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Dreamy Boys of the ’90s

Between Pearl Jam nostalgia yesterday, and today’s EW article about Dean Cain and his TV movie career – I’ve been feeling very 90s. It was the decade I graduated high school, went to college, transferred colleges, graduated college, moved to Los Angeles, moved to Boston, wore a lot of flannel and long patterned dresses with Doc Martins, and fanny packs (!) and denim overall SHORTS.

Of course being ME, I also had crushes on Cute Famous Boys (covering my dorm walls with them floor to ceiling!) Some of them continue until this day (paging Pacey Witter!), some still make me smile even if the heart doesn’t pitter patter as hard (lookin’ good Luke Perry!), and some listed below were just passing fancies:

Dean Cain

Oh how I LOVED Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman! (I even worked on the same studio lot and once got to make a call from inside a phone both in Metropolis!) Dean Cain was an All-American Boy who looked exotic and crushed on Lois adorably, while looking good shirtless, of course 😉 I got to meet him once at a charity event and he could not have been sweeter.

Matthew Perry

Oh Miss Chanandler Bong – how I loved you!! I was OBSESSED with Friends in its first few seasons and the major focus of my love was snarky Chandler and his Original Bromance with Joey. They filmed at that same studio lot and I found many reasons to walk by his TV Star Porsche parked outside their soundstage. I met him too – a few times (stalker much?) and even have a picture with him that my mom had framed on her wall for years and would answer “yes” when asked, “is that your daughter and her boyfriend?”

Chris O'Donnell

This crush probably started with Circle of Friends (so swoony and Irish!) and ended RIGHT after he was Robin in whatever Batman he was in. He just made a really hot superhero sidekick, IMO.

Brendan Fraser

Abs. ‘Nuff said. And he has not aged well, sadly.

Jason and Jeremy London

Ohhhh the London Twins. One was in Dazed and Confused, the other was my TVBoyfriend Griffin on Party of Five (I could never remember who was who then, I’m not gonna start now.) They were very pretty and decent actors – and double the eye candy! But the one that was Griffin was my favorite because he was such a wounded loser/loner with dead sister issues and romantic yearning for annoying Julia Salinger. These boys have ended up real Hollywood tragedy stories which is a waste of such Pretty and TVBoyfriend goodness.

Ben Affleck

Oh BEN. How much did I love you in Good Will Hunting? A LOT. I wanted you to show up at my door every morning with an offering from Dunkin’ Donuts. He was everything I liked – tall, dark and handsome, chiseled jaw, good hair and funny – oh man, remember when Ben Affleck was funny?! Then Bennifer I happened and he was so douchey. Then Bennifer II happened and he got so boring. (And in-between Jason Motherfuckin’ Bourne happened, and my affections transferred to Matty.) However, I am reserving the right to move Ben off this list given how hot he was in The Town (how do you like them apples?)


This Just In: Dylan McKay, still dreamy

A few weeks ago I was home on a Saturday afternoon with the TV on. This rarely happens because for one thing – I’m not often home on a Saturday, and for another – there’s nothing on Saturday’s that I want to watch. Of course this takes into account the fact that I had completely forgotten about SoapNet’s “Breakfast in Bed” which is a marathon of 90210 repeats for a better part of the day.

I got sucked in RIGHT at the good stuff – which is Dylan and Kelly (hisssss!!) telling Brenda they’re an item and her bitching, “I hate you both! Never talk to me again!!” Now this is just a Classic 90210 moment and so I tweeted it to the fabulous Go Fug Yourself Girls who are themselves massive fans of BevNiner and got I even got a tweet reply from GFY Jessica!! Ok, so it was just a “Yeah!!” but still, that’s kinda awesome.

Then of course, Dylan’s dad blows up and he literally embraces his wounded Inner Child at the funeral (why is this not on YouTube??!!) It is all kinds of Cheesy Teen Drama greatness at it’s very best. And it reminded me how much I loved this VF cover:


See, I don’t just do contemporary Shirtless Men – I go 90’s Old School too 😉

A few nights ago I watched a much older Luke Perry in the Jason Priestley (Brandon ‘n’ Dylan 4Evah!) directed Goodnight for Justice, which was a pretty predictable Western in which Luke plays a hard-drinkin’, horse-ridin’, vengeance seekin’, justice servin’ Judge in the Ye Olde West. Oh Coy Luther Perry III – I still Heart You – even with lines on your face and a scruffy beard. But we will always have this picture!

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25 Days / Day 9 / Luke Perry


Who: Luke Perry the sideburn wearin’ 90’s heartthrob who still works pretty steadily although not in anything I ever see. Currently starring in The Killers new holiday video “Happy Birthday Guadalupe”

Why: He’s Dylan McKay in all his brooding, misunderstood, rebel bad boy-ness. His chemistry with Jason Priestly made my friends and I root for a Dylan/Brandon pairing. His turn as Lane Frost in 8 Seconds turned us into rodeo fans for awhile. The fact that is actual first name is “Coy”

When: College. But I’ve posted about him twice in the past month

Level of Obsession: My friends and I watched about 10 or so hours of 90210 a week in college. I may have “borrowed” the Rolling Stone 90210 cover story from a library and “forgotten” to return it (which is horrible, I know. I’m hanging my head in shame. This is what we resorted to before the internet people!)

