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New Album Crush: Mumford & Sons

Before David Letterman retired he had Mumford & Sons on to perform from their latest album. I don’t know a lot about them other than I didn’t like much of their previous work and that they were vaguely associated with hipsters (this may be more my own judgement and less fact).

The song, “Believe” stunned me. I rewound about 4 or 5 times because I kept falling more in love with it. In the last few weeks I have been listening to the album Wilder Mind a lot and I absolutely love it. It is rare for me to find an album where I like each and every song and yet that is exactly what has happened with this one.

In doing some poking around I’ve found that perhaps the reason I am loving M&S so much is that this album sounds very different than their previous ones! I always thought of them as sort of folksy and twee but now they sound like a catchy hybrid of U2 and Foo Fighters which I know sounds totally bizarre but they have got the soaring anthemic guitars of U2 happening (“Believe”, “Tompkins Square Park”) and the slow burn to a loud crescendo “whisper to a riot” that Foo Fighters are masters of (“Snake Eyes”, “Only Love”)

The other thing is that there’s a lot of sad-relationship-bitterness-heartbreak in this album. The songs are all about painful realizations and last moments and it’s making me feel heartbreaky even though my heart is fully safe. THAT is a mark of good songwriting and songs if it’s making you feel something that you’re not actually experiencing at that moment. It’s evocative and makes me long for a good Cheesy Teen Drama to watch and then enhance with these angsty lyrics!

So I guess I’m one of those annoying johnny-come-lately-fans that hardcore fans always hate. Does liking Mumford & Sons make me a hipster now? Please advise.

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Working Class Foo Fighter

Rick Springfield + Dave Grohl = AWESOMENESS!!!

I never would have guessed Rick’s catchy songs (that I’ve been singing along with since I was 9!!!) run through the Dave/Foo Fighters machine of Magnificent Loudness would work so f’ing well – but damned if it does!:


A Whisper to a Riot

I’ve been listening to a lot of Foo Fighters recently and their lyric, “a whisper to a riot” from Walk hit me as a concept that perfectly captures what FF songs are like: they start out nice and melodic then explode into snarling anthems of catharsis. No one builds a song quite like they do it is almost like a firework with a spark, a slow burn then a massive freaking explosion. Basically their music is fucking awesome.

Here’s my Top 5 Foo Fighters Songs:

5. Walk

I only had to hear the first few notes of this to love it. It sounds like a pop tune that builds and builds into something fierce. I love that a song that starts out with Dave musing, “I think I lost my way” rips into him screaming “I NEVER WANNA DIE”! Hell YEAH!

4. The Pretender

I listened to this a lot when I first separated from my ex-husband! It’s great to scream along to when you’re dealing with someone toxic and this video is pretty incredible. I want to go to a FF show like this 😉

3. Stacked Actors

This one goes to 11 when I’m driving! Another song that has a blistering riff that slides into a catchy melody and then erupts. I should add it to my boxing work-out playlist because it has always made me want to hit things when I listen to it and now I can!

2. Good Grief

When this comes on I start hollering “OHMYGOD I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!” I was a huge fan from this first album and this song is one that I never get tired of blasting, plus when I’m a bad mood the “Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!” refrain is incredibly liberating. Try it, you’ll feel so much better after screaming it a few times.

1. Everlong

This song is SO kick ass yet it has the most beautiful melody and sentiment to it – it makes me want to pump my fist and cry at the same time. Take a listen with this more acoustic version:

Compared to the Foo Fighters, everyone else just looks like a pussy.


“You just have to see her – you know that she’ll break you in two”

Recently I saw Airborne Toxic Event on Letterman doing their new single “Changing” and it reminded me to go download some of their stuff.

I absolutely love SAM. I listened to it repeatedly today and it is just brilliant: it’s a story song which is so beautifully written and evocative – the protagonist’s encounter with a lost love in a bar and his clearly aching heart are etched in every line. I love that I can actually see this scene unfold throughout the song.

It also builds – each verse in which he sings about his first sighting of her, her coming to speak to him, her leaving with another man – the song gets louder and more intense. You feel the pain and frustration mounting along with the music. There’s also no chorus to it which I actually love. I think a chorus would interrupt the flow of the images that it is building upon and without it it really feels like you are literally watching the song happen.


I am seriously having a love affair with this! God knows I love me some Wounded Brooding Heartsick Boys being Broken by Lost Loves. Here are the lyrics (best guess since I can’t find “official” ones) and you can follow the band on Twitter here.

They’re touring but not anywhere near me 😦 And they will be at T in the Park Festival in Scotland this summer – goddamnit!! You know who else will be there?? Brandon Flowers AND White Lies AND Foo Fighters! (scurries off to check flights to Scotland in July)

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The Truth is in Here: How I met Dave Grohl

I’m really excited there’s a new Foo Fighters album coming out. They are a band I love, then I forget how much I love them until I hear a song and pull them up on my iPod and yell at myself “HOW can you forget how fucking AWESOME the Foo Fighters are?!?!????”

And I have a fondness for Dave Grohl in all his hilarious, straight-talking, wacky glory. Two of my fave Dave moments:

  • On a VH1 Countdown type show discussing Pat Benatar: “because when you’re 14 love IS a battlefield!”
  • “I love being a drummer. Everyone thinks you’re dumb. What they don’t realize is that if it weren’t for you, their band would suck.” (source)

My very favorite moment is when I got to meet him in 1996. I went to see FF in LA where I lived at the time. I went with three friends – two of whom worked on my favorite show The X-Files. Dave was a well-known fan of the show having been an extra in one episode, and contributing a FF song to a soundtrack CD.

The two XF employees thought this was totally our way in, so we stood by the stage door and when he walked by they screamed, “DAVE!!! WE WORK FOR CHRIS CARTER!!!!” My other friend and I rolled our eyes in mortification muttering, “yeah, that’ll work.” And you know what? It did! Dave fucking Grohl waved us through and we went backstage!!

It was exciting and hilarious even though there were no rock n’ roll shenanigans happening. There was a dreary little table of food, Drew Barrymore was wandering around, and Dave sat fiddling with a guitar as he talked to an awestruck little boy. We said our hellos and fangirled about the show and he was friendly and gracious and that was it.

They are, as my mom would say “good noise.”