she liked Imaginary Men best of all


Fangirl Favorites: Who do we want? Mulder and Scully! When do we want them? NOW DAMN IT!

Sarah and I were pretty hardcore X-Files fans, so when it was announced in 1997 that XF would be the “lead-out” program after the Superbowl, we were pretty excited.

We went to a party at the apartment of the guy I was dating at the time (which may in fact be the only Superbowl party I’ve ever been to come to think of it!) And after the game was over Fox went on and on and ON with their trophy presentation and post-game critiquing. It was getting pretty late and we had jobs to go to in the morning.

Now you have to remember – this was 15 years ago – we didn’t have YouTube, Hulu, online streaming or DVRs. We could set the VCR to record it – but I feel like there was some sort of problem with that (no tapes? no idea when to set it for? roommate taping conflicts? Who knows.) Sarah started getting more and more aggravated at the denial of Mulder and Scully and her ever later bedtime.

Finally she’d had enough and did what any good Fangirl would do: she called the local affiliate and went all Assistant Director Walter Skinner on their asses demanding to know when the X-Files would be airing and-didn’t-they-know-people-had-to-work-in-the morning-and-couldn’t-stay-up-all-night-waiting-for-the-post-game-to-be-over-and-the-show-to-come-on??!!

I believe the local station wasn’t much help – and to be honest with you – I don’t even remember if she finally gave up and went to bed or powered through to see it! But I always remember her utter OUTRAGE at being denied her show when she was promised it. That’s my girl!!

This had nothing to do with the episode in question, it's just my favorite M/S pic!


I’m a little bit country…

…just like my girl Marie Osmond! I went to see Keith Urban this weekend – for the THIRD time! That’s right people I’m not just about Boy Bands, Irish Superstars, English Pop Kings and sexy Princes of Las Vegas 😉

My mom is a fan and got me into him. He’s not entirely “Country” IMO – he also has a real rock/pop/blues/bluegrass feel (and he’s Australian.) He is an INCREDIBLE guitarist and puts on a damn good show. I’ve noticed country fans seem to sit at concerts. So we made sure to remedy that silliness! In fact my mom moved down to an area at the end of the stairs by our section and within 20 minutes this woman came bounding out of nowhere to dance next to her for the rest of the show! Clearly she’d been wiggling in her seat and wanted to get up and shake her ass with a real Fangirl!

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that he looks pretty damn good in tight t-shirts:

Way the f*ck to go Nicole Kidman!!


But honestly – I don’t discriminate when it comes to good music and a great concert. I admire his extreme generosity to his fans – bringing up three for a sing-a-long (including a married dude who, when asked by Keith if he knew the words responded, “I LOVE YOU!”), getting out in the audience to perform multiple times, and signing a guitar and GIVING IT AWAY to a teenage boy lucky enough to be in the right section. On top of that – he lets each of his band members do a short little playing/singing solo in their intros. Color me impressed.

This may be my favorite song of his – a bittersweet tale of heartbreak and regret. I actually teared up the first time I heard it and really grasped the story. Some pretty lovely songwriting:

(and Wifey wasn’t there the other night because she was too busy rubbing elbows with The Royals in LA!)