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Mullen Monday: Best Skirts EVER!!

This summer I stopped by a local music festival with The World’s Best Boyfriend and while he was snapping some pics, I strolled over to browse the arts and crafty area. The very first thing that caught my eye was this:

Um yes THAT IS A U2 SKIRT!! And not just any U2 skirt but one from the Achtung Baby era which is of course only my FAVORITE U2 ALBUM EVER!!!!

This masterpiece is the creation of Sardine Clothing Company and it’s called a “T-Skirt” because it’s made out of old t-shirts and it’s just as comfortable as one! Their creator Maryanne is also a U2 fan and had some other tour shirts in her stash so she created this one for me to give to the Awesome Jill for her birthday:


That one has TWICE the U2 and Jill was absolutely thrilled. Maryanne also does custom orders – you just send her the shirts – so don’t think I haven’t been going through my tour shirt collection to figure out the perfect creation 😉

My only disappointment is that there is no U2 tour coming up for me to twirl around in this because let me tell you, anytime I wear it I get plenty of compliments and attention because It. Is. Awesome.



Mullen Monday: Under a Blood Red Sky edition

Before there were fly shades and skullcaps, before Bad and Streets, before Hats and Haircuts, before saving the world and Achtung – there were four Irish boys on the side of a mountain in a rain storm making their mark:

Any time I hear this song – and mind you, I’ve heard this song a TON – I still, still blast it and scream it and feel the same thrill and joy as if I was experiencing it for the first time! How powerful is that??

U2 Live at Red Rocks is such an energetic show of the band just at the very cusp of what they were about to become. And they are such babies, my GOD! (also the Fangirl in me never stops swooning over how goddamn gorgeous Larry was in this era!)

Can't you just hear my Inner 11-year-old squealing??!



Flowers Friday: Dirty Drums edition

Ronnie “Unstoppable” Vannucci had a birthday this week, so his bandmates posted this:

"Don't say we never did nuthin' for ya"


Apparently The Killers don’t live at Downton Abbey either! I wonder if Larry Mullen Jr. sees this and shivers at the thought bandmates lurking behind the kit!


Michael Fassbender: To crush or not to crush – that is the question

This is Michael Fassbender:


He’s on the verge of Breakout Movie Stardom and I’ve only seen him in Jane Eyre in which he was a perfectly broody Rochester – and Fish Tank in which he was a very sexy but extremely bad boyfriend (as in, SPOILER ALERT: sleeping with your girlfriends teen daughter bad!)

I just can’t decide about him – in some pictures he looks really hot (above) in others he looks kinda – eh (if you click on that first link to his IMDB page you’ll see he resembles Max Headroom. For those of you born after the 80’s that would be this guy.)

But there is something undeniably sexy and edgy about him. And he has three things going for him that frequently Do It For Me:

I guess I’ll have to see him in more films – or see in an interview if he’s as charming and delightful as Jon Hamm (as IF!) before I make my decision. Until then back to the bench Fassbender!

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I’m not dead! I’m feeling much better!

Soooooo…I haven’t posted in over two weeks! Probably the longest hiatus in my blogging “career” so far 😦

Apologies – I blame (in no particular order): a hellish cold that wouldn’t go away, a Boy, a Boy Drama, the time change, a birthday, a massive early snowstorm that knocked out power and cell phone service, a postponed trip to Las Vegas and a trip to Florida to see The Killers. WHEW!

But I have a lot to talk about so don’t you worry! Like my awesome Parks and Rec themed birthday goodies, the photo I wanted to post on my birthday (hint: it involves these two), and the AMAZING shows this weekend which reminded me why Brandon Flowers is So Fucking Awesome (and pretty. SO. PRETTY.)

Stay tuned!!!

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Mullen Monday: The Man on a Train edition

I’m so excited because The Awesome Jill, my Sister Obsessive in Larry Mullen Jr. love, got to see Larry’s film debut in The Man on the Train:

And she gave it rave reviews! There was also the opportunity for a Q&A with the director afterwards and she reports Larry had “zero rock star attitude” and was, “willing to learn everything there was to know for the film and had a lot of humility.” In addition to making his film debut King Crush also produced and did the score. He’s a Quadruple Threat y’all!!

Here’s a great interview with Larry about the endeavor. Good for him for jumping in to something new and uncomfortable since he’s the Least Likely to Change in U2 🙂

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Mullen Monday: Take the boy out of this man edition





Never. Not. Handsome.

(Source for all: the BRILLIANT Larry Mullen/Brandon Flowers/U2/Killers Tumblr Some Days are Better than Others. I swear this is NOT me but I wish it was!)