, I think we all need to remember why “Cabins”, “Rage” and “Deer Protein” are indeed fundamental steps to Greatness.