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All These Things I’ve Done: 3.5.10

(Better late than never!)

This article perfectly sums up the Leno suckage

Am crushing on Apolo Anton Ohno’s total adorableness, enthusiasm, and cute pictures on Twitter (ApoloOhno)

U2 are filthy fucking rich. I try not to think about how much of that is from my wallet

Neil Patrick Harris + “live action Smurfs”  Ohhhhkay NPH – I trust your awesomness, so please don’t let me down

Community S1 finale + Dawson’s Creek Prom = Please let the Beek show up and flare his nostrils!!

Some Glamberts rachet up the pressure on Crush Craft Awesomeness

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All These Things I’ve Done: 2.26.10

Apolo Anton Ohno got me to watch the Olympics, that speedy lil’ devil (and how great is Dad Yuki?)

Ewan is Filthy and Gorgeous and charms the pants off Ellen and her viewers on his PR tour for The Ghost Writer

The Killers are doing a lot of  covers for a band on a break (Beautiful Girl – yes! Maybe Come Dancing?) Giving hope that their own long promised covers album will soon follow

New Glee promos are out!!!

U2 announce opening acts for the next tour leg and I could not be LESS pleased about having The Fray in Seattle. Brandon Flowers would be having a hissy

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Apolo Anton Ohno you’re adorable

He was phenomenal on Dancing with the Stars. He’s the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian in history. He’s wee, cute and a master of the Short Track. He appears to be sweet, charismatic, dedicated, close to his dad and an all around nice guy.

What’s not to love?

(If you’re just tuning in, this week’s theme is shirtless olympians, shirtless rockstars, shirtless comedians, and shirtless vampires. You’re welcome.)