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Robbie is Trouble

I’ve recently been renewing my love affair with cheeky monkey Robbie Williams and his fabulous catalog of catchy, clever poptastic tunes. It never ceases to annoy me that he’s not famous here and therefore hasn’t bothered touring the US again. When I was in England I bought his latest CD because it felt like a proper British thing to do 😉

Last night I found this video which made me love Robbie even more:

This of course is a homage to The One, The Only, The King:

Robbie is such a fun and charismatic performer, it’s fabulous to see him take on an iconic performance like this one. The lyrics of this song Handsome Man are an entertaining notion of fame as a combination of cockiness and vulnerability that he does so very well. And this line in particular never ceases to make me giggle:

You can’t argue with popularity

Well you could

But you’d be wrong

It’s funny because it’s true!


Happy 1st Birthday Imaginary Men!

So today marks a year since I launched this blog. Hard to believe that so much time has gone by and this blog has marked it all: the shirtless boys, the Brandon Flowers obsession, TV Boys and their wardrobes, the vampires, werewolves and stupid Stackhouses that have filled my entertainment life for the past 365 days.

Here’s some fun Imaginary Men facts:

  • Number of posts: 432
  • Number of comments: 1,002 (and that’s not even all just me making comments to jack up the numbers!)
  • Number of blocked spams: 1,404
  • Total Views: 55,442 (my goal of 50,000 hits by today’s date was surpassed back in July!)
  • Most popular post of the year: 25 Days of Imaginary Men: James Dean = 4,547 (not bad for a dead guy)
  • Post with the greatest hits in one day: Fifty on our Foreheads = 1,098 (thanks to being featured on WP front page)
  • Topic that put this blog “on the map”: Anything about Larry Mullen’s Scorpion t-shirt (in combination these posts all = just under 6,000 hits)

All in all it has been a fun ride and I’ve met so many fabulous people along the way – some have even become actual Real Life Friends which is very exciting. It is also great to know that there are so many like minded people out there who feel just as passionately as I do about music, TV shows, and cute boys.

Thanks to you all and I hope to keep you giggling and/or rolling your eyes for another year. Won’t you please have some cake with me to celebrate?

Love and many thanks,


(delicious pic from Novel Eats)


25 Days / Day 25 / Larry Mullen Jr.


Who: Larry Mullen Jr. Drummer for U2. The man who started the group formerly known as the Larry Mullen Band. King of my Celebrity Crush Kingdom (he rules with an iron fist!)

Why: He’s gorgeous: I first saw him when I was 11 years old and he was cute and that’s all it takes when you’re 11. It helped that he was in a band that I grew to love more and more, so much so that it is hard for me to think of a facet of my life that U2 has not had some effect on. He’s sturdy: he has opinions and he sticks by them even if they’re unpopular; he’s not afraid to take a stand even if it is opposite of what the rest of the band thinks. He’s loyal: he’s been with the same woman since he was 15 years old and still lives nearly full-time in Dublin unlike the rest of the band. He’s talented: he is an incredible musician and the only drummer where I have listened to an entire album just to focus on the drumming. He’s hot: In his 40’s he’s finally embraced his inner Sex Bomb by starring in a sexy video and wearing shirts that may as well not have buttons on them. Why else?: He posted a notice on a high school bulletin board that gave us the Greatest Band Ever

When: Since I was 11 years old. I am now 37. 26 years of faithful devotion. My LMJ crush has outlasted all my boyfriends AND a husband

Level of Obsession: My house is filling up with stuff with the Mullen crest on it, including a blanket, a coaster, and a mug that my mom got me in Ireland when I was a teenager that I forbade anyone but me to drink out of; I still have a collage of his pictures I made when I was probably 13; My mom and I made a pilgrimage to the street he grew up on this summer to see the house where U2 rehearsed when they were a baby band; I’ve had the same framed picture of him on display somewhere in my home for 20 years; I am now stalking his clothes; Need I go on?

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): Live at Red Rocks (Dream Man in my teens); Dirty Old Town (Dream Man in my twenties); Electrical Storm video (Dream Man in my thirties); Graceland visit in Rattle & Hum; Crazy Tonight remix on 360; and 50,000 others over most of my lifetime that I would need to catalog before I posted them here

