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Summer Playlist

As soon as summer hits the heat rises, the days lengthen and a regular craving for iced tea becomes a reality – I put on my Summer Playlist. My musical heart belongs to 80’s English Pop Bands but before the Second British Invasion swept me up in it’s moody, synthy, Union Jack notes I was just a young girl in early 80’s America where the radio was ruled by rock n’ roll music by lots of single-word-named-bands and a hot bitch called Pat.

I’m not exactly sure how my connection of summer to these types of arena-rocking-cheesy-but-undeniably catchy tunes were forged – or if any of these songs were even summertime hits in my late single-digit/early double-digit years. But something about them makes me feel like a little kid riding in the car with my mom on the way to the pool, or stopping to get an ice cream after a hot afternoon running errands.

Africa – Toto (1982): Back before pretty boys with eye liner and gelled hair, there were guys in bands who looked like your auto mechanic. Toto is that band.

Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ – Journey (1979?! Let’s call it 1980 🙂 ): Yes we all love Don’t Stop Believin’ but for my money this is the one I fantasize about tearing UP on the karaoke floor.

Too Much Time on My Hands – Styx (1981): Now you see why we needed well-tailored pop stars by the mid-80’s, I give you a guy in an aquamarine jumpsuit and one in a white (leather??) studded jumpsuit WITH shoulder pads.

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall and Oates (1981): Without Hall and Oates there would be no 80’s. Period.

You Got Lucky – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1982): Why do I feel like the far off futuristic world in this video is probably the year we’re in NOW?

Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top (1983): Yes every girl is crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man!

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield (1981): We’ve already established that I was a Rick Springfield Fangirl back in the day. What you may not know is that in 1981 federal agents actually came to the homes of girls aged 8-19 to legally confirm that you were in fact a Rick Springfield Fangirl. It was a law. Or something.

Promises in the Dark – Pat Benatar (1981): It was a Man’s World in early 80’s American Rock except for one tough, classically trained, bad ass goddess who you did not want to piss off. And we can all agree she rocked a jumpsuit far better than any of those dudes in Styx.

It’s hot out there so roll down the windows, crank up the tunes and rock it like it’s Morning in America!

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The Boy is Mine

For Christmas my mom got me My Husband John Taylor’s autobiography In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran which of course I read in record time!


My favorite part of the book may have been the section where John talks about how the fandom started taking off for the band in the early 80’s and how the fangirls operated:

What began to happen was that girls aligned themselves with their favorite Duran star. Some gangs of friends formed subgroups of five, mirroring us where each friend could have a favorite Duran without stepping on the toes or desires of the other four friends, because if you were an Andy fan, clearly you could not be friends with another Andy fan. That would not work. You could be friends with a Nick fan, however, because there was no conflict of interest. Both friends could live together in harmony with Nick and Andy on that designated fantasy desert island for ever and ever, without a hint of envy.

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO TRUE!! (except for the fact that he thought there were “Andy Fans” – as if!) This is a very delicate but important rule in Fangirling: Do Not Pick the Same Crush as Your Friend(s). The first to claim their boy gets dibs on that boy in perpetuity and no – you may not crush on him, plan imaginary weddings with him, or write your name as it would appear if married to him in your notebook.

A true friend will recognize this and honor the code, picking the next available boy (but never Andy 😉 )


He’s real and he’s spectacular!

So the last few years I’ve had all this trouble with Stupid Real Life Boys. And of course I have a lot of Imaginary Boyfriends. But something funny happened recently – I got myself a Real Live Not At All Douchey and in Fact Totally Amazing Real Life Boyfriend!! I KNOW!! RIGHT?!??


Just how amazing is he? Well he walked into my 16 Year Old Girl Bedroom home office which contains (among other things): an enormous Brandon Flowers poster, Backstreet Boys nesting dolls, Vampire Diaries paraphenalia, and a Wall of Men 3.0 – and instead of turning on his heels and running he exclaimed with utter enthusiasm:

This is awesome!

Did you hear that? It was my heart having joyful palpitations 😉

And he doesn’t bat an eye at my crazy shenanigans of chasing bands and obsessing on TV shows! He even offered to see Magic Mike with me! AND he said with absolutely no prompting whatsoever – that if a Backstreet Boys museum existed “I would go with you.” Did you get that part? How I didn’t even ask that?!? (and for the record – why doesn’t that exist goddamnit?!? I already have a date for it!)

I feel like anytime I talk about him I turn into a total gushing girlie. He’s a bit of a fanboy himself about movies and directors – breathlessly calling the night he got to meet one of his directing idols, “the best night of my life” which I took as one of the signs we were on the same wavelength about the stuff we love. He’s so great and he’s CUTE! Let me just say that his celebrity doppelganger is someone we like to call Jake Gyllenhaal:

Laugh it up Jake – you’ve been replaced!


A friend of mine said, “you’ve obsessed so much on imaginary men that it’s almost like you dreamed him up!” And if it weren’t for the fact that she and other people have also seen/heard/observed that he is indeed a real guy and not one in my head – it makes this exchange from last week all the sweeter:

Setting: Save a Prayer by Duran Duran is on TV

Me: That’s my husband John Taylor

Him: Hi John Taylor!

