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This is my kind of manicure!


Calling all Fangirls! Think of the possibilities!: An entire Boy Band, Hot Teen Vampires, a Dillon Texas Football team or ten times the Hamm, Gosling and McGregor AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!!! 🙂


Favorite Person of the Week: Jon Hamm


Because last week he called Kim Kardashian “an idiot” to which she responded that his comments were “careless.” Did Jon Hamm apologize for stating his (shared by everyone in the universe) opinion? Oh no, instead he said this:

I don’t think they were careless, I think they were accurate


Because he did a little interview backstage for Conan O’Brien and dropped this gem:

Your rapier wit. And by that I mean sharp as a rapier, not you tell more rape jokes than most. It’s not rapey-er

Tasteless? Probably, yet coming from Jon Hamm I’ve watched it like, 5 times and laughed every damn time!!

Because he’s also is a good sport about getting water repeatedly thrown in his face, on national TV, in a Tom Ford suit on Jimmy Fallon.

And he picks up adorable little blue critters by the side of the road and takes them to concerts. (Watch this – your ovaries will explode for real)

Because he looked like THIS in high school:



And because he looks like THIS now:

Mommy Like! (tm Blogging Pal Julie)


Plus he’s kinda a dick in Friends with Kids, yet because he is Jon Hamm he’s still super handsome, sexy and funny and redeems himself in the end to make me you everyone swoon with all his Jon Hamm-ness.


Michael Fassbender: To crush or not to crush – that is the question

This is Michael Fassbender:


He’s on the verge of Breakout Movie Stardom and I’ve only seen him in Jane Eyre in which he was a perfectly broody Rochester – and Fish Tank in which he was a very sexy but extremely bad boyfriend (as in, SPOILER ALERT: sleeping with your girlfriends teen daughter bad!)

I just can’t decide about him – in some pictures he looks really hot (above) in others he looks kinda – eh (if you click on that first link to his IMDB page you’ll see he resembles Max Headroom. For those of you born after the 80’s that would be this guy.)

But there is something undeniably sexy and edgy about him. And he has three things going for him that frequently Do It For Me:

I guess I’ll have to see him in more films – or see in an interview if he’s as charming and delightful as Jon Hamm (as IF!) before I make my decision. Until then back to the bench Fassbender!


Always a Bridesmaid(s)

I saw Bridesmaids this weekend. I didn’t love the trailers but the reviews were great so off I went with Janis to a fully packed theater (this a week after it opened AND with Pirates of the Caribbean IX: Now More Piratey! now playing) full of women AND men (yay guys listening to the reviews that it’s not a “chick flick”!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes it’s funny and raunchy and well written and acted. It also captures so many qualities of female friendships – the loyalty and in-jokes, the arguments and jealousies, the devotion, bonds and way you can drive each other crazy and love each other to death. Female friendships are complex but they are also invaluable and you can tell the movie was written by women (star Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) because of the way these women talked to one another and cared about each other. I don’t think male writers are able to capture that in quite the same way because they don’t speak “the language.”

The touch that I adored because I absolutely related to it was the gift Maid of Honor Annie (Wiig) gives best friend and bride Lillian (Maya Rudolph) at her Parisian and Puppy themed wedding shower: a box full of a lifetime of shared in-jokes – the lid of which is covered in pictures of teen idols she had crushes on. I HAVE THAT BOX!!! Well, not that exact one, but one damn near close made by my friend Robyne in college and decoupaged with pictures of Cute Famous Boys I loved at the time. That? That is a touch that only a women would dream up.

Other reasons why you know this movie was written by women?


Shirtless Jon Hamm. And….

This Guy (TM Fabulous Blogging Pal Julie)

Who is he? His name is Chris O’Dowd and I’d never seen him before but I absolutely adored him in this. Why? Because he’s basically an Irish Lloyd Dobler in a cop uniform. No lie. And reading his IMDB bio I see that he has a “collection of over a thousand chocolate bar wrappers” which means now I would like to marry him 😉

But seriously – only WOMEN could write this male character because he’s pretty adorable and charming and lovely – and if such a real man actually exists, I would Very Much Like to Meet Him. If you’re female and see this movie you’ll swoon over Officer Rhodes here, if you’re a guy – take some notes!


My Crush on Jon Hamm officially activated

So last month I stated that I felt a crush on Jon Hamm was imminent. I was indeed correct. What pushed me into full blown love?


His classy response to Jon Stewart’s mancrush certainly made him more attractive.

I saw The Town in which he plays a FBI Agent hunting down bank robber Ben Affleck. Not only does he do a great job and is handsome as heck, but he does NOT attempt a shitty Boston accent – so major points from me on that front. (In related news, the movie is really good and Affleck is not only a really good director, but looking really hot again!)

And let’s be honest, these photos in W pretty much sealed the deal:

And now he’s gotta a hella hot spread in Details:

I usually like my crushes more on the pretty side – but Jon Hamm is just so manly and classically handsome, charming, funny, smart, nice. I mean, he’s kinda the New Clooney since Clooney1.0 is holed up in Italy all the time with his smug smarmy girlfriends.

Hamm is even pushing me closer to just finally watching Mad Men so I can see him wear the hell out of a suit!


Jon Hamm = Dreamboat

I think I have a little crush on Jon Hamm. He seems so charming and funny and nice in real life. I loved him all living in The Bubble and smelling like frosting on 30Rock; I loved his little booty shaken’ with Betty White at the Emmy’s. I haven’t seen much of his SNL appearances but I hear he’s pretty damn wonderful in them. But I don’t watch Mad Men.

This may see odd – “but Amy, if you have find Jon Hamm so crushworthy, why not take advantage of seeing him on a weekly basis by watching his show?” and to that I say: because I don’t think I would like Don Draper. Blogging Pal Extraordinaire Julie is often trying to get me to watch MM. But reading her recaps, and other TV related sites which discuss the show – make me think that my Jon Hamm love could in fact, be killed by my Don Draper dislike.

Don Draper seems like kinda an asshole, and I like Jon all shaggy haired and Cartoon Pilot Looking – not all buttoned and suited up with the slicked back hair (which is also odd because I do normally love that look something fierce!)

I’m thinking I should see The Town and see how he is in that (hopefully not sporting a shitty Boston “accent”). For now I’m going to admire this sexy pic that I stole from Julie and BTW, have you seen what a cutie he was in high school??!

(uhhhh…I just found out Jon Hamm is only ONE YEAR older than I am? Whaaaaa??!!)