she liked Imaginary Men best of all


Of U2 Covers and Candy Soulmates

My British BFF Felicity went to see The Killers in London this weekend and made sure she got this video:

Because she knows how much I love Brandon Flowers covering songs by U2!!

And because she’s the World’s Most Awesome Candy Soulmate, she also sent me THIS for my birthday!!




This is me, drooling

I’m having a “Festival of Cakes” for my birthday this year (among other festivities!) and I clearly NEED TO HAVE THIS CAKE!!!!


Cake!! Kit Kats!! M&M’s only my favorite candy ever!!!!

And OH look at this!!:




New Kids: Melt in your mouth, not in your hands

My friend Karen has a New Kids on the Block fanclub membership – and look what they send members for Valentine’s Day!:


What a brilliant idea!! I wonder if anyone else has ever had the idea of Crush Crafting band m&m’s before?

Oh yes, that would be ME!!! 


Check out my booty!

No, not that you pervs 😉

This weekend I was in NYC and did some shopping at Myers of Keswick to stock up on English treats and goodies. When I got home I had a package from my lovely and darling friend Felicity in England who sent me a “Cheer up” package after my last Annoying Boy Drama.

Makes Annoying Boy Drama TOTALLY worth it!!

So tonight I thought I should organize all the new stuff with all the treats already in my cupboards and whoa! Check this out!!:

I need a bigger cupboard!

And TBH – I didn’t even put in the jar of Cadbury spread Kathryn sent me, or the chocolate/minty English things I have! Those Mr. Big snack cakes are TO DIE FOR and I found them in Canada when I was Boy Band Stalking NKOTBSB. Felicity (who is CLEARLY my Candy Soulmate!) hasn’t heard of them so they may just be a Canadian Cadbury confection but they are the type of thing that you moan when you’re eating it because it’s so fucking delicious.

I have a colleague about to leave for London and when she asked me what I wanted her to bring back I honestly said, “no candy!” (and it felt weird!)


Always a Bridesmaid(s)

I saw Bridesmaids this weekend. I didn’t love the trailers but the reviews were great so off I went with Janis to a fully packed theater (this a week after it opened AND with Pirates of the Caribbean IX: Now More Piratey! now playing) full of women AND men (yay guys listening to the reviews that it’s not a “chick flick”!) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes it’s funny and raunchy and well written and acted. It also captures so many qualities of female friendships – the loyalty and in-jokes, the arguments and jealousies, the devotion, bonds and way you can drive each other crazy and love each other to death. Female friendships are complex but they are also invaluable and you can tell the movie was written by women (star Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) because of the way these women talked to one another and cared about each other. I don’t think male writers are able to capture that in quite the same way because they don’t speak “the language.”

The touch that I adored because I absolutely related to it was the gift Maid of Honor Annie (Wiig) gives best friend and bride Lillian (Maya Rudolph) at her Parisian and Puppy themed wedding shower: a box full of a lifetime of shared in-jokes – the lid of which is covered in pictures of teen idols she had crushes on. I HAVE THAT BOX!!! Well, not that exact one, but one damn near close made by my friend Robyne in college and decoupaged with pictures of Cute Famous Boys I loved at the time. That? That is a touch that only a women would dream up.

Other reasons why you know this movie was written by women?


Shirtless Jon Hamm. And….

This Guy (TM Fabulous Blogging Pal Julie)

Who is he? His name is Chris O’Dowd and I’d never seen him before but I absolutely adored him in this. Why? Because he’s basically an Irish Lloyd Dobler in a cop uniform. No lie. And reading his IMDB bio I see that he has a “collection of over a thousand chocolate bar wrappers” which means now I would like to marry him 😉

But seriously – only WOMEN could write this male character because he’s pretty adorable and charming and lovely – and if such a real man actually exists, I would Very Much Like to Meet Him. If you’re female and see this movie you’ll swoon over Officer Rhodes here, if you’re a guy – take some notes!