Me: I mean, you don’t have to worry because I’ve been waiting for him to marry me since I was 13 – but if he WERE to show up – I would have to leave you

Him: OK. You should tweet him and tell him he’s your husband


Even better – one found me that thinks I’m perfect the way I am – in all my Crazy Fangirl Glory and really, what more can one ask for?


Michael Fassbender: To crush or not to crush – that is the question

This is Michael Fassbender:


He’s on the verge of Breakout Movie Stardom and I’ve only seen him in Jane Eyre in which he was a perfectly broody Rochester – and Fish Tank in which he was a very sexy but extremely bad boyfriend (as in, SPOILER ALERT: sleeping with your girlfriends teen daughter bad!)

I just can’t decide about him – in some pictures he looks really hot (above) in others he looks kinda – eh (if you click on that first link to his IMDB page you’ll see he resembles Max Headroom. For those of you born after the 80’s that would be this guy.)

But there is something undeniably sexy and edgy about him. And he has three things going for him that frequently Do It For Me:

I guess I’ll have to see him in more films – or see in an interview if he’s as charming and delightful as Jon Hamm (as IF!) before I make my decision. Until then back to the bench Fassbender!


Candy Apple Red Dresses and Cherry Ice Cream Smiles

So you know I love Duran Duran, and I obviously love The Killers so of course I lost my shit when I first saw every time I watch this video:

Which is how how this absolutely priceless (to me) picture comes from, courtesy of the lovely Felicity (thanks Foxy!):

I mean, seriously – my Inner 14 Year Old John Taylor Obsessive and my Current “Grown-up” Brandon Flowers Obsessive is having a total Fangirlie meltdown over this picture!! (OMG look!! It’s John!! And Brandon!! And they’re standing next to each other like BFFs and OHMYGOD SQUEEEEE!!!!!)

To top it off, today Duran drummer Roger Taylor (who is aging SO WELL!):


Gave this interview to the Dallas Observer in which he said:

We’re all big fans of The Killers

Who are the ONLY contemporary band mentioned as a “current influence”! Fuck Yeah Roger Taylor!!!

Now if The Killers would continue to Make My Life in Covers complete, and do Hungry Like the Wolf, I could die a happy woman 😉

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John Taylor, Birthday Boy!

One of my Original Husbands, Mr. John Taylor of Duran Duran fame is having a birthday today! He’s apparently NOT 23 years old anymore – which is the age I have him locked in my brain (and probably the age he still feels he is!)

I always loved John because he was just SO PRETTY:

Oh those frosted bangs!!

Then for a bit he was going through a phase I like to call, “Dapper Older English Gentleman”:

This one reminds me that his given first name is Nigel!

And recently with all the great press the band has been getting for their fabulous new album, he seems to be totally Crushworthy to me again:

Oh Nick Rhodes, don't you ever stop wearing eyeliner!

I am in constant Inner-14-Year-Old Awe at John’s Twitter. He posts pictures of where he is, what he’s doing – all sorts of little tidbits of info that I still squeal about even though the man is turning 51 and I am technically not 14 years old anymore!

Play that fucking bass John!!!


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No Cherry Ice Cream Smile, BUT Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she’s falling!

After 27 years I FINALLY SAW DURAN DURAN!!!! The first show of their mini-US tour kicked off at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino this weekend. And even though we were in the last row of the section at the back – this was one of the best concerts I have ever seen! (and you know me, I go to A LOT of concerts 😉 )

It wasn’t just the anticipation of finally seeing a band I really love after so long – these guys are tight – this is NO nostalgia tour of tired rockers dutifully playing their greatest hits to an audience that only knows their 30 year old songs. Duran Duran are in fighting form right now. They’ve got a phenomenally good new album with songs that hold up just as well next to the classics. In fact, I would say some of the new tracks are pretty seamless with the old stuff which made for a damn exciting set list.

And the audience was great. I have to say I was a little concerned at first that it would be full of “sitters” – you know, those damn people that SIT DOWN for an entire concert, or only stand for the songs they know then sit for the rest. I was happy to be wrong and for the most part everyone was up and dancing their asses/screaming their heads off for the entire show.

And how could they not?? Planet Earth! (with us screaming “SWITCH IT ON!” if you’re a Durannie, this needs no explanation ;-p), Hungry Like the Wolf!, Come Undone! OMFG Careless Memories!!!!!! I knew they were rehearsing Friends of Mine because Simon was tweeting looking for the lyrics – but that still did not prepare me for HOW FUCKING EXCITED I was to hear it. The energy from both band and crowd was incredible – I kicked off my boots and danced around next to my mom who was so good to me – screaming “That’s DURAN DURAN!!!!” when they came on stage, and then getting me a keychain and tour book as presents for my nearly three decades of fandom.

Do yourself a favor – go see this tour. The new songs are great, the old songs will give you the energy and joy of a 14 year old, and trust me when I say there is no better time to be had than screaming “WILD BOYS! WILD BOYS! WILD BOYS!!” with a thousand or so other excited fangirls AND boys! (I met a guy who looked like he would be at home at a metal show. Except he’s seen Duran Duran 75 times! I shook that man’s hand.)


And check out this adorable shirt I got:

Look familiar?

Also? I still John Taylor 😉