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Summer Playlist

As soon as summer hits the heat rises, the days lengthen and a regular craving for iced tea becomes a reality – I put on my Summer Playlist. My musical heart belongs to 80’s English Pop Bands but before the Second British Invasion swept me up in it’s moody, synthy, Union Jack notes I was just a young girl in early 80’s America where the radio was ruled by rock n’ roll music by lots of single-word-named-bands and a hot bitch called Pat.

I’m not exactly sure how my connection of summer to these types of arena-rocking-cheesy-but-undeniably catchy tunes were forged – or if any of these songs were even summertime hits in my late single-digit/early double-digit years. But something about them makes me feel like a little kid riding in the car with my mom on the way to the pool, or stopping to get an ice cream after a hot afternoon running errands.

Africa – Toto (1982): Back before pretty boys with eye liner and gelled hair, there were guys in bands who looked like your auto mechanic. Toto is that band.

Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ – Journey (1979?! Let’s call it 1980 🙂 ): Yes we all love Don’t Stop Believin’ but for my money this is the one I fantasize about tearing UP on the karaoke floor.

Too Much Time on My Hands – Styx (1981): Now you see why we needed well-tailored pop stars by the mid-80’s, I give you a guy in an aquamarine jumpsuit and one in a white (leather??) studded jumpsuit WITH shoulder pads.

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall and Oates (1981): Without Hall and Oates there would be no 80’s. Period.

You Got Lucky – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1982): Why do I feel like the far off futuristic world in this video is probably the year we’re in NOW?

Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top (1983): Yes every girl is crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man!

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield (1981): We’ve already established that I was a Rick Springfield Fangirl back in the day. What you may not know is that in 1981 federal agents actually came to the homes of girls aged 8-19 to legally confirm that you were in fact a Rick Springfield Fangirl. It was a law. Or something.

Promises in the Dark – Pat Benatar (1981): It was a Man’s World in early 80’s American Rock except for one tough, classically trained, bad ass goddess who you did not want to piss off. And we can all agree she rocked a jumpsuit far better than any of those dudes in Styx.

It’s hot out there so roll down the windows, crank up the tunes and rock it like it’s Morning in America!

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Working Class Foo Fighter

Rick Springfield + Dave Grohl = AWESOMENESS!!!

I never would have guessed Rick’s catchy songs (that I’ve been singing along with since I was 9!!!) run through the Dave/Foo Fighters machine of Magnificent Loudness would work so f’ing well – but damned if it does!:

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Cute Boy Alert!: Nate Berkus is dreamy

I know Nate Berkus is Oprah’s Design Guy and that he’s cute.

This week I DVR’d because Rick Springfield was going to be on surprising two lifelong friends. Prior to that, Oprah had Nate give a stay-at-home mom a day off and he ran her house and took care of her three kids – mostly her two year old.

Good god is there anything more adorable than a cute guy who is good with kids?? So he forgot to feed the kid lunch! The kid didn’t seem to mind – when Nate did give him food he was more interested in trees anyway! He’s a real natural with children and I thought didn’t do a bad job at all (even though he cheated with drive-thru food and take-out.) See “Uncle Nate” here.

Then Oprah had him take another woman for a make-over and shopping trip before being her date for her High School reunion. Let me tell you, I have a HS reunion coming up this year and I want Nate Berkus to be my date! Not only is he cute and well-dressed but he was a total charmer! He got her drinks, took pictures of her and her friends, even did Karaoke! And not just any Karaoke, no – GREASE KARAOKE!! See Nate being a kick-ass reunion date here.

I wonder, does one have to clear Nate Dates with Oprah? Because I have a college reunion this year too. I want a Cute Gay Date with Nate! (Gay-te?)

Maybe it’s like a Very Special Things Episode: Everyone here is getting a date with Naaaaaaatttttte!!! Sign me up Oprah!



This is what my Victims girls have been calling my mom the last few months as she comes over to the gold and glitzy side of Killers fandom.

Since the start of The Obsession she has been an enthusiastic supporter, patient listener of all my Brandon Flowers facts, and cheerleader of all my crazy ass Crush Crafts (which she actually named – so tmMom!) She likes the band and has been listening to stuff I burned for her and watching stuff I send her (and Live from Royal Albert Hall, twice.)

But what is really cool is my mom has gone from being Victimised to be a Victimiser! This started on Christmas Eve when our usual tradition of watching something Christmas-y after stuffing our face with appetizers and trifle, was hi-jacked by her suggestion that we show our friend Karen “a little Killers” stuff. Well I don’t ever watch just a “little Killers” so in went RAH, then the DVR library of videos and performances from Palladia.

I wasn’t even having to volunteer much, she was chiming in with facts and stories all on her own! And it worked like a charm – Karen walked into the night with a handful of my CD’s and promises from me to make her some more.

This past week her friend was celebrating a birthday. I had already suggested she get her Day and Age but she wanted to know what songs were on each album. Later she emailed that she had gone with RAH because she wanted her friend to get the “full effect” of the band and the music! My mom’s a little pusher! I love it!

This weekend while roadtripping we listened to – three guesses (first two don’t count, OK there was some U2 in there, of course) and at one point in the weekend she was standing over me singing All These Things I’ve Done. I told my girls “I bet I could get her to watch RAH again” and shortly after that she said “we should watch RAH again soon.”


Not that any of this surprises me. The Killers are awesome and she and I share a lot of the same musical tastes. But what is really cool about it is that she’s the reason I’m an obsessive like this. She herself is an obsessive and when I was growing up – whatever I was into – Duran Duran, Rick Springfield – she either shared in the love with me, or she fully supported it. She never made me feel dumb for loving something so much or belittled it. She made it feel OK to indulge in the things I love and made me silly themed gifts, brought me to stores to get imports and magazines, and took me to concerts.

It is a very big reason I’m crazy like this – my loves were always accepted so I feel confident in being open about my craziness – and this blog is sure as hell proving to me that the world is filled with others just as wacky as I am about bands, music, TV shows, and cute (often shirtless) boys!

So for that I think my mom deserves a little Dave Keuning or as she is now calling him: “My boy Dave”: