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“The Era of Boy Bands Never Ends”

Heaven knows I love Boy Bands and I especially love when Boy Bands mix it up to form Mega Boy Bands. Well now to add to the mix we have a new Boy Band duo Nick & Knight!:

I’m loving the album and also enjoying the PR Tour the boys have been doing this week. They’ve been pretty tireless on TV and even in fancypants Time Magazine! And I love this bit on CNN because presenter Lisa France knows her stuff and has a quote I want embroidered on a pillow:

The era of the Boy Band never ends – it just ebbs and flows

Hell yeah! (and BTW the dude interviewing her is such a dick. Don’t give me the dismissive, “they don’t play instruments” line – WHO CARES! They DANCE which takes a whole lot of talent and they have had far longer careers than many instrument players!)

I’m really excited to see them in October and the show should be awesome with the new songs which are great for dancing, some Backstreet and New Kids stuff and a whole lot of nifty dancing from two of the best dancers in their respective groups. Plus they seem to be having so much fun together and you can really see they have a great chemistry and are excited about doing something different. And they are really good sports about some of their less cool history!

You can follow the Boy here and the Kid here (and obviously they need no introduction if you’re reading this blog 😉 )


Boy Bands on a Beach

What’s more fun than going to the beach to sit in the sun, splash in the water, eat potato chips and read trashy magazines with your friends? How about watching pretty, often wet, sometimes shirtless singing dancing boys plead for your love and pledge undying devotion?

I give you – Boy Bands on a Beach!

‘NSync: For the Girl Who Has Everything

First rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: White wardrobe!

98 Degrees: Because of You

Second rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Dramatic emoting!

New Kids on the Block: Summertime

Third rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Tank tops and shirtlessness! (Thanks Joe Mac!)

LFO: Summer Girls

4th rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Skinny girls in bikinis!

The Wanted: Glad You Came

5th rule of Boy Bands on a Beach: Let’s PARTY!!!!

One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful

And let’s give it to the little fellas of 1D for the PERFECT Boy Band on a Beach video featuring all the required elements!!

(I meant to post this over the summer beach season – but technically summer isn’t over yet despite the fact I’m wearing flannel today!)

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This is my kind of manicure!


Calling all Fangirls! Think of the possibilities!: An entire Boy Band, Hot Teen Vampires, a Dillon Texas Football team or ten times the Hamm, Gosling and McGregor AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!! 🙂


New Kids: Melt in your mouth, not in your hands

My friend Karen has a New Kids on the Block fanclub membership – and look what they send members for Valentine’s Day!:


What a brilliant idea!! I wonder if anyone else has ever had the idea of Crush Crafting band m&m’s before?

Oh yes, that would be ME!!! 


Ol St. Mac!

My Christmas came early this year when I was invited to a Very Special Secret Holiday Party with Mr. Joey McIntyre on December 1st. Who invited me? Well, JOEY MCINTYRE DID BITCHES FOLKS 😉

Joey has a fab new holiday album out and was celebrating Come Home for Christmas in his hometown of Boston. He selected my email for an invite (I pitched my invention of the #ChristmasShowWithJoe hashtag on Twitter) I took Craft Queen/Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg Laura with me and we enjoyed some cocktails as we waited for Joe to arrive.

Doesn't that look cozy? It was like we were in his living room!

Joey was a little late (but that’s nothing – he didn’t even email the location until 5:30! I live two hours away!! Not a planner that Joey) but when he arrived he got right into the spirit (and spirits, if you know what I mean!)

Laura captures Joey giving a toast

Joey sang carols from his album (an exquisite O Come All Ye Faithful was a standout), he roamed around the room – spending time serenading some lucky ladies who were sitting on a couch (and were tasked with watching his drink and preventing any roofies!) Oh, and fellow New Kid Jonathan Knight showed up!

Getting to meet 2 out of 3 New Kids on the Block made Laura's life!

And while there were no two-man Right Stuff dances, that didn’t stop Joey from performing his famous Please Don’t Go Girl – which ended with him on top of the bar – well of course!:

We won't go Joe!!