My LMJ Crush is such a part of my existence that I take it for granted that it exists – like the fact that I have brown eyes. It just IS. A friend recently told me in response to the Electrical Storm video “I don’t see the Mullen Hotness, but I’ll take your word for it” and I was just totally, totally aghast. I don’t see his hotness as an opinion, I see it as a FACT. So that was a smack in the face, “oh not everyone loves him like you do, weirdo!” I’m still friends with her, but it was touch and go there for awhile 🙂 Whenever I get a new crush people who know me ask “do you love him more than Larry Mullen?” and I scoff, I mean, really people – 26 years! I hardly remember a time I didn’t have a crush on him, and I don’t see a time in the future when I won’t have a crush on him. He’s been a dependable object of devotion for a long long time and he’s never, ever let me down. For that and for being a bossy, stubborn, opinionated Scorpion like myself – he is My Uber Crush of All Time and more than deserves to be at the top of this list, now and forever. Amen


25 Days / Day 24 / Brandon Flowers


Who: Brandon Flowers. Lead singer of The Killers. Object of my intense scrutiny 24/7 for the last four months

Why: His voice. His music. His attitude. His look. I am at the dangerous level of oh look he kicked a puppy! and I’d still find something appealing in it

When: September 4, 2009 Boston Garden – right now I’m sitting next to a pillow that a Sister Obsessive had made for me with his face on it

Level of Obsession: He made me do this. And this;  He’s tagged 27 times in this four month old blog; The Killers have five albums yet I have over 100 songs of theirs on my iPod (and six different TK playlists); I cannot estimate the amount I have spent on Killers related items in the past few months but I would say – ballpark – alot; my laptop is running out of disk space because I keep downloading pictures of him; he’s taken over my iPhone, twice

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): I almost had a crush on him 4 years ago because I was totally in love with the Mr. Brightside video; the minute he walked on stage in all his feathered epaulet glory to open our Boston show (talk about Obsession at First Sight); this performance; and this one; the Spaceman performance in “Live from Royal Albert Hall” (we call it The Kneeling & The Rocking and it is very, very hot)

I have to be careful here because I could easily write a detailed dissertation on my BrandonLove because clearly, I am in the thick of it. Let me attempt to be objective and start by saying I truly love The Killers music. They don’t sound like anyone else and a huge part of that is his incredible voice. He can go through a range in one song that blows your mind. There is a reason Very Famous Singers in Very Famous Bands all bring him on stage to perform with them (U2, Springsteen, Duran Duran) and let him outsing them. Which brings me to another reason I love him – his musical tastes are carbon copies of mine as a teenager. Everytime he does a cover of another song by an English Band I Loved I become even more obsessed. And because I am totally shallow – he is absolutely beautiful and right now is sporting a look that I sometimes think sprang from my inner-14-year-olds-fantasy: the black clothes, combat boots, and spiky hair are tapping the perfect combination of nostalgia with current crush material (he even looks good in plaid for godssakes.) He is also an incredibly charismatic and energetic performer. You cannot take your eyes off of him he has total command of stage, audience, band and music. He is a born Rock Star and his love for the music and singing the songs shoot off him like sparks. So for all of this, and so much more (believe me, I am sparing you alot. You have NO idea) I forgive the fact that he’s a Mormon. I know – right? A Mormon Rock Star? As Craig Ferguson would say, “Whaaaa?!?!”


25 Days / Day 23 / Joshua Jackson


Who: Joshua Jackson. Pacey now and forever

Why: Have you met Pacey Witter??

When: S2 of Dawson’s Creek – every week when I rewind the DVR on Fringe several times to drool over his wardrobe or squee at his Inappropriate Sexy Moments

Level of Obsession: My former roommate made me not one, but two “Pacey Pillows”; a friend photoshopped my face over Andie McPhee’s in a promo picture with him; another friend went to Wilmington and called me every five minutes to give me Pacey/Creek related sightings. I was so obsessed I had my friends obsessing for me

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): S3 Pacey Pining for Joey Arc (so hard to name just one moment, but if I had to, it would be “I remember everything”); the hook-up scene with Kate Hudson in Gossip; anytime he wore the brown suede jacket on the Creek (nicknamed the BCoL: Brown Coat of Lust); anytime he wears the peacoat on Fringe (nicknamed the PCoL: Peacoat of Lust)

I actually remember the exact moment my Josh Jackson obsession was born: having seen the pilot of DC and not being interested (the title made me think it should be a show about animals! Doesn’t “Dawson” sound like the name of a kindly badger or something??), I somehow found myself watching anyway. I didn’t care if I missed it except one night shopping with my boyfriend I looked at the time and started panicking “we have to get home! Now! Pacey is in the beauty pageant!!” And it was all downhill from there. I spent waaaay too many (working) hours on-line at Television Without Pity (back when it was Mighty Big TV) reading their hilariously snarky show recaps and obsessing with the Pacey Girls that kinda took over the place. There were so many of us we ended up all meeting in Wilmington where the show was shot (unfortunately during hiatus so no sightings of our Object of Desire, luckily for him.) We did get to tour the set and stood in Dawson’s bedroom and giggled like the 14-year-old-girls we most certainly were not (anymore.) It was a ton of fun and I gained a really close friend from it. We still call Josh our “Ultimate TVBoyfriend” and measure all our other TV crushes up against his impossibly high standard. She can’t take the ick factor of Fringe so I alert her to the hot moments she shouldn’t miss. Like when he puts electrodes on a woman’s stomach, or speaks in Arabic. Oh Pacey, so dreamy!

