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Why I love my blog

These are the kind of searches I get here:




The post where I whine about missing ComicCon

I’m fascinated by ComicCon because it sounds like an awesome combination of celebrities and totally insane obsessive fans. Like there my Crush Crafting and traveling to other countries for a single concert would PALE in comparison to people who dress like Hobbits in their free time and name their kids after Star Wars characters.

But this weekend I watched my Twitter feed in total despair as pretty much EVERYTHING I LOVE showed up!!

Big Bang Theory? Yeah they made it. Jim Parsons is kinda a cutie too.

True Blood? Sure. No Jason Stackhouse though so suppose I can live.

HolyHellJoel McHale and Community? Why not?

The Vampire Diaries? SOB. Yes. AND there were these door tags that if I HAD a child, I would TRADE IT for one of these, I want it so much!!

Nathan Fillion? SIGH. Uh huh. Nathan’s a damn rock star at ComicCon because of Firefly and Dr. Horrible.

Pacey? Josh Jackson was not only there for Fringe, but he staged a PaceyCon!!!

Ok that last one I admit, made me want to kill myself a little bit. Josh Jackson wearing a Pacey Hawaiian shirt and reading frickin’ Dawson’s Creek fanfic!??!?!?! This sounds like something I would MAKE UP but IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! This is why he is, and will always be The Ultimate TVBoyfriend.

I have to go cry myself to sleep now on my huge pillow. 😦


Best. Desk. Ever!!

It’s my girl Kathryn’s birthday today!!!!! I met Kat on Victims and we became friends over our shared love of Joel McHale, True Blood and of course The Killers. We met in person in Las Vegas and had one of those connections where you see the person and go Oh I’ve known you my whole life except you haven’t 😉

Since then our mutual BranObsessing has grown, just as our friendship has. We Skype, we email constantly – basically I’m the affair she’s allowed to have per her very patient husband who likened hanging out with the two of us to being the father of a pair of 14 year old girls! That sounds about right.

There are so many reasons to love Kathryn, here is just one of them. This is her desk:

AT WORK!!!!!! When I first saw this and she told me she was a curator I thought Of what? Total Brandon Hotness???! She even has BFlow speakers!!

How she gets a shred of work done I do not know. I would just sit and ogle my wall all damn day. In the bottom left is a series of pics of us together at Sam’s Town giggling up a storm. Above that is the custom-made Killer K keyring I had made for her by my secret supplier of Custom Crush Crafting (my cousin and her Laser of Awesomeness.)

You’ll be hearing plenty more about Kathryn when I go over to see her in England to do UKStalkathon a.k.a. Brandon Flowers Flamingo Tour! In the meantime I wish her a huge, amazing, fantastic, fun, hilarious, epic, BranTastic

Happy Birthday!!!!!

xoxoxoxo Honey Bee!


Night of a Thousand Hot Men (or at least 5 – almost 6)

I have a DVR full of shows from when I was in Vegas and I’m trying to work my way through. Tonight I watched Glee and was rewarded with Mr. Schuester rockin’ a white dress shirt and khakis. Hel-lo Sexy Teacher Man!!

Then Community had Joel McHale (aka HolyHellJoel!) die-harding it up in a sexy white tank and then shirtless!!

Then, as if it weren’t hot enough in here, The Vampire Diaries (only the best show ever in the history of everything) delivered pouty Jeremy Gilbert (who I’m delighted to know is played by an actor of Legal Age to Lust after):

And what’s an episode of TVD without a Shirtless and/or TankTopped Salvatore Brother??

(I swear, right before this he had his shirt OFF. Where’s the screencaps of THAT??)

(this is cheating since this is from an earlier episode – but you get the idea: Stefan Salvatore + Tank Top = Tasty.)

And for godssakes, I haven’t even been able to watch the musical Fringe episode with 40’s Era Pacey!!

That might have just killed me.

You can catch all the hotness yourself:

Glee: Bad Reputation, Community: Modern Warfare, The Vampire Diaries: Isobel, Fringe: Brown Betty


2 Tired 2 Post

So I’m back from Vegas but I am dead tired. So, so very tired. What did I do there? I saw Joel McHale at Mandalay Bay, Barry Manilow at Paris (where we got upgraded from crap seats to 8th row!), and Conan O’Brien at The Palms. I also met BJ Novak (Ryan from The Office) at the Paris Casino in one of the more randomly surreal five minutes of my life.

What else? I ate at a ton of Brandon Flowers fave eateries and did other Killers related stalker-y things I probably won’t publicize (but no restraining order! So something to shoot for next time :-)) I will say we went to Sam’s Town and it is the most fucking awesome place ever. Why they don’t do cross-promotion with The Killers is beyond me. They’d make a TON of money from crazy fans like us.

I also got to meet and hang out with some Victims girls and their very patient husbands which was fantastic. And we had a nice little VictiGirl bonding event on Saturday night to the strains of Midnight Show that will stay with us all forever. Literally.

And then I drove solo into the Mojave to see what Mr. Flowers is always on about, and it is indeed, pretty heartstoppingly beautiful. Especially when blasting When You Were Young and burnin’ down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane, that started turning when you were young.

I’m sure I’ll throw up some pics, or some tales here – but right now I’m exhausted and behind on my TV viewing and totally spacey so hopefully I’ll be back in the blogging groove shortly.

(Thanks also for making last Friday the busiest day here yet, and pushing my stats up to above 22,000 hits!! Unbelievable!! Thank you!)


Holy Hell Joel!

I find myself saying that more and more while watching Community lately.

See I never really thought of Joel McHale as “hot” until recently. I mean I think he’s a nice looking guy, he’s funny as hell, I was quite charmed when I met him, but he wasn’t somebody I drooled over.

But the wardrobe person who dresses him for the show is fast becoming my Second Fave Wardrobe Person on TV after the one responsible for all this peacoat and jacket goodness.

Unfortunately there aren’t tons of good pics or screencaps of the actual outfits that made me holler the above a few times this season. Recently he’s sported a tight black henley, a black suit and unbuttoned black shirt (WTF NBC? Nice shot of Britta’s arm in the way!), and this look the other night. Yes, his face is obscured but hello?? ARMS!!

And since we’re drooling, there is of course – this:


(No one told you life is gonna be this way has been a good source for screencaps and picspam actually)


Who knew so many people like Imaginary Men?

So I launched this blog at the start of September making it all of five months old. It has been a blast to write, and get feedback and meet new people with similar interests, and get support from my friends about our shared loves.

The past few weeks the numbers have been climbing and have not gone under 100+ hits/day since mid-January. My “Busiest Day” count which was set by this post in October, has been beat three times in just over a week. And this week my daily hits went over 200+ twice.

All that is to say that today I logged on and found that I have now had over 10,000 hits in less than six months!! Color me shocked, honored and thrilled!

So those of you out there who love:

James Dean


Brandon Flowers combat boots

Wet Taylor Lautner

Josh Jackson peacoats

Glee woman

Larry Mullen Scorpion Shirt

Cute artist guy

Marion Cotillard Dior

Joel McHale skinny tie

Nathan Fillion


(yes, those are all indeed actual searches that have brought people here!)

And indeed thanks to everyone who has visited. What an exciting adventure this has already been.