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Thank you Nick Carter


You know me, I love the Boy Bands! This love extends to solo projects by Boy Band members. Which is why I was at Nick Carter’s solo show in Boston this week for his I’m Taking Off tour.

I was really happy to be at the concert because in the middle of this tour Nick lost his sister, and is currently dealing with family drama so no one would blame him at all for canceling everything to deal with his loss. But I so appreciate Nick doing what he does best – and getting on stage and performing which I’m sure is not only a distraction – but a valuable support to him from all the Fangirl love.

And he put on a damn fine show! Very energetic and fun – he’s got this wacky Spaceman/Rocketman theme going which means he comes out with an astronaut helmet on and his band are dressed in spacesuits! Oh, and there’s an alien roadie too, obviously 😉

He does some BSB songs and my faves from his first solo record (good god, how much do I LOVE THIS SONG??!) And he does some mash-ups of songs by other artists with his own. What other artists you ask…oh, just The Killers!!:

Yeah so that screech you hear between Somebody Told Me and Not the Other Guy – that is very likely me! The funniest part of this was all my friends with me know of my Killers love and they all just started looking at me and laughing (so were the girls in front of us who thought I was just a Crazy Person.)

Oh but that’s not all – he also threw in another little band I totally love LIKE U2!!!

Cue my mom and I jumping up and down like lunatics! A Backstreet Boy doing TK and U2 = A Very Happy Me 🙂 It was a great show and I’m so proud of Nick for giving us such an upbeat performance in the midst of a very difficult time for him personally (and did I mention New Kid Jonathan Knight showed up for support??)

Click here for some great photos from the show!

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

9 thoughts on “Thank you Nick Carter

  1. Hi Amy, I loved your blog article on Nick. Thanks for keeping me updated. I am very happy that Nick is doing so well, in facing such a tragic family matter!

  2. Hanging out with you for nearly three years now, I can tell that scream was TOTALLY you!!!! But, I would have done the same thing! I do think it’s only fair that TK do up a version of a BSB song. You know, Bran crooning I’ll Never Break Your Heart or Quit Playing Games or (my personal fave) The Call. But that would kill you so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea 😉

    Nick, you put TK/U2 into your show. I feel like you should have been my fave instead of Howie when I was a BSBer!

  3. Very well written, Amy – as usual 😉

    I wonder if you found a video of Nick singing “Falling Down?” I have part of it but you can hear me singing in the background and it’s just not pretty (i’m flat/tone deaf! LOL)

  4. than everything

  5. Love your words and love Nick and the bsb more then everything ❤

  6. Love your post! I write a blog that’s a lot more general than the ones you write, but similar idea- I’m loving your stuff! I am also a big Nick Carter fan and missed this show, but am flying to Chicago on Saturday to see it and THANK YOU for the heads up!!! Also a huge Killers fan, and I would’ve started flaling my exceptionally long limbs and hurt lots of other fellow former teenyboppers as soon as he went into this mashup. Now I know to try and maintain composure just a little bit 😉

    • Hi Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m so excited for you that you get to see Nick’s show on Saturday! I’d love to go again, it was a ton of fun. I hope you enjoy it.

      Yeah I kinda went bananas at the opening for “Not the Other Guy”, I was going “is that The Killers?? That’s the Killers! OMG HE’S DOING THE KILLERS!!” ;-0 Then he stopped and the girl in front of me, sensing an epic freak-out – assured me it was a mash-up!

      What’s your blog address?

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