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Boy Bands on a Beach

What’s more fun than going to the beach to sit in the sun, splash in the water, eat potato chips and read trashy magazines with your friends? How about watching pretty, often wet, sometimes shirtless singing dancing boys plead for your love and pledge undying devotion?

I give you – Boy Bands on a Beach!

‘NSync: For the Girl Who Has Everything

First rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: White wardrobe!

98 Degrees: Because of You

Second rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Dramatic emoting!

New Kids on the Block: Summertime

Third rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Tank tops and shirtlessness! (Thanks Joe Mac!)

LFO: Summer Girls

4th rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Skinny girls in bikinis!

The Wanted: Glad You Came

5th rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Let’s PARTY!!!!

One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful

And let’s give it to the little fellas of 1D for the PERFECT Boy Band on a Beach video featuring all the required elements!!

(I meant to post this over the summer beach season – but technically summer isn’t over yet despite the fact I’m wearing flannel today!)

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This is my kind of manicure!


Calling all Fangirls! Think of the possibilities!: An entire Boy Band, Hot Teen Vampires, a Dillon Texas Football team or ten times the Hamm, Gosling and McGregor AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!! 🙂


Thank you Nick Carter

You know me, I love the Boy Bands! This love extends to solo projects by Boy Band members. Which is why I was at Nick Carter’s solo show in Boston this week for his I’m Taking Off tour.

I was really happy to be at the concert because in the middle of this tour Nick lost his sister, and is currently dealing with family drama so no one would blame him at all for canceling everything to deal with his loss. But I so appreciate Nick doing what he does best – and getting on stage and performing which I’m sure is not only a distraction – but a valuable support to him from all the Fangirl love.

And he put on a damn fine show! Very energetic and fun – he’s got this wacky Spaceman/Rocketman theme going which means he comes out with an astronaut helmet on and his band are dressed in spacesuits! Oh, and there’s an alien roadie too, obviously 😉

He does some BSB songs and my faves from his first solo record (good god, how much do I LOVE THIS SONG??!) And he does some mash-ups of songs by other artists with his own. What other artists you ask…oh, just The Killers!!:

Yeah so that screech you hear between Somebody Told Me and Not the Other Guy – that is very likely me! The funniest part of this was all my friends with me know of my Killers love and they all just started looking at me and laughing (so were the girls in front of us who thought I was just a Crazy Person.)

Oh but that’s not all – he also threw in another little band I totally love LIKE U2!!!

Cue my mom and I jumping up and down like lunatics! A Backstreet Boy doing TK and U2 = A Very Happy Me 🙂 It was a great show and I’m so proud of Nick for giving us such an upbeat performance in the midst of a very difficult time for him personally (and did I mention New Kid Jonathan Knight showed up for support??)

Click here for some great photos from the show!


The Thanksgiving Song

One of the rare “Thanksgiving Songs” courtesy of Mr. Joey McIntyre my fave NKOTBSBer:

Awww now I’ll feel bad eating pumpkin pie today!

This coming week my partner in Boy Band Stalking Laura and I are going to see Joey Mac at an “intimate Christmas show” in Boston!! I won entrance by letting Joey know I was the inventor of the sure to be trending #ChristmasShowWithJoe hashtag and voila – we’re going to a Christmas Show with Joe!!

I’m living the dream girls, living the dream 😉



A New Breed of Pussy

I’ve been dating. Yes, Real! Actual! Boys! And you know what? They keep reminding me exactly why I spend so much time and energy on famous boys instead!!

So I’m divorced nearly two years and therefore haven’t dated since 2001. Before that I didn’t date as much as I’d meet someone, start a long-term relationship with them that I would mourn for about two years after it ended. I’ve never really done the casual dating thing before so I don’t know if this is a new thing or I was just always lucky before but…

What the fuck with the disappearing acts? Not answering texts? Saying you’re gonna call/text/meet then – you know – NOT and not only that but totally disappearing like some sort of crappy assed magic trick?


This has happened repeatedly this year and it boggles my mind every. single. time. From 25 (Ok, you’re a kid – you’re clueless) to 30 (Welllll…kinda toeing the line there guy) to 38 (really? REALLY?) When the going gets tough, the tough turn into pussies (and by “tough” I mean asking one to give me at least 24 hours notice when he was going to cancel a date planned a month earlier – to go to a party instead, and asking another on Monday to confirm that we had plans for the weekend by Thursday and then he drops out of sight until Sunday at 10:02PM – I’m such a bitch, right?!)

Now I’m totally for big, romantic, pouffy soulmatey love on TV, in movies, hell even a good song. But in real life? I don’t think so. I’m not looking for some huge romantic hero to come sweep me off my feet and be The One because honestly, I think that stuff only exists in TV, movies and songs. What I really want is a decent, honest guy who will do the right thing – even if the right thing feels bad to them (like breaking up with me to my face) or makes them the bad guy for awhile (like returning an email with a “this isn’t going to work out.”)