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): The Dreams of Dylan McKay when he was all hot and strung out and mean to everybody. When he’d wrap the rope around his leather gloved hands and holler “ok boys ok!” in the chute in 8 Seconds

During a college party at a rival dorm, my friends and I stole a poster of Luke from them. It was just too awesome not to and isn’t that the type of crap you do with “rivals”? Steal stuff? Except we were at a women’s college so we didn’t care about statues and shit like that. No! Teen Idol Posters dammit!! We put it in on our bathroom door and then drunkenly posed in front of it. Possibly with varying degrees of clothing on. I’m not sure. I was drunk. Anyway the poster was our pride and joy and we called that pose “Luke-ing” and it became a fave dance move of ours at parties. And then those bitches stole it back. When I sent this Amazon link to these same friends last night I can’t tell you how many of us (all) had the same reaction: “hmmm…where could I put this in my house??”

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Dream a little dream

Here’s how my celebrity-addled subconscious works: last night I had a dream I went to a high school reunion. OK normal enough, I went to one a few weeks ago.

Attending the reunion with me? Princess Diana and her sons. Yup, alive and apparently both a princess and a member of my graduating class! Who knew?

I also got a dream-hug from classmate Joshua Jackson. Score! He even gave me coins to call him from payphones, I guess because when I was in high school that was our only option for public calls. (FYI, even in dreamland he’s a good hugger.)

On my way out of the reunion I was bummed to see that I missed talking to another former classmate Luke Perry. Stupid alarm!

Of course now this dream is going to make my actual HS reunion next year seem totally lame in comparison without Diana, Pacey and Dylan.

This is what happens when I go to bed before 2AM.

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Happy Birthday Guadalupe!

December 1st is World AIDS Day and The Killers do their part each year by releasing a Christmas song and video for Bono’s (red)campaign.

This year’s contribution Happy Birthday Guadalupe, is a little holiday ditty about waking up next to a one-night-stand on Christmas morning and finding out it is her birthday as you try and sneak out the door! From there it actually becomes quite a sweet song with a lovely sentiment.

I think the video is fantastic. The bad? No Killers. The good? Luke Perry! Dylan frickin’ McKay y’all!!:

All proceeds from the song go to the Global Campaign when you purchase from Amazon or iTunes. Do your part!


Chillin’ with Dylan

I could not be more excited about SoapNet’s post-Thanksgiving marathon: Chillin’ with Dylan – a day of Dylan McKay themed 90210 episodes!

I was late to the 90210 train and didn’t actually start watching it until college. But then, whoooo boy did I make up time. My friends and I – and many of our housemates (no dorms at my alma mater – we lived in “houses” like proper ladies!) had a pretty severe addiction to the Magical World of Aaron Spelling’s Cheesy Teen Dramas.

There were 90210 repeats on at dinner which meant we’d get our trays of food and go eat in front of the TV. This got us a bad reputation in the house since we did not participate in the evening ritual of eating with the rest of our house and discussing intellectual pursuits and political actions. We were too busy debating what was wrong with Shannen Doherty’s face, mocking the activities of Social Issues Brandon, trying to estimate Andrea Zuckerman’s actual age, and laughing at David Silver’s “music career.”

I think we did put some of our education to good use though – for one thing we loved to deconstruct the Spellingverse’s designations for working class folk: they lived in trailers, they smoked cigarettes, they ran their own seasonal businesses, they pushed their girlfriends down stairs.  

But ohhhhh Dylan. We luuuuvvvved Dylan. We loved his pompadour and his sideburns; we loved his poor little rich boy suite at the Bel Age; we loved his drama-filled relationship with Brenda; we loved when he took her to donate blood on Valentine’s Day; we loved his Downward Spiral and the awesome Dreams of Dylan McKay and when he wandered around his bungalow high and carrying a gun; we loved his homoerotic bromance with Brandon; we loved his pick-up of Valerie; we loved when his dad blew up and then he fought and reconciled with his honest-to-god-inner-child at the funeral; we loved when he showed up to Donna’s debutante ball with cowboy boots and an attitude; we did not love anything about him and Kelly Taylor.

I even had this poster on my door:

So you know where I’ll be 11/27 from 1-9PM!



I’m a girls girl. I love my girlfriends. They are incredible women – funny, smart, perceptive, trustworthy, dependable, snarky, silly. Women don’t trust other women who only seem to have guy friends and no girlfriends. How do they get through life without their girls helping them through?

Girlfriends play the bad guy when you get dumped so you can take the high road, like calling your ex “The Anti-Christ” so you don’t have to. They come from out of town to get drunk with you on your first wedding anniversary after you separate from your husband. They photoshop your face onto the female lead in promo shots with your TV Boyfriend. They take your hysterical calls about your marriage collapse at all hours while 9 months pregnant, and then with a newborn in their arms. They give you necklaces in boxes decorated with a felt heart that says “We love you” when you’re down. They leave you post-it notes all over your apartment that make you cry when they move cross country. They order custom-made boy band nesting dolls and hunt down Dylan McKay dolls for you on-line. They rescue beloved kitschy mugs from irresponsible former roomates and return them to you intact. They give you special nicknames like Blondie and Mama and Diddums.

They take your calls. They lift you up. They hold you up. They make you laugh. They make you proud. They make you crazy. They accept your wackiness and eccentricities. They give you thoughtful gifts. They keep your secrets. They support your obsessions. They love you. They lend you money. They bake you cookies. They tell you you’re great even if you don’t feel it.

I think I could probably go for the rest of my life without another boyfriend or husband but I don’t think I’d get through a week without my girlfriends.