she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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“This is the story of four vampires who live in a flat and have their eternal lives taped…”

Last night I saw What We Do in the Shadows which is a HYSTERICAL “vampire reality TV documentary” (should such a thing actually exist!)

Here, just watch this:

I haven’t laughed so much at a movie in ages. It is so funny, so clever, so ridiculous that afterwards as I was trying to fall asleep I literally burst out laughing remembering one of the scenes. Just the idea of vampires having “chore charts” when one roommate isn’t pulling his weight or tricking people into thinking their spaghetti is worms because they learned it from The Lost Boys (!!!) is so brilliantly demented.

If my gushing hasn’t sold you – how about the fact that it’s by the same lunatics behind Flight of the Conchords? Or that Jemaine Clement stars and Rhys Darby has a supporting role as the alpha of a rival gang of werewolves (not “swearwolves” because they watch their language, OK?) Why don’t you watch this and remember how on-the-nose these guys are at parody and then go see the movie?


This is where we break it down – ooh!

This is by far, my favorite Flight of the Conchords song, Think About It:

They’re turning kids into slaves / just to make cheaper sneakers / But what’s the real cost? / ’cause the sneakers don’t seem that much cheaper / Why are we still paying so much for sneakers / when you got them made by little slave kids / what are your overheads?


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GingerBret and Sugar Lumps

This photo of Gingerbread Flight of the Conchords was posted on FB the other day:

Gingerbread Jemaine and Bret!

I sent it to Jill and said See? We’re not crazy! but she felt our inclusion of feathers on Gingerbread Brandon Flowers is what pushes us into Restraining Order Territory.

Had I made these my GB Bret would have definately had a hair helmet. I also would have baked a GB Murray so they could have a Band Meeting Baked Goods Style. And that Jemaine looks so much like him it is kinda creeping me out.