she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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This is my kind of manicure!


Calling all Fangirls! Think of the possibilities!: An entire Boy Band, Hot Teen Vampires, a Dillon Texas Football team or ten times the Hamm, Gosling and McGregor AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!! 🙂

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He’s got my vote!

I saw this on Twitter:

Any man who espouses Coach Eric Taylor’s rousing credo is a man I am happy to support (let’s face it – I was going to vote for Obama anyway, but this seals the deal!)

I needed some Dillon, Texas in my life the other night so I watched the S3 FNL episode Hello, Goodbye and it was so, so good: Tyra breaks Landry’s heart, Matt’s mom tries to make amends, Tami loses the Jumbotron fight and Smash gets into college (not enough Riggins, but you can’t have everything!) Even though I’ve seen the episode I was still drawn in and again held my breath as Smash tried out and I cried when he got into college and thanked Coach for everything. Friday Night Lights STICKS with you, it gets under your skin and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, or how long the show is off the air – I will always care about these characters and be invested in their stories.

Texas Forever!

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Friday Night Lights you hurt my heart!!

Oh FNL – I love you, I really, really do love you. I want to believe you are all real people living in Dillon, Texas having struggles and triumphs and heartbreaks and joys. All while being really, really pretty.

But I have to admit I am a little relieved that Season 4 has ended because now my stress levels will go down significantly. I mean – talk about a tough season – Becky’s pregnancy that put Tami’s job on the line, Luke’s injury that put his football dreams on the line, Landry getting his heart broken AGAIN, Vince, Vince – EVERYTHING about Vince, my Matty Saracen leaving – coming back – and leaving again and taking Landry (!!!??!!?), and Tim Riggins – ohhhhhhhhh TIM RIGGINS!!

I love you SO MUCH FNL – why you gotta break my heart?!?!

This is what this show does so well – it makes these characters real. It makes them dimensional, believable people that you care about – you root for them, you pray that they don’t make bad decisions or get caught in circumstances beyond their control and when they do – you weep for them (at least my mom and I do. I don’t think there was one episode this season that didn’t make me cry like a baby at some point.) Yes I know that they are not real – but the fact that it seems like they could be is what makes this show so emotionally resonant.

I could barely even watch Tim take the rap for his and World’s Dopiest Brother Billy’s Stupid Chop Shop Debacle. I mean, I covered my eyes and was moaning, “I cannot watch this!” Then uncovered them so I could scream “no Matty no! Don’t take my Landry!!”

When this series ends next year I may not be able to get out of bed for a month afterwards, I swear to god.

Friday Night Lights S4 Finale Thanksgiving. Watch it and weep.


Give this man an Emmy!

I love Friday Night Lights. I mean I LOVE IT. Each week I basically start crying at the opening credits and only stop long enough to shout encouragement, warnings or declarations of love to the characters on the screen. Because they’re real. Right? I mean – they SEEM like real people leading real lives and you grow to care about these characters so much that you become invested in each thing that happens to them – from small sweet moments to huge personal tragedies.

Such is the case with Matt Saracen, or better know by me as “My Matty” (not to be confused with this Matty.) When we first met him in S1 he was a shy benchwarmer for the Panthers who was thrust into the spotlight after star quarterback Jason Street’s paralysis. Matt was always a sweet character – his very realistic adolescent relationship with Julie Taylor (daughter of the Epically Awesome Tami and Eric), his struggles with two absentee parents and the burden of caring for an ailing grandmother on his own were all poignant and interesting and real.

This season Matt’s father was killed in Iraq and the episode that dealt with Matt’s grief, The Son has been getting well deserved accolades for actor Zach Gilford and much overdue attention to this brilliant show. In fact Popeater has started a Facebook campaign to get Zach nominated for an Emmy – which I think he’d have a good shot at since he’d be in as a “Guest Actor” instead of the more competitive field of Lead Actor (which should just fucking go to Kyle Chandler already. Wake UP Emmy voters!!) Just watch this clip and try not to cry. It is under three minutes and I am weeping!!

Matty getting a talking to by Coach

Zach has been fielding a lot of press recently and graciously has been deflecting the attention back the show and giving his appreciation for the publicity this is giving FNL. As my mom said to Julie recently (because she thinks they’re real people too!):

Honey you will never meet a nicer boy than Matt Saracen. I have never met a boy nicer than Matt Saracen.


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Finish this fight

I just watched last week’s episode of Friday Night Lights and goddamn – GODDAMN that is a good show. Second episode of the season and I’m sitting here hollering, crying, cheering, shaking my fist and falling in love all over again with the fucking AMAZING Taylor’s Eric and Tami.

I want them to exist in real life. I need them to be real, actual people. They are the most fully realized, multi-dimensional, realistic characters on television. They screw up, they fight, they try their hardest and sometimes they fail; they can be petty, proud, smart and funny; they wallow in their failures and revel in their victories no matter how small; and they love the hell out of each other – their daughters, their town and the kids they work with.

How the idiots who run the Emmy’s have managed year after year to ignore the brilliance of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton giving the performances of their lives is shameful. In a show full of perfection – these two are the most perfect of all.

And the new kids are growing on me, but damn the old boys are breaking my heart. Poor Tim Riggins getting no love and no place to sleep, and my Matty Saracen trying to figure out his life with his usual nervous mumbling. And I love how a team we have rooted for and adored for 3 previous seasons – the Dillon Panthers – have suddenly become the bad guys we are rooting against. That fucking Joe McCoy makes me literally HISS at the screen every time he comes on.

If you aren’t watching this show, I’m not sure I can talk to you anymore 😉

Watch After the Fall here. Thank me later.