Laura got a great video of the top-of-the-bar-ending:

It was a supremely fun night and Joey is SUCH a fun performer – he really needs his own modern day Rat Pack because he’s got that whole singing/storytelling/joking/drinking thing going for him and has charisma and charm to spare. Not only did we get to experience this amazingly intimate show, but we got to meet both guys which was a thrill and we learned the following:

  1. Boy Banders wear REALLY soft clothes (Jon’s leather jacket and Joey’s probably-cashmere sweater were to DIE for!)
  2. Drunk Boy Banders are HILARIOUS. It was like being at a totally fun family holiday party with your cool drunken uncles commandeering the festivities after a few too many eggnogs!
  3. If Joey McIntyre invites you to a private party, even if the location arrives at the very last minute and you have to race 2 hours + a ride on the T to get to it – GO!!

Here’s another great bit Laura got of Joe performing his New Kids audition song:

P.S. “Ol St. Mac” is how he signed off on all his invite emails!


A New Breed of Pussy

I’ve been dating. Yes, Real! Actual! Boys! And you know what? They keep reminding me exactly why I spend so much time and energy on famous boys instead!!

So I’m divorced nearly two years and therefore haven’t dated since 2001. Before that I didn’t date as much as I’d meet someone, start a long-term relationship with them that I would mourn for about two years after it ended. I’ve never really done the casual dating thing before so I don’t know if this is a new thing or I was just always lucky before but…

What the fuck with the disappearing acts? Not answering texts? Saying you’re gonna call/text/meet then – you know – NOT and not only that but totally disappearing like some sort of crappy assed magic trick?


This has happened repeatedly this year and it boggles my mind every. single. time. From 25 (Ok, you’re a kid – you’re clueless) to 30 (Welllll…kinda toeing the line there guy) to 38 (really? REALLY?) When the going gets tough, the tough turn into pussies (and by “tough” I mean asking one to give me at least 24 hours notice when he was going to cancel a date planned a month earlier – to go to a party instead, and asking another on Monday to confirm that we had plans for the weekend by Thursday and then he drops out of sight until Sunday at 10:02PM – I’m such a bitch, right?!)

Now I’m totally for big, romantic, pouffy soulmatey love on TV, in movies, hell even a good song. But in real life? I don’t think so. I’m not looking for some huge romantic hero to come sweep me off my feet and be The One because honestly, I think that stuff only exists in TV, movies and songs. What I really want is a decent, honest guy who will do the right thing – even if the right thing feels bad to them (like breaking up with me to my face) or makes them the bad guy for awhile (like returning an email with a “this isn’t going to work out.”)


But this cut and run because you’re not man enough to do the right thing? No one needs that shit. I don’t care if you’re a mama’s boy, or some ex broke your heart, or you’re just a misogynist. Be a man. Show up for the situations that you created and take responsibility for your actions and treat people respectfully and do the decent thing. I mean, is this what it’s come down to? The lowest common denominator?? Do the decent thing and return the text, show up when you say you will?? REALLY GUYS??


And the stupidest part of the whole thing is that I’m probably one of the easier girls these guys will ever deal with! I’m not real demanding of time and attentions because in all honesty, I have a busy life chasing Boy Bands, obsessing on Brandon Flowers, adoring TVBoyfriends and lusting on Vampire Hotties – so I’m not going to be a real hassling type of girl all up in your face all the time because I don’t want MY time infringed on either. I’m cute, funny, dress well, smell nice and bake real good (what, you don’t like cheesecake?)




I was Born This Way

When people say to me, Why Amy, you’re such a dedicated Fangirl! I always answer, Well, you should see my mom!:

That would be my mom and I standing in the bushes against a fence, at 1 in the morning waiting for NKOTBSB members to exit the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario and go to their tour buses! And why yes we did scream their names as they each (well, minus 2) came out!

I’m pretty sure this is going to be our Christmas card this year 😉