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Tonight we’re gonna party like we’re actually 39

I pride myself on looking younger than my age. I attribute it to two things: not acting my actual age and very good genes. One of my favorite things at nearly 42 is to still get carded. When the Carder asks me as the Cardee, “Really?” I often want to respond, “If I were going to lie about my age why would I pick this one?!”

But despite my youthful appearance and embracing of my Inner 14 YO, I do feel my age in many ways. One of those ways is that while I love to go dancing I kind of hate all the places one goes to dance. I was never really a club person but at least 10 or 20 years ago I felt like it was a place I could tolerate for a few hours of good tunes and overpriced drinks and sometimes – a disco lit dance floor like the one in Saturday Night Fever! (this absolutely existed in Boston in the late-90’s!)

However I am long past the period when going to a bar or club to dance holds any interest for me. So where does one go to dance? Maybe at a wedding? Sure but you can’t always count on a quality playlist. How about a friend’s party? Why not! But sadly the number of friends I know who have fun dance parties is at about one. To that end I find myself having a One Woman Dance Party in my living room far more often than I probably should admit (actually it’s a Two Woman Dance Party because Kelly Clarkson is often there!)

Jen, my one girlfriend who can be depended on to throw a good dance party has a great idea – one that she shares with my friend and fellow blogger Sarah and they’ve both described basically the same place to me in separate conversations: a dance club for people over 35 years old! Here’s the deal:

  • Open 4-9PM – perfect for stopping at on your way home from work or take a spin around the floor while your kid is at soccer practice and still be home by a reasonable bed time!
  • Music is not too loud – by this point we’ve all been to a lot of concerts, clubs in our 20’s and various other places where screaming was the only mode of communication. Fuck that noise (literally!) The music is at a pleasing level that allows for gettin’ down AND hearing your friend bitch about their a-hole of a boss, clueless husband or the annoying Overachiever Mom at their kid’s school
  • Music is from the 80’s-’90’s – Sure you may be into the current stuff on the radio (if you enjoy a constant diet of Katy Perry and more Katy Perry) but when you want to dance you want to hear the songs you know, the stuff you partied to in college or with your friends at high school sleepovers. You want the music you love and the warm fuzzy nostalgia they provide
  • There’s a lot of comfy seating – booths, easy chairs, couches – and there’s no shame in taking frequent dance breaks to just sit around on them and enjoy your refreshing beverage from…
  • A decent bar – we’re grown-ups! We like a nice wine and decent beer and we don’t want to binge drink we just want a nice Malbec to smooth out the edges of our day while we dance to Duran Duran! (Or tea – you know whatever floats your boat. There’s no judgement here :-))
  • It’s not a pick-up scene – we’re either married, with a significant other, over with dating altogether or happy on our own. If you’re looking to get lucky go look somewhere else – like the 20-something bars. No one wants to do THAT again
  • The bathrooms are nice and don’t make you want to disinfect every single thing (including yourself) that was inside them
  • Dress code is casual – back in the day going out meant getting dolled up in uncomfortable shoes and sexy dresses to have a good time with your girlfriends and maybe snag looks (or more) from some cute boys. Now? Just be comfortable. Is it cool to dance around in your Lands End Slip-ons? Absolutely not. Does it feel good and much better for your back? ABSOLUTELY


Look, nothing about this is sexy or cool but WHO CARES??! One of the best things about getting older is that there are so many things you simply stop giving a fuck about. It’s liberating and makes you review allllll the crap you wasted energy worrying about in your youth and think, “I wish I could go back in time and punch younger me in the face.” But you can’t so instead get on your yoga pants, grab your girlfriends, order a glass of wine and get your dance on with Prince!


Mullen Monday: Best Skirts EVER!!

This summer I stopped by a local music festival with The World’s Best Boyfriend and while he was snapping some pics, I strolled over to browse the arts and crafty area. The very first thing that caught my eye was this:

Um yes THAT IS A U2 SKIRT!! And not just any U2 skirt but one from the Achtung Baby era which is of course only my FAVORITE U2 ALBUM EVER!!!!

This masterpiece is the creation of Sardine Clothing Company and it’s called a “T-Skirt” because it’s made out of old t-shirts and it’s just as comfortable as one! Their creator Maryanne is also a U2 fan and had some other tour shirts in her stash so she created this one for me to give to the Awesome Jill for her birthday:


That one has TWICE the U2 and Jill was absolutely thrilled. Maryanne also does custom orders – you just send her the shirts – so don’t think I haven’t been going through my tour shirt collection to figure out the perfect creation 😉

My only disappointment is that there is no U2 tour coming up for me to twirl around in this because let me tell you, anytime I wear it I get plenty of compliments and attention because It. Is. Awesome.



Dreamy Boys of the ’90s

Between Pearl Jam nostalgia yesterday, and today’s EW article about Dean Cain and his TV movie career – I’ve been feeling very 90s. It was the decade I graduated high school, went to college, transferred colleges, graduated college, moved to Los Angeles, moved to Boston, wore a lot of flannel and long patterned dresses with Doc Martins, and fanny packs (!) and denim overall SHORTS.

Of course being ME, I also had crushes on Cute Famous Boys (covering my dorm walls with them floor to ceiling!) Some of them continue until this day (paging Pacey Witter!), some still make me smile even if the heart doesn’t pitter patter as hard (lookin’ good Luke Perry!), and some listed below were just passing fancies:

Dean Cain

Oh how I LOVED Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman! (I even worked on the same studio lot and once got to make a call from inside a phone both in Metropolis!) Dean Cain was an All-American Boy who looked exotic and crushed on Lois adorably, while looking good shirtless, of course 😉 I got to meet him once at a charity event and he could not have been sweeter.

