she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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I love you and I like you

Did you watch Leslie and Ben “Tie the Knope” on Parks and Rec last week? WHY NOT??! IS YOUR HEART MADE OF STONE????

Click here to watch and sniffle. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


I mean – you can’t beat a reception with WAFFLES!!


What hit me the most is Leslie’s vow, “I love you and I like you” which is so sweet and so necessary in a good relationship. You have to like the person you love, want to be friends with them even if you’re not anything more romantic. I totally believe this and it’s how I feel about The World’s Best Boyfriend, so I’ve taken to telling him, “I like you and I love you.” Thanks Leslie!


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Poehler/Fey 2016!!!!!

Bitches get stuff DONE!



And how awesome were these kick ass bitches hosting the Golden Globes!?? My fave gossip blogger Lainey summed up what made them so great: their camaraderie, fearlessness and incredible timing. But what I also love about these women is that they are Grown-Ups. They were not child stars or jailbait-y starlets who are emotionally stunted, immature and entitled. They went to college, they had real life jobs, they had lives before fame and it shows in their work ethic and their commitment to being as smart and funny as they possibly can be.

And on top of it all – Real! Life! BFFs! Two women who are at the top of their games professionally and support one another and work together as beautifully as peanut butter and jelly – no backstabbing, cat fighting or undermining like you see among women all over the entertainment world. LOVE THEM!

Hell, I’d vote for them even if they were running in character as Clinton/Palin 🙂

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Oh Pawnee – DON’T LEAVE ME!!!

Season 3 of Parks and Recreation is coming to a close 😦 It feels like it just got here too! Hopefully its brilliant season – along with all the critical acclaim, will remind NBC to put it back in in the Fall and NOT make us wait another near year to see S4.

Frankly I couldn’t handle that. P&R has become my comedy equivalent of Friday Night Lights: a show featuring a place I wish really existed, with people I wish were real – so that I could go there and hang out with them.

In a recent interview Amy Poehler said, “…we talk about creating a world that seems to really exist, because it’s important you believe Pawnee exists.” And to that I say, WHY DOESN’T IT????!!!! Any town that gets so excited over an ancient miniature horse, has this guy, and this guy – is a town I want to be part of.

I’m so enthralled with Pawnee that I have made my first P&R Crush Craft!! My friend at work who I introduced to the show got her very own bottle of Tom Haverford’s own Snake Juice last week!:

I hear it has “a dope aftertaste” 😉

Watch the S3 finale “The Bubble” Thursday night at 10PM on NBC!!


All These Things I’ve Done: 3.19.10

True Blood is coming back June 13!!! Vampire Porn!! Hot Dumb Shirtless Boys! Bad Southern Accents by Englishmen! PAM!

Girl Crush Kate splits from her husband, maybe because last year at the Oscars she couldn’t stop swooning over Leo?

The Poehler-Arnetts are having another baby! What does this mean for Parks & Rec? The Ron & Andy Hour of course!

Good take on why the ladies all feel for Sandra Bullock right now

Eclipse trailer is out, just in time to suck me back into the Team Jacob nonsense. I feel these movies are good for two things: unintentional hilarity and eye candy

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I’m moving to Pawnee

I am so in love with Parks and Recreation I want Pawnee to be a real place where I can go live.

I want to go to Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day celebration (like the Lilith Fair minus the angst plus fritattas!), and rock out to Andy Dwyer’s band Mouse Rat and (but I will not flash my boobs when they play Sex Hair); I want to go to All You Can Eat breakfasts with Ron Swanson at The Glitter Factory strip club, and have Tom Haverford make me a DJRoomba (bc I frickin’ hate vacuuming.)

Listen, I already work in a library so I could totally be a Punk Ass Book Jockey under the evil empire of Tammy Swanson (and I want a basket of NutriYums at my desk to power me through the day.)

Am I right Justin?

Parks and Recreation takes over Thursdays for NBC

Has Parks surpassed The Office and 30 Rock?

Galentine’s Day recap

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Pawnee vs. Scranton

I am totally in love with Parks and Recreation. It had an uneven abbreviated S1 last spring but has really found its rhythm this season. Amy Poehler has toned down her Lesley Knope and made her really charming and smart and less Michael Scott-ish, yet still semi-oblivious (“The thing about youth culture is, I don’t get it.”) The rest of the ensemble has been fleshed out more and are hilarious in their own right.

My heart, however, belongs to Andy Dwyer the moronic ex-boyfriend of Rashida Jones’ character. Last season he was a recurring character and ended up stealing any scene he was in. This season he’s a regular and getting him a job as the building shoe shine boy has been a brilliant way to keep his dense but loveable bonehead in the mix.

And I have SO much love for Ron Swanson the 80’s coiffed boss of the Parks and Rec department. His deadpan delivery, his love of “pretty brunette women. And breakfast foods”, his moonlighting as a cheesy jazz club sax player. LOVE him. Each week it is a contest to see who will make me laugh harder. Each week it is a tie.

The Office on the other hand – eh. The past few seasons I have been loving it less and less. Pam has become really obnoxious. Jim is totally ineffectual. Dwight’s weird wackiness has become cruel and unpleasant to watch. And this plotting to get Jim? Ugh. I love me some Andy ‘nard Dog Bernard (“do not test my politeness!”) and Creed (“I live by the quarry. We should hang out by the quarry and throw things down there!”) and it is still funny enough, but I am laughing harder at one episode of P&R in then in a couple of TO.

So start watching it already! You’re already DVR’ing TO and 3o Rock! NBC and Hulu have eps – I recommend Greg Pikitis, Ron and Tammy, and Hunting Trip for a taste of how great this show is.