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I’ve written a book!

So it is clear that my attention to this blog has fallen by the wayside the last few years. There are many reasons for that including, but not limited to: a real, non-imaginary-man boyfriend, a house and a dog.

There is another reason that will be far more interesting to you which is that I have been writing a book! If you’ve liked what goes on here (when things were, you know, actually going on) then I guarantee you will like

The Fangirl Files

True Tales and Tips from the Fandom Frontlines!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

The book is an expansion of this blog so if you enjoyed my tales of chasing Brandon Flowers on his Flamingo Tour, unapologetic love for Boy Bands, devotion to Pacey Witter and all things that celebrate being a Fangirl then get your copy and join the Fangirling Revolution!

May I interest in you a fabulous book trailer?

Buy now in Paperback or Kindle!

And follow along with #fangirlfilesbook on my social media (just look over there to the right, and up, and there you are!)

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The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – Part I

So Awesome Blogging Pal Julie and I are surviving The Vampire Diaries summer hiatus by doing what we do best: fangirling over the show 😉

We’re doing a series of posts on the show and will take turns hosting our Deep Thoughts about all things Salvatore at each of our blogs. Head over to TV Recappers Anonymous for the first installment:

The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – Part I – A Look Back at Some of the Most Pivotal Scenes in Ripper Stefan Canon


Vampire Weekend

So Fabulous Blogging Pal Julie and I survived our first Vampire Diaries Convention AND our Salvatore Sandwich (this particular blogger nearly did NOT survive Saturday night after learning the hard way to never take a free drink from a bartender. Thank god for Fabulous Blogging Pals and a true English Gentleman who played hero to a stranger in need – this girl.)

We met some fantastic new fangbanger friends, had some great food, and in my particular case – got to stand behind Legal to Lust over Steven R. McQueen in the breakfast line Saturday morning:

I’ll have THAT over easy please!

Saturday we got to hear from Broody Baby Bro Stefan Salvatore, Mr. Paul Wesley – who displayed charm, humor, intelligence and incredulousness at the dedication of TVD fans (he was pretty floored that there were people who had come from France and Mexico, among other places – just for the convention.) He made my fangirlie heart pitter patter at the sight of him in one of his signature sexy hoodies:

Thanks to my new pal Kristi for this Paul pic!

Julie being a Recapper Extraordinaire – took excellent notes during Paul’s hour plus – go here to read her fab report. I was too busy giggling at Paul’s adorableness and trying to not get stabbed by a Bieber fan who took offense at a comment I made about his damn hair (hey girlie, stop eavesdropping!)

Sunday was Damon Day – as Ian Somerhalder graced us with his hot, sexy, smart presence. He’s one pretty boy and very gracious to the fans and passionate about the things he cares about – like his show and his foundation:

Another thanks to Kristi!

I wish I could have been more attentive to Ian’s Q & A. Unfortunately I was so hungover I was wishing they were ACTUAL vampires so they could kill me for REAL 😦 Yay for Julie and her reporting skills!

Of course we also got to have our photo op with the Brothers Salvatore who are both really, really RIDICULOUSLY good looking in person. The good news: they were both wearing t-shirts! BARE ARMS!!! They were also in good moods smiling, laughing and back-slapping each other. The bad news: the photo op is QUICK. After a handshake with both boys (and a “Hi Babe!” from Ian to Julie! SQUEEE!!) and a pose between them – off we went.

Hilariously before we got in they announced that there was to be “no inappropriate groping” of the boys, which made us wonder if “appropriate groping” would be allowed! I had to leave to go home before the convention was over, but Julie was able to see the panel with McQueen and Michael Trevino.

All in all it was a fun weekend and Julie could not have been a better roommate/conventioneer/saver of my drunk ass. We looked cute and sassy in our Masquerade Ball get-ups (with homemade masks that I Crush Crafted myself!) and we got to touch Salvatore skin. We’ll have to work on what constitutes “appropriate groping” for the next time!

Not a bad way to spend a weekend!



Get those hairbrushes out boys!

The countdown to The Vampire Diaries Convention is on, with only 10 days until Fabulous Blogger Pal Julie and I descend on Atlanta Mystic Falls!

Of course we are busy plotting our outfits and ways to charm and delight the Salvatore Brothers when we have our single picture photo shoot with the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder and handsome Paul Wesley.

BUT my hope is that the boys are sporting some Sexy Bed Head or SuperHeroHair (TMSpideySense Cherie) and NOT these hats they seem to be so fond of in real life:



I mean these hotties would look great even with one of these on:

…but I prefer my Vampire Crushes to have their dreamy locks uncovered for maximum swooning 😉

And in Exciting Internet/Fangirlie News: Paul Wesley joined Twitter! Paul has been teased as “NoTwitterPaul” for his refusal to join, so imagine my surprise yesterday to see his first tweet! I thought I was a bit too excited about this, but then all the TVD feeds I follow also seem to be ridiculously happy about it – so I just hope we don’t scare the poor guy back into NoTwitterDom. You can follow Paul here.


Fuck Yeah Paul Wesley!!

So if you are a regular reader of this blog (and if you are, why thank you!) you might think that the King of She liked Imaginary Men best of all would be a sexy rock star from Las Vegas known as Mr. Brandon Flowers.

And in terms of volume of posts dedicated to him – you would be right. BUT in terms of the site traffic numbers according to WordPress as to what post gets the most hits, then the Crown of Imaginary Men actually belongs on the head of this guy! (TMBlogging Pal Julie):


Well hello there Handsome!


Last May I posted a Cute Boy Alert! about Mr. Paul Wesley, he of the Stefan Salvatore good looks and brooding manner – and it got a little blip of traffic. But for some reason, ever since late December it has been the Top Read post every day. On average it gets around 56 hits a day! And despite me writing about him since (usually in Vampire Diaries related posts) this one continues to be the most popular having over 3,200 views so far.

Paul doesn’t do much press – but he did do his first talk show appearance on George Lopez last month, and I have to say he is rather charming! Of particular interest to Blogging Pal Julie and I was his story of drunkenly agreeing to a woman’s request to bite her in a bar in Atlanta – then sort of just drooling on her instead! This is exactly the sort of activity we are hoping we can get in on at the TVD Convention 😉

Rock on Paul Wesley with your Sexy Jaw of Superhero-dom! (whatever the next comic book/movie franchise is – he needs to be in it. He has a face that would wear a mask really well because his bone structure is so chiseled):