she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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I’ve written a book!

So it is clear that my attention to this blog has fallen by the wayside the last few years. There are many reasons for that including, but not limited to: a real, non-imaginary-man boyfriend, a house and a dog.

There is another reason that will be far more interesting to you which is that I have been writing a book! If you’ve liked what goes on here (when things were, you know, actually going on) then I guarantee you will like

The Fangirl Files

True Tales and Tips from the Fandom Frontlines!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

The book is an expansion of this blog so if you enjoyed my tales of chasing Brandon Flowers on his Flamingo Tour, unapologetic love for Boy Bands, devotion to Pacey Witter and all things that celebrate being a Fangirl then get your copy and join the Fangirling Revolution!

May I interest in you a fabulous book trailer?

Buy now in Paperback or Kindle!

And follow along with #fangirlfilesbook on my social media (just look over there to the right, and up, and there you are!)

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“This is the story of four vampires who live in a flat and have their eternal lives taped…”

Last night I saw What We Do in the Shadows which is a HYSTERICAL “vampire reality TV documentary” (should such a thing actually exist!)

Here, just watch this:

I haven’t laughed so much at a movie in ages. It is so funny, so clever, so ridiculous that afterwards as I was trying to fall asleep I literally burst out laughing remembering one of the scenes. Just the idea of vampires having “chore charts” when one roommate isn’t pulling his weight or tricking people into thinking their spaghetti is worms because they learned it from The Lost Boys (!!!) is so brilliantly demented.

If my gushing hasn’t sold you – how about the fact that it’s by the same lunatics behind Flight of the Conchords? Or that Jemaine Clement stars and Rhys Darby has a supporting role as the alpha of a rival gang of werewolves (not “swearwolves” because they watch their language, OK?) Why don’t you watch this and remember how on-the-nose these guys are at parody and then go see the movie?

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Band Dynamic Documentaries

Tonight VH1 is premiering the Backstreet Boys documentary Show em What You’re Made Of and I think you should watch it. I say this not as a BSB fan but as a fan of anything that involves uncovering the fascinating world of band dynamics.

I recently read Mick Fleetwood’s autobiography Play On: Now, Then and Fleetwood Mac because for my money there is no band with more incredibly complex, deranged inter-band dynamics then Fleetwood Mac. Marriage between members? Check. Affairs between members? Check. Break-ups between members who then make the person they dumped sing songs about how awful their break-up was on-stage to thousands of fans? CHECK. Their episode of Behind the Music is well worth 45 minutes of your life.

Less romantically tangled but just as fascinating to this U2 fanatic is the near destruction of the band pre-Achtung Baby detailed in Bill Flanagan’s U2: At the End of the World and explored further in the band’s own documentary on the experience in From the Sky Down. Coming off of a decade of unparalleled success the members find themselves on opposing sides when it comes time to define themselves for the 90’s and nearly fall apart until they stumble into One.

And the king of all band dynamic documentaries is surely Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster which details abrupt departures, rehab stints, long buried animosities, and the band partaking in some of the craziest “group therapy” you’ll ever see. I am not a Metallica fan but I was enraptured by this film and the exploration of the complexities of being in a band and staying in a band, sharing your life, livelihood, emotions and talents with multiple other people who may not always have the same agenda or investment.

Which brings me back to the Backstreet Boys and their documentary detailing the making of their latest album In a World Like This and the subsequent tour. I watched it on VOD when it as released a few months ago and it hits all the sweet spots of a good band dynamic documentary: the camaraderie and frictions, the long-standing tensions and love for each other and the music. There was always a lot of backstage drama with BSB – the contract lawsuits, Brian’s heart problems, AJ’s addictions, Nick’s arrests – they were basically a documentary waiting to happen. The group visits to each member’s childhood home reveals a lot about each guy not just to the audience but to their other band members (the one to Nick Carter’s elementary school and his reunion with a teacher who supported him is heartbreaking as Nick’s very raw breakdown at the memory of what a lonely little boy he was and what kindness and faith this woman showed him is difficult to watch.)

So I don’t think you have to be a fan of a particular band to find their story and their relationships interesting. In some cases seeing the non-glossy, not-so-glamorous reality of what being in a band is actually like makes me appreciate them in a way I wouldn’t have if it was just about listening to their music. Check out any of these docs I’ve mentioned and you can start tonight on VH1 🙂


The Nathan Fillion “I told you so!” post

Since 1994 I’ve been saying that Nathan Fillion is awesome. FINALLY the world is catching up:

He’s got a hit show, he’s a cover boy and he just won Entertainment Weekly’s poll as the male TV Character readers most want to date.



