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Flowers Friday: The Jacket edition


Yesterday Brandon’s GQ Motherf*cker interview came out online. You can read it here. I thought it was great and unlike other people – I am not scarred by his admission that the Sam’s Town ‘stache didn’t work!

The interview only comes with this one picture, but OH what a picture it is!:

Last weekend I saw The Killers twice – once at a warm-up gig at a tiny venue and once at the Orlando Calling festival in a stadium (although both times I was right up front with my BranGirls because That’s How We Do Him It). And while he was spectacularly sexy and vision-defyingly gorgeous each time – Saturday he came out wearing this jacket.

Heretofore known as only The Jacket.

The lights were still down and I nearly pulled poor Jill’s arm off while screaming, “is that a leather jacket?? It’s a leather jacket!! It’s the GQ leather jacket!!! IS IT????”

Oh. It was The Jacket. And here’s what power it wields: He looks like this underneath it:


Source: probably this Tumblr

And I wanted him to KEEP IT ON ANYWAY!!

Source: probably this again

GQ Motherf*cker indeed!

(more great pics from both shows here)




Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

12 thoughts on “Flowers Friday: The Jacket edition

  1. Haaaaaaa! LOVE this! I am still not over how much I wanna get in that jacket with him on the GQ pic. Awesome Queenie<3

  2. In love with another jacket???goodbye peacoat!!!!!:O

    • Never! I will always love Pacey and his jackets!! His Brown Coat of Lust on “Dawson’s Creek” is what set me off on this Hot Jacket Obsession!!

  3. The Jacket. Honestly, that is all you need to describe it really. Same as uber-BOoL. Same as ArmyBran. Same as PreacherBran. I mean, find another rock star out there that you can just use one word terminology to describe one of his looks! YOU CAN’T. Brandon Flowers is perfect. Everyone else can fuck off.

    I can just see him backstage at OC, “I’m going to wear my own jacket out there. And I am going to mess these girls up hard.” Oh he did (t-shirt) ALL RIGHT ;-P

    Every show on their next tour has to have him open with The Jacket on. Please!!

    • “Brandon Flowers is perfect. Everyone else can fuck off” – this is TOTALLY our shirt for next time!! Along w/ our multi-Nuuuucccc ones 😉

  4. And speaking of vests. I half wake up this morning at the break of dawn while the husband is getting ready for work. He is wearing jeans and a…..VEST!!!!!! Good lord. It was hot. I need to buy him some skinny rockstar jeans and combat boots to complete the look.

  5. As much as I love the jacket, I love what was underneath even more. Damn that man can pull off a vest. And his boots….*sigh* Excuse me. I need a moment…

  6. Oh man. I am DEAD. He’s just so….purty.

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