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Of U2 Covers and Candy Soulmates

My British BFF Felicity went to see The Killers in London this weekend and made sure she got this video:

Because she knows how much I love Brandon Flowers covering songs by U2!!

And because she’s the World’s Most Awesome Candy Soulmate, she also sent me THIS for my birthday!!




This is me, drooling

I’m having a “Festival of Cakes” for my birthday this year (among other festivities!) and I clearly NEED TO HAVE THIS CAKE!!!!


Cake!! Kit Kats!! M&M’s only my favorite candy ever!!!!

And OH look at this!!:




Check out my booty!

No, not that you pervs 😉

This weekend I was in NYC and did some shopping at Myers of Keswick to stock up on English treats and goodies. When I got home I had a package from my lovely and darling friend Felicity in England who sent me a “Cheer up” package after my last Annoying Boy Drama.

Makes Annoying Boy Drama TOTALLY worth it!!

So tonight I thought I should organize all the new stuff with all the treats already in my cupboards and whoa! Check this out!!:

I need a bigger cupboard!

And TBH – I didn’t even put in the jar of Cadbury spread Kathryn sent me, or the chocolate/minty English things I have! Those Mr. Big snack cakes are TO DIE FOR and I found them in Canada when I was Boy Band Stalking NKOTBSB. Felicity (who is CLEARLY my Candy Soulmate!) hasn’t heard of them so they may just be a Canadian Cadbury confection but they are the type of thing that you moan when you’re eating it because it’s so fucking delicious.

I have a colleague about to leave for London and when she asked me what I wanted her to bring back I honestly said, “no candy!” (and it felt weird!)

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Happy Cadbury Creme Egg Day!

You may have heard I’m a bit obsessed with Cadbury:

Isn’t that adorable? Wee little Creme Eggs! So very British. I actually got them at Tea & Sympathy, an English shop in New York.

As a friend said on FB today, “Cadbury Cremes are the reason to enjoy Easter” well, those and Cadbury Mini Eggs of course !


Death by Dairy Milk

I am going to England in October. I’ll give you two guesses why 😉

But not only will my trip involve pretty boy rock stars from Vegas, but a visit to only the BEST PLACE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!

I discovered this existed last year and have been fascinated by it ever since. My friend Kathryn who will be my Traveling-Partner-in-Crime/Hostess, lives close to this Utopia and has promised me we can go. Do you know what they have at Cadbury World??:

All I know is last year their website had a photo from the shop of tree trunk sized Flake Bar displays!!

As a huge fan of English chocolate, Cadbury products and Cadbury vans parked at concerts in Dublin – I am very excited about this little excursion. Especially now that I see they serve a Cream Tea with scones!!!

Brandon Flowers, Cadbury Mecca and tea with scones. I do not see a reason to come home really.