she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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Stop trying to fluster me with your handsomeness!

Friday was George Clooney’s 50th (!!!) Birthday:

Clean shirt / New shoes / And I don’t know where I’m goin’ to

Silk suit / Black tie / I don’t need a reason why

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can

‘Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man

Preach it ZZ Top!

George. Is. The Man.

(I stole this title from Community’s clever “Fistful of Paintballs” episode. I love it! Expect me to recycle it frequently 🙂 )


Would you like a heaping serving of eye candy with your heist?

Ocean’s Thirteen is on, which I think I saw and I’m pretty sure it sucked. But that’s OK because Ocean’s Eleven was so damn awesome. Why? I’ll give you three reasons:

Matty + George + Brad = AreYouFuckingKiddingMe??? There’s a reason my friends and I called this movie Oceans EyeCandy!

I mean yes – there was a plot, and the movie was fun and the heist was cool and Vegas looked great but, c’mon

And I mean, really?!

And if all that insane handsomeness, tailored suits and tight black t-shirts wasn’t enough – you know who else was in O11? This guy! (tm Awesome Blogging Pal Julie)

That’s right, JOSHUA JACKSON played a “hip douchey” version of “himself” in the poker scene at the start of the movie with other Young Hollywooders and George Clooney  (which BTW – why haven’t those two been cast as father/son yet??!)

True story: I saw this movie in Las Vegas in 2001. I was so wound up about the Extreme Eye Candy Explosion and the Pacey cameo that I brought little bottles of booze into the theater instead of candy!


My Crush on Jon Hamm officially activated

So last month I stated that I felt a crush on Jon Hamm was imminent. I was indeed correct. What pushed me into full blown love?


His classy response to Jon Stewart’s mancrush certainly made him more attractive.

I saw The Town in which he plays a FBI Agent hunting down bank robber Ben Affleck. Not only does he do a great job and is handsome as heck, but he does NOT attempt a shitty Boston accent – so major points from me on that front. (In related news, the movie is really good and Affleck is not only a really good director, but looking really hot again!)

And let’s be honest, these photos in W pretty much sealed the deal:

And now he’s gotta a hella hot spread in Details:

I usually like my crushes more on the pretty side – but Jon Hamm is just so manly and classically handsome, charming, funny, smart, nice. I mean, he’s kinda the New Clooney since Clooney1.0 is holed up in Italy all the time with his smug smarmy girlfriends.

Hamm is even pushing me closer to just finally watching Mad Men so I can see him wear the hell out of a suit!

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Yup, Still love them

Because they are my Fave TV Couple Ever. Because it was a year ago that they graced the screen together for one last time. Because it was a perfect ending to a perfectly executed romance. Because this scene allows me to forever indulge in my fantasy world where they are actual people who really are happily married and living in Seattle with their daughters:


PLUS Shirtless Clooney and the melancholy Doug n’ Carol piano score!!


Paging Dr. Ross

A friend recently had an Emergency Room experience that she said made her “…wish George Clooney greeted me in the ER”.

Honey, I’ve been saying that for over a decade now. I think the entire Health Care mess could be solved easily by this doing your intake and triage:

My Doug Ross Love is legendary in its insanity. Did I own a pair of scrubs? Oh yes. Did I tape the entire Doug/Carol saga and have a multi-video collection of it? Of course. Did I serve a lobster dinner before their ER return last year to celebrate the total awesomeness of them gracing my screen together once again? Hell yeah!

The only thing that comes close to my Doug Ross Love is my Doug Ross/Carol Hathaway Love. Fave TV Couple EVER. No contest. I like to pretend they’re actually off living in Seattle with their twins – and I am not even the only person I know who hopes that a RL Clooney/Margulies pairing could one day actually occur. Their chemistry is that good (and we’re that nuts.)

I really can’t name a fave D/C moment because I love them all (and YT doesn’t have many to share) but this one always stands out to me. Clooney plays this so perfectly, you can actually see his heart breaking and his attempt to save face (that little intake of breath at 1:01 as if she’s literally punched him in the gut just kills me. Still.) Plus it had that drug rep-girlfriend Linda who told Carol: Do you believe in soulmates? That there’s one perfect person out there for you? Because for Doug, that person is you

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25 Days / Day 21 / George Clooney


Who: George Clooney. That is all

Why: Three words: Dr. Doug. Ross.

When: ER – eternity. Is there ever a time to stop loving George Clooney? I think not

Level of Obsession: In college I dragged Sarah to a convenience store before Political Theory class every day for weeks on end in search of his first GQ cover story; my mom got me scrubs from an ER surgeon she worked for (and last winter in the NBC store, if they had Dr. Ross scrubs, I totally would have bought a pair); I accidentally ended up with his home address in LA (honest to god, it was handed to me!); I stood next to him once and did not pass out or scream hysterically or molest him

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): Doug and Carol. All of it. From his first devastated looks as she was rushed in post-OD in the premiere, to the goodnight kiss in their marital bed in last spring’s final season and everything in-between. They are my Fave TV Couple of All Time. Hands down. Oh and any time he’d lose his temper at an abusive parent. Besides that I love him in the Oceans movies; his lovefests with Brad Pitt; “My hair!” in O Brother Where Art Thou; and his relentless campaigning to make Matt Damon People’s Sexiest Man Alive

I actually first fell in love with George in another E/R – a sitcom in which he played a dopey orderly named Ace. I followed him through his Facts of Life stint and when he was Roseanne’s boss Booker on Roseanne (he had a sexy little flirtation with Jackie goin’ on there!) Then I lost track of him. My mom alerted me to “Ace” being on ER and a full-on obsession was born. I loved the Doug/Carol pairing for so many reasons: they had amazing chemistry, they looked gorgeous together, I’m a sucker for bad-boy-loser-loners trying to win the love of a good woman, and it was a relationship that felt earned. The audience watched it break and resurrect and grow and become something that those two characters really deserved. The fact that they both returned for the show’s farewell season, in particular George who is an Oscar Winning Movie Star, made me love them even more (I was so excited for it that I served LOBSTER for dinner the night it aired, it was such a celebration!) So for that loyalty I forgive George the questionable taste in girlfriends of the cocktail waitress/soft core “actress” variety he seems so damn fond of


No Goats, No Glory

That is the tag line for The Men Who Stare at Goats  which comes out on November 6 in what I like to think is a belated birthday gift to me:

I am already in love with this movie based on the trailer for the following reasons:

  1. George Clooney
  2. Ewan McGregor
  3. George talking to “Obi Wan” about Jedis
  4. “More Than a Feeling”

There is no way I’ll want the two hours of my life back that I spend in the theater seeing this!