Matthew Perry

Oh Miss Chanandler Bong – how I loved you!! I was OBSESSED with Friends in its first few seasons and the major focus of my love was snarky Chandler and his Original Bromance with Joey. They filmed at that same studio lot and I found many reasons to walk by his TV Star Porsche parked outside their soundstage. I met him too – a few times (stalker much?) and even have a picture with him that my mom had framed on her wall for years and would answer “yes” when asked, “is that your daughter and her boyfriend?”

Chris O'Donnell

This crush probably started with Circle of Friends (so swoony and Irish!) and ended RIGHT after he was Robin in whatever Batman he was in. He just made a really hot superhero sidekick, IMO.

Brendan Fraser

Abs. ‘Nuff said. And he has not aged well, sadly.

Jason and Jeremy London

Ohhhh the London Twins. One was in Dazed and Confused, the other was my TVBoyfriend Griffin on Party of Five (I could never remember who was who then, I’m not gonna start now.) They were very pretty and decent actors – and double the eye candy! But the one that was Griffin was my favorite because he was such a wounded loser/loner with dead sister issues and romantic yearning for annoying Julia Salinger. These boys have ended up real Hollywood tragedy stories which is a waste of such Pretty and TVBoyfriend goodness.

Ben Affleck

Oh BEN. How much did I love you in Good Will Hunting? A LOT. I wanted you to show up at my door every morning with an offering from Dunkin’ Donuts. He was everything I liked – tall, dark and handsome, chiseled jaw, good hair and funny – oh man, remember when Ben Affleck was funny?! Then Bennifer I happened and he was so douchey. Then Bennifer II happened and he got so boring. (And in-between Jason Motherfuckin’ Bourne happened, and my affections transferred to Matty.) However, I am reserving the right to move Ben off this list given how hot he was in The Town (how do you like them apples?)


Flowers Friday: Big Ass belt buckle edition

In Las Vegas while browsing the cowboy store at Sam’s Town I pondered aloud, “I wonder where Brandon got that big ass K belt buckle he used to wear?”

Exhibit A

And literally, as the words came out of my mouth I looked up at the case in front of me and RIGHT at eye level was this:

Exhibit B

Whoa! He got it AT Sam’s Town! Pretty cool right? That same night on our Debauched Limo Ride of Sin City, we made our driver stop at The Hard Rock to see The Killers “Bones” exhibit. The BranSkeleton is wearing the belt buckle in the exhibit!:

Exhibit C

Here’s me holding my iPhone pic of the ST buckle for comparison:

Exhibit D

(Thanks to Jill for the “Bones” pics!)

So now you know not only where Brandon Flowers shops, but what kind of shenanigans drunken fangirls do in Vegas on a Saturday night!


Flowers Friday: Keep working boy! edition

So Brandon’s Flamingo Tour was supposed to be over with the Las Vegas show I went to in December. But now he’s got an April “Mini West Coast Tour” with two stops in Mexico and one each in San Diego and Vegas. Oh and he’s performing solo at Coachella. And he’s spending the first part of the summer doing festival dates in Europe and thereabouts.

In addition, he’s got two shows with the actual Killers but since Ronnie and now Mark are both doing solo stuff (huh??) it seems like The Killers are still on a hiatus. Which is kinda sad because at least three of the four members seem pretty ready to be writing and performing music. (AHEM.)

This is no surprise from a man who never takes much time off because “my dad never got two months off in a year”

Oh and he won NME’s “Most Stylish” Award this week. Of course.


Flowers Friday: That’s the look – that’s the look – The Look of Love edition

Last week I was raving about 80’s English Popsters ABC and their album The Lexicon of Love. They have to have had some sort of influence on Brandon Flowers:

ABC Singer Martin Fry in "The Look of Love" - 1982

Brandon in "For Reasons Unknown" - 2006

Gold Lamé Martin - 1982


Gold Lamé Brandon - 2007

But you know who invented wearing Gold Lamé suits don’t you?

THIS guy!!!


Brandon. Tuxedo. Flaming water. Disco ball. What more does one need really?

I went to bed ON time last night and was rewarded for my good behavior with a nightmare that jolted me awake in a sweat at 2AM. JOY. Then I was woken up an hour before the alarm went off. Needless to say, not a happy lil’ Obsessive this morning.

But then I got up to this, and all was well in the world again:

(OK I’m not sure why this isn’t in HD since it is on VEVO which is the damn record company’s YouTube Channel!!)

But ohhhhh the Vegas-ness of it! The tux! The Cirque du Soleil-ing! Flamboyant Brandon being dramatic! The flaming water and disco ball that LIGHTS UP AT HIS VERY TOUCH!!!! What I love about it is that it is kind of like the world is revolving around him. Which, well – it does, doesn’t it? 😉

Apparently this was directed by Sophie Muller who is a video director I love since she did the brilliant Mr. Brightside which had me enthralled long before I was even into The Killers.

There’s lots of great shots in this video, but by far the one that I love the most is this:

I'm just posing all suave and sexy with my gigantic disco ball - as one does

(Thanks to Teralyn for righting my morning!! And thanks to Jill for pointing out this is likely based on La Reve at The Wynn in Las Vegas)