But this cut and run because you’re not man enough to do the right thing? No one needs that shit. I don’t care if you’re a mama’s boy, or some ex broke your heart, or you’re just a misogynist. Be a man. Show up for the situations that you created and take responsibility for your actions and treat people respectfully and do the decent thing. I mean, is this what it’s come down to? The lowest common denominator?? Do the decent thing and return the text, show up when you say you will?? REALLY GUYS??


And the stupidest part of the whole thing is that I’m probably one of the easier girls these guys will ever deal with! I’m not real demanding of time and attentions because in all honesty, I have a busy life chasing Boy Bands, obsessing on Brandon Flowers, adoring TVBoyfriends and lusting on Vampire Hotties – so I’m not going to be a real hassling type of girl all up in your face all the time because I don’t want MY time infringed on either. I’m cute, funny, dress well, smell nice and bake real good (what, you don’t like cheesecake?)




I was Born This Way

When people say to me, Why Amy, you’re such a dedicated Fangirl! I always answer, Well, you should see my mom!:

That would be my mom and I standing in the bushes against a fence, at 1 in the morning waiting for NKOTBSB members to exit the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario and go to their tour buses! And why yes we did scream their names as they each (well, minus 2) came out!

I’m pretty sure this is going to be our Christmas card this year 😉


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Baptism by Boy Band

I’m still kind of processing the epic amazingness that was the NKOTBSB show at Fenway Park this weekend. This was a special show for so many reasons: the show itself is so fun and exciting; it was the second warm welcome home in a week for the New Kids on the Block; it was an outdoor venue and not just that – but a historic one full of so much meaning for New Englanders and particularly Bostonians.

Now THAT is a Green Monster!!

So the weather sucked. It rained on and off all day and it was freezing outside. It is JUNE for fucks sake! TRY AND ACT LIKE IT! But that said, it did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of fans. It also served to fuel a determination in all 9 guys to perform this concert as if their lives depended on it (which – it kind of did considering how slippery the stage got!)

By the time the show started the rain had stopped and it looked like we were “in the clear” as it were. But about an hour in the rain started to fall, and then it came harder and faster and then it POURED. This was at the point where NK do their fan anthem Tonight and come out into the crowd causing mass hysteria.

This is how hard it was coming down:


Now maybe a few (crazy) people left – but very few. The rest of us pulled on ponchos and pulled out umbrellas (tip at a concert: NOT a good idea! Your fellow fan can’t see through your umbrella!) and it was almost as if the audience and the guys were all defiantly telling the stupid New England weather, “oh yeah? well BRING IT!”

Then something really wild happened during the Tonight downpour. It was as if all the crazy high energy that the show already had going for it – suddenly lifted into a whole other dimension. The New Kids turned the stage into their own playground – stripping off shirts (hell yeah!) and slip sliding down the runway stage like little boys on the first day of summer (while Joey McIntyre a.k.a “My Joey”) did an exuberant run around the bases!) It was amazing. The crowd went – and believe me this is saying something because it was already insane – but we went abso-fucking-loutely MENTAL at this point. It became like one enormous party and the energy was just astounding.

It is so hard to really explain or capture what it looked like, what it felt like – but this video is pretty great at giving at least a glimpse of it:

From that point on this concert became one for the ages. One of those “I was there” moments in the careers of both these bands. The Backstreet Boys came out next and fed off that crazy vibe and executed their flawless dance routines without a single misstep. In fact they seemed to be stomping their feet harder and making splashes to give it a real Singin’ in the Rain vibe.

I’ve been to so many concerts in my life – but there are only a handful where I’ve actually had the experience that something miraculous is happening: one that comes to mind is U2 in 2001 in the Boston Garden when I looked around during Where the Streets Have No Name and every single person was moving in a way that made it look as if the building itself was in motion – an actual breathing organism feeling the music along with us.

This show achieved that sensation. By the time the New Kids appeared on top of The Green Monster to start off the finale – I am pretty sure the park had turned itself inside out into a whole other world of it’s own! A world where we the fans could literally, LITERALLY see these guys dreams coming true before our very eyes. I really cannot imagine what a thrill it must have been for all of them – to not only play this particular show – but to do it in the most spectacular fashion – with rain pouring down in sheets and thousands of soaked to the bones fans screaming as if they would never stop.

Backstreet braves Boston fans by wearing Orlando Magic shirts!


The show started true to form in Fenway Park – with a starting line-up that really brought home the magnitude of what it means for a band to get to play a concert there:

(about minute 4 is when the intro video starts and then the line-up)

I often explain my fandom to people by comparing it to the fanaticism of sports fans. Bands are my teams, and I have never been more proud to be on Team Boy Band than I was on Saturday night.