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Of U2 Covers and Candy Soulmates

My British BFF Felicity went to see The Killers in London this weekend and made sure she got this video:

Because she knows how much I love Brandon Flowers covering songs by U2!!

And because she’s the World’s Most Awesome Candy Soulmate, she also sent me THIS for my birthday!!




Mullen Monday: Best Skirts EVER!!

This summer I stopped by a local music festival with The World’s Best Boyfriend and while he was snapping some pics, I strolled over to browse the arts and crafty area. The very first thing that caught my eye was this:

Um yes THAT IS A U2 SKIRT!! And not just any U2 skirt but one from the Achtung Baby era which is of course only my FAVORITE U2 ALBUM EVER!!!!

This masterpiece is the creation of Sardine Clothing Company and it’s called a “T-Skirt” because it’s made out of old t-shirts and it’s just as comfortable as one! Their creator Maryanne is also a U2 fan and had some other tour shirts in her stash so she created this one for me to give to the Awesome Jill for her birthday:


That one has TWICE the U2 and Jill was absolutely thrilled. Maryanne also does custom orders – you just send her the shirts – so don’t think I haven’t been going through my tour shirt collection to figure out the perfect creation 😉

My only disappointment is that there is no U2 tour coming up for me to twirl around in this because let me tell you, anytime I wear it I get plenty of compliments and attention because It. Is. Awesome.



Mullen Monday: Under a Blood Red Sky edition

Before there were fly shades and skullcaps, before Bad and Streets, before Hats and Haircuts, before saving the world and Achtung – there were four Irish boys on the side of a mountain in a rain storm making their mark:

Any time I hear this song – and mind you, I’ve heard this song a TON – I still, still blast it and scream it and feel the same thrill and joy as if I was experiencing it for the first time! How powerful is that??

U2 Live at Red Rocks is such an energetic show of the band just at the very cusp of what they were about to become. And they are such babies, my GOD! (also the Fangirl in me never stops swooning over how goddamn gorgeous Larry was in this era!)

Can't you just hear my Inner 11-year-old squealing??!



Flowers Friday: Dirty Drums edition

Ronnie “Unstoppable” Vannucci had a birthday this week, so his bandmates posted this:

"Don't say we never did nuthin' for ya"


Apparently The Killers don’t live at Downton Abbey either! I wonder if Larry Mullen Jr. sees this and shivers at the thought bandmates lurking behind the kit!

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Brandon, Brandon, Brandon light my way (c’mon!)

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Q Magazine in the UK would be releasing a “tribute CD” of artists covering songs from U2’s epically amazing Achtung Baby for the album’s 20th anniversary.

I got it in my head that The Killers should definitely be part of this project because, 1. They love U2, 2. They do great U2 covers (ok this is just Brandon, but still!) and 3. It would make my life to hear my favorite band cover my favorite band on my favorite album.

Then I decided they should cover Ultraviolet (Light My Way.) And after listening to AB I came up with a Killers Cover Achtung Baby Wishlist that started with Ultraviolet and ended with Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around the World, but really I would have been happy with whichever song they did (I would have been happiest if they were the only band covering the whole damn thing!)

BTW this was all despite the fact that there was NO CONFIRMATION that they had anything to do with it!

But then, oh joy!! It was confirmed that they would be included. And just this week a little Twitter told me that they’ll be covering (…drumroll please…) ULTRAVIOLET!!!!!!

As I said on FB:

I don’t think there are enough CAPITAL LETTERS AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR 🙂 to express JUST HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS!!!!!! 🙂

Brandon is going to KILL this in the vocals, then he’s going to kill ME when I hear it. Seriously guys – if there was a Holy Grail of my Fangirldom, this may be it!


Mullen Monday: We get to carry each other edition

Look what’s coming to Showtime next month!!:

For the record, Achtung Baby is my favorite U2 album. I have listened to it, on average, probably about a hundred million times 😉 While it was the album that brought the band back from the brink of a break-up, it is also one that brought me back into the heart of my U2 fandom. In the years between initially falling in love with them at 11 and AB – a lot had happened: High school, boyfriends, college – typical distractions at that age.

Of course it was my Awesome Mama who first introduced me to U2, who gave them back to me by leaving AB under the 1991 Christmas tree. I heard it and fell head over heels for them all over again, and I’ve never again wavered in my appreciation, adoration and absolute gratitude for their entire existence and how integral it has been in my life.

I will probably have to buy Showtime for the month of October and watch this a good hundred million times too 😉

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Larry “Bang Bang” Mullen Jr. on the line!!

U2 are playing Glastonbury this weekend after having to cancel their Main Stage debut there last year due to Bono’s surgery. Apparently the Biggest Band in the World have never played at one of the Biggest Festivals in the World!

So there’s this guy in England named Zane Lowe who has the BEST JOB EVER. Why? Well Monday he interviewed Larry (who he christened Larry ‘Bang Bang’ Mullen!) about Glastonbury and then on Tuesday he interviewed Brandon Flowers on his birthday!! (how was he going to spend it? On a Jack the Ripper Tour – how – festive..?!)

So basically, Zane Lowe is my idol 😉

The “Boss Man’s” (another Zane nickname) interview with Larry is great. He sounds excited but nervous and U2 are always at their best when despite their zillions of dollars and decades of success and accolades – they still feel like the underdogs. I can’t wait to see what setlist wins out and to see the videos arrive on YouTube next week.

Thank you @U2 for the article about the interview. Click here to read and follow their link to the BBC player. It is well worth a listen (and it does expire, so go soon!)

Blessings not just for the ones who kneel, luckily