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25 Days / Day 22 / Neil Patrick Harris


Who: Neil Patrick Harris. NPH. Barney Stinson. Dr. Horrible. The Emperor of Awesome

Why: He’s flawless. I can’t imagine that there is anything he is NOT good at. He has charm, talent, humor, grace, class, snark, and good looks to spare

When: Since How I Met Your Mother premiered (2005) – right this very second

Level of Obsession: I threw a viewing party for his Emmy hosting gig (one which I, a non-religious person, PRAYED for) and served NPH themed treats such as: Barney’s LegenDairy Brownie Sundaes, Nachos a la NPH, Stinson’s Shrimp Cocktail and Dr. Horrible’s Hors d’oeuvres. I may have thrown a temper tantrum befitting a 4-year-old each time he’s been robbed of an Emmy by Jeremy fucking Piven. If I break down and get on Twitter it will probably be his fault

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): His mushroom popping, hooker branding “NPH character”  in the Harold and Kumar movies; flirting with Miss Raimi on Regis and Kelly; Barney’s season 3-4 pining for Robin on HIMYM; ; Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog but especially “My Eyes” and the very last scene which breaks. my. heart.

Is there anyone cooler than NPH is right now? He’s everywhere doing everything and doing it so well! He acts, sings, dances, hosts, and does magic for chrissakes! I was bitching all through EW’s “2009 Best and Worst ” issue going “where is NPH?? How can he not be one of the Entertainers of the Year?? HELLO?? But they redeemed themselves in the center of The Bullseye with Neil Patrick Harris hosts 2009, and we give him a standing O. Well played, EW. I find him so charming and delightful and fun to watch doing anything, I guarantee he could read recipes off a cake box and I would giggle madly. I have a friend who has the same NPH fantasy I have: that we’re buddies and go to wine and cheese tastings, martini bars, and farmer’s markets and buy tasteful stuff and snark on obnoxious people. He literally lights up my life the moment I see him in anything, I can’t imagine he’s any less awesome in real life.

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25 Days / Day 21 / George Clooney


Who: George Clooney. That is all

Why: Three words: Dr. Doug. Ross.

When: ER – eternity. Is there ever a time to stop loving George Clooney? I think not

Level of Obsession: In college I dragged Sarah to a convenience store before Political Theory class every day for weeks on end in search of his first GQ cover story; my mom got me scrubs from an ER surgeon she worked for (and last winter in the NBC store, if they had Dr. Ross scrubs, I totally would have bought a pair); I accidentally ended up with his home address in LA (honest to god, it was handed to me!); I stood next to him once and did not pass out or scream hysterically or molest him

“Ahhhh!” Moment(s): Doug and Carol. All of it. From his first devastated looks as she was rushed in post-OD in the premiere, to the goodnight kiss in their marital bed in last spring’s final season and everything in-between. They are my Fave TV Couple of All Time. Hands down. Oh and any time he’d lose his temper at an abusive parent. Besides that I love him in the Oceans movies; his lovefests with Brad Pitt; “My hair!” in O Brother Where Art Thou; and his relentless campaigning to make Matt Damon People’s Sexiest Man Alive

I actually first fell in love with George in another E/R – a sitcom in which he played a dopey orderly named Ace. I followed him through his Facts of Life stint and when he was Roseanne’s boss Booker on Roseanne (he had a sexy little flirtation with Jackie goin’ on there!) Then I lost track of him. My mom alerted me to “Ace” being on ER and a full-on obsession was born. I loved the Doug/Carol pairing for so many reasons: they had amazing chemistry, they looked gorgeous together, I’m a sucker for bad-boy-loser-loners trying to win the love of a good woman, and it was a relationship that felt earned. The audience watched it break and resurrect and grow and become something that those two characters really deserved. The fact that they both returned for the show’s farewell season, in particular George who is an Oscar Winning Movie Star, made me love them even more (I was so excited for it that I served LOBSTER for dinner the night it aired, it was such a celebration!) So for that loyalty I forgive George the questionable taste in girlfriends of the cocktail waitress/soft core “actress” variety he seems so damn fond of