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James Dean is Still Cooler Than You

Today is the 59th anniversary of James Dean’s death. The man would be 83 years old now and who knows what he would have done with his life and career had he survived a car crash. He may have gotten fat or bald, made terrible movies or been hawking products in TV commercials. Instead he is frozen in time just like this:


Eternally young, handsome and cool. Recently my boyfriend and I watched East of Eden because we were going to the central California coast where the movie is set. I watched Dean’s movies a lot when I was a teenager and spent most of that time alternately swooning and grieving that he was so stunningly beautiful and so tragically dead. Watching it now with an adult perspective I really appreciated how incredibly talented he was and how he certainly was one of the first true archetypes of the Wounded Misunderstood Man Child Who Just Wants to be Loved that so many of us are drawn to (paging Dr. Doug Ross, looking at you Tim Riggins.)

On our trip we drove out to Cholame where Dean died and is memorialized around a shady tree next to a diner right out of a movie set. The first time I saw it in the early 90’s there had been small sort of cameos of his face as part of the memorial that had been filled over with plastic to keep them preserved. But over the years fans had chipped away at the plastic attempting to get to the image underneath. Those were no longer there and I figured that this long gone, not many people stop there to see the memorial anymore.

Inside the Jack Ranch Cafe next door with its walls covered in Dean memorabilia, country music playing in the kitchen and warm cherry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream we learned from our waitress that every single day people still come in there because of James Dean. EVERY. DAY. That’s some pretty amazing longevity for someone who is probably more well-known by Kids Today for merchandise with his face on it rather than his film work or cult of celebrity.

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So rest in peace James Dean – nearly six decades gone and we’re still watching you, talking about you and looking for you.

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Yup, Still love them

Because they are my Fave TV Couple Ever. Because it was a year ago that they graced the screen together for one last time. Because it was a perfect ending to a perfectly executed romance. Because this scene allows me to forever indulge in my fantasy world where they are actual people who really are happily married and living in Seattle with their daughters:


PLUS Shirtless Clooney and the melancholy Doug n’ Carol piano score!!


Paging Dr. Ross

A friend recently had an Emergency Room experience that she said made her “…wish George Clooney greeted me in the ER”.

Honey, I’ve been saying that for over a decade now. I think the entire Health Care mess could be solved easily by this doing your intake and triage:

My Doug Ross Love is legendary in its insanity. Did I own a pair of scrubs? Oh yes. Did I tape the entire Doug/Carol saga and have a multi-video collection of it? Of course. Did I serve a lobster dinner before their ER return last year to celebrate the total awesomeness of them gracing my screen together once again? Hell yeah!

The only thing that comes close to my Doug Ross Love is my Doug Ross/Carol Hathaway Love. Fave TV Couple EVER. No contest. I like to pretend they’re actually off living in Seattle with their twins – and I am not even the only person I know who hopes that a RL Clooney/Margulies pairing could one day actually occur. Their chemistry is that good (and we’re that nuts.)

I really can’t name a fave D/C moment because I love them all (and YT doesn’t have many to share) but this one always stands out to me. Clooney plays this so perfectly, you can actually see his heart breaking and his attempt to save face (that little intake of breath at 1:01 as if she’s literally punched him in the gut just kills me. Still.) Plus it had that drug rep-girlfriend Linda who told Carol: Do you believe in soulmates? That there’s one perfect person out there for you? Because for Doug, that person is you

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25 Days / Day 21 / George Clooney


Who: George Clooney. That is all

Why: Three words: Dr. Doug. Ross.

When: ER – eternity. Is there ever a time to stop loving George Clooney? I think not

Level of Obsession: In college I dragged Sarah to a convenience store before Political Theory class every day for weeks on end in search of his first GQ cover story; my mom got me scrubs from an ER surgeon she worked for (and last winter in the NBC store, if they had Dr. Ross scrubs, I totally would have bought a pair); I accidentally ended up with his home address in LA (honest to god, it was handed to me!); I stood next to him once and did not pass out or scream hysterically or molest him

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): Doug and Carol. All of it. From his first devastated looks as she was rushed in post-OD in the premiere, to the goodnight kiss in their marital bed in last spring’s final season and everything in-between. They are my Fave TV Couple of All Time. Hands down. Oh and any time he’d lose his temper at an abusive parent. Besides that I love him in the Oceans movies; his lovefests with Brad Pitt; “My hair!” in O Brother Where Art Thou; and his relentless campaigning to make Matt Damon People’s Sexiest Man Alive

I actually first fell in love with George in another E/R – a sitcom in which he played a dopey orderly named Ace. I followed him through his Facts of Life stint and when he was Roseanne’s boss Booker on Roseanne (he had a sexy little flirtation with Jackie goin’ on there!) Then I lost track of him. My mom alerted me to “Ace” being on ER and a full-on obsession was born. I loved the Doug/Carol pairing for so many reasons: they had amazing chemistry, they looked gorgeous together, I’m a sucker for bad-boy-loser-loners trying to win the love of a good woman, and it was a relationship that felt earned. The audience watched it break and resurrect and grow and become something that those two characters really deserved. The fact that they both returned for the show’s farewell season, in particular George who is an Oscar Winning Movie Star, made me love them even more (I was so excited for it that I served LOBSTER for dinner the night it aired, it was such a celebration!) So for that loyalty I forgive George the questionable taste in girlfriends of the cocktail waitress/soft core “actress” variety he seems so damn fond of