Lucky Spencer kicks ass, takes names

I tuned back into General Hospital recently and was glad to see the Lucky/Elizabeth/Nikolas wanna-be triangle was finally moving.

Friday’s cliffhanger ended with a drunk and bitter Lucky confronting love-of-his-life fiancee Elizabeth about sleeping with his half-brother Nikolas. Monday was the full on Rage Fest and it was AWESOME!

Jonathan Jackson is at his best when he is screaming and crying and having a total fucking meltdown on screen. Seriously – he gets so into the scene he’s got tears and snot, his voice goes hoarse, the veins are popping out of his neck and forehead. It is amazing. We were clapping and shouting “Emmy! Emmy!” Thank god they got him back for this storyline.

The fact that all the actors involved in this arc are the originators of these roles helps tremendously. There is built in trust and knowledge of the characters and you can actually sense the years of relationship and drama in these scenes together. His numbed conversation with Luke afterwards was also beautifully done. He and Tony Geary have always had tremendous chemistry together and this quiet after the storm was played perfectly.

He was absolutely brutal to Elizabeth and Nikolas and gave an ultimate Tour de Force. There is NO better soapy drama than the Spencer/Cassadine Saga in my book. Now bring back Stefan dammit! (is he dead? I don’t even know. Like that would matter on a soap. He held Laura’s “dead” mother captive for years!)

Thanks to envious01 on YouTube, you can watch just Lucky’s Epic Rage Fest without having to suffer through the mob shit! I may just watch the show this way from now on:

The shit

be hitting

the fan


WTF??: James Franco on General Hospital

Like everyone else who cares about this sort of thing, I am pondering what the heck James Franco is doing on GH. He’s an award winning movie star so why is he doing a daytime TV?

Who knows, who cares. What I do want to know is – why is he sucking so badly?

Don’t get me wrong I know he’s a great actor. He was wonderful in Milk, hilarious in Pineapple Express, and will forever hold a place in my heart for being head Freak Daniel Desario on the I’m-still-not-over-its-cancellation Freaks and Geeks.

But he is just painful to watch as creepy artist Franco in this arc. It is like he’s doing a spoof of soap acting. And I believe he did this earnestly – I don’t think he’s mocking the sometimes melodramatic styles of soap acting. But that is how it is coming across at least to me. It’s as if he’s in a Saturday Night Live skit overracting a soap character.

I seem to be in the minority though as every piece of press I read about it seems to love him and think he’s “elevating” the acting of the regular cast. I don’t know. I think there are plenty of good actors in soaps (of course there are crappy ones, but there are crappy ones on primetime and movies too) and they’re proving it isn’t as easy as it may look when James Franco is kind of crappy at it.


25 Days / Day 19 / Nathan Fillion


Who: Nathan Fillion. Joey Buchanan, Rick Castle, Captain Hammer

Why: He’s adorable and funny and is so appealing he probably has chemistry with doorknobs and other inanimate objects

When: One Life to Live mid-90’s – Present

Level of Obsession: My friend and I gave him a card when he was on OLTL and later he was featured in a soap magazine talking about how much he loved our card (it was a Where the Wild Things Are one)

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): The Joey-Dorian/May-December romance on OLTL; Dr. Pomatter in Waitress; “The hammer? Is my penis” in Dr. Horrible; this interview on Kimmel; anytime he wears his little “Writer” bulletproof vest and any scene with his on-screen daughter in Castle

I so love Nathan Fillion and am THRILLED that he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. When he was sweet Joey Buchanan on OLTL my friend and I got to visit the set and as we were leaving he was checking his mail. She very casually said “Hi Nathan!” and as he turned around, you could see by his expression he thought it would be someone he knew. And although he did not know us, he could not have been more charming and delightful and tall! I followed him on and off through the years but did not watch Buffy (where I hear he was really, really evil, I don’t know if I can take Evil Nathan) nor have I see Firefly although I know I really must (it is on my watch list for the new year). He even got me to briefly tune in to Desperate Housewives when he had a run on there (and re-united with former OLTL co-star and buddy Tuc Watkins!). I like Castle although it is a little formulaic and I’m not a big fan of cop shows. If he weren’t the lead I wouldn’t bother, but he is so funny and quick and the family scenes with his mother and daugher are delightful. Plus, how can you not love a man who returns to his soap roots for an on-screen funeral once he’s a big star AND does all this for his cat??