she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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I’ve written a book!

So it is clear that my attention to this blog has fallen by the wayside the last few years. There are many reasons for that including, but not limited to: a real, non-imaginary-man boyfriend, a house and a dog.

There is another reason that will be far more interesting to you which is that I have been writing a book! If you’ve liked what goes on here (when things were, you know, actually going on) then I guarantee you will like

The Fangirl Files

True Tales and Tips from the Fandom Frontlines!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

Click to connect to my new book-centric website!

The book is an expansion of this blog so if you enjoyed my tales of chasing Brandon Flowers on his Flamingo Tour, unapologetic love for Boy Bands, devotion to Pacey Witter and all things that celebrate being a Fangirl then get your copy and join the Fangirling Revolution!

May I interest in you a fabulous book trailer?

Buy now in Paperback or Kindle!

And follow along with #fangirlfilesbook on my social media (just look over there to the right, and up, and there you are!)


All These Things I’ve Done: 4.20.10

My new TVBoyfriend Damon Salvatore a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder is rockin’ some sexy suits in the new GQ

U2 on Palladia Saturday night. Finally! They’ve only been advertising it for months!

My fellow blogger and brain-sharer Julie extolls the (sometimes shirtless) virtues of Matty Damon

NPH is really testing my adoration by being in a movie with an Olsen AND Vanessa Hudgens

Serves Brandon right for doing this, he got this!


All These Things I’ve Done: 4.2.10

I am so pro Stefan-Damon-Elena-Triangle mostly because I actually like Stefan as opposed to Dawson, who I wanted to drown in his friggin’ Creek every damn week

Craig Ferguson wins a Peabody!!! The Robot Skeleton Army rejoices!

How exciting! An episode of Fringe called “Peter”! What’s not exciting? NO ACTUAL Pacey PETER!

Awww Ben and Matt refer to each other as “Hetero-lifemates”!! Sarah and I have been calling each other “Heterosexual Life Partners” for years!

True Blood Season 3 posters: VILF! Brilliant!

U2 release 360 DVD so we can all get a better look at Larry’s damn Scorpion shirt


All These Things I’ve Done: 3.19.10

True Blood is coming back June 13!!! Vampire Porn!! Hot Dumb Shirtless Boys! Bad Southern Accents by Englishmen! PAM!

Girl Crush Kate splits from her husband, maybe because last year at the Oscars she couldn’t stop swooning over Leo?

The Poehler-Arnetts are having another baby! What does this mean for Parks & Rec? The Ron & Andy Hour of course!

Good take on why the ladies all feel for Sandra Bullock right now

Eclipse trailer is out, just in time to suck me back into the Team Jacob nonsense. I feel these movies are good for two things: unintentional hilarity and eye candy


All These Things I’ve Done: 3.5.10

(Better late than never!)

This article perfectly sums up the Leno suckage

Am crushing on Apolo Anton Ohno’s total adorableness, enthusiasm, and cute pictures on Twitter (ApoloOhno)

U2 are filthy fucking rich. I try not to think about how much of that is from my wallet

Neil Patrick Harris + “live action Smurfs”  Ohhhhkay NPH – I trust your awesomness, so please don’t let me down

Community S1 finale + Dawson’s Creek Prom = Please let the Beek show up and flare his nostrils!!

Some Glamberts rachet up the pressure on Crush Craft Awesomeness

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All These Things I’ve Done: 2.26.10

Apolo Anton Ohno got me to watch the Olympics, that speedy lil’ devil (and how great is Dad Yuki?)

Ewan is Filthy and Gorgeous and charms the pants off Ellen and her viewers on his PR tour for The Ghost Writer

The Killers are doing a lot of  covers for a band on a break (Beautiful Girl – yes! Maybe Come Dancing?) Giving hope that their own long promised covers album will soon follow

New Glee promos are out!!!

U2 announce opening acts for the next tour leg and I could not be LESS pleased about having The Fray in Seattle. Brandon Flowers would be having a hissy


All These Things I’ve Done: 2.19.10

My GirlCrush Marion Cotillard continues to be really, really pretty

I don’t ever want them to do a Dawson’s Creek reunion because they’ll just break up Pacey and Joey, and I like to pretend they actually exist, and are living happily Dawson-free in NYC

Who knew the Vatican had such good taste in music?

Colin Firth was insanely charming and good natured on Craig Ferguson and wears the hell out of his suits

 Jason Motherfuckin’ Bourne goes to Iraq? Matty Damon in tight t-shirts and bulletproof vests? March 12th can’t come fast enough!

Ewan McGregor does his best to kill me dead with just an excerpt from an interview. I can’t imagine what will happen when I read it and see the movie. THUD!!!