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Flowers Friday: Happy Killers-versary! edition


September 4th marked the 2nd Anniversary of Sarah and I going to see The Killers at the Boston Garden, and coming out total, raging, obsessed Fangirls. Life has not been the same since! We got to spend our Killers-versary together watching The Killers Live at Royal Albert Hall, and eating cake. (It was morning and it was coffee cake, but still – cake!)

That fateful concert and the start of this blog happened at about the same time so I can easily chart the rise of The Obsession here. From the first days of finding any little reason to post about Brandon Flowers (he likes U2!) to going to Las Vegas (he likes frozen custard!), from hoping he’d do a solo album, to throwing a party when he did, to the start of a weekly Flowers Friday post. It’s almost sweet to see me go from besotted to Stalker in only two short years 😉

There’s been some craziness along the way, a whole lot of money spent, a whole lot of sleep lost and miles traveled – but it has all been more than worth it. In November Sarah and I will get to see them (for only the second time!! That seems impossible!) at Orlando Calling along with many of the amazing friends I’ve made since falling in love with this band – and this man – who pretty much had me eating out of the palm of his hand the second he walked on to that stage in Boston.



Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

7 thoughts on “Flowers Friday: Happy Killers-versary! edition

  1. Oh sorry i’m late to this. If it weren’t for this band (and this man) i would never know you and for that (and sooooooooooooo many other reasons) i love them ❤
    Love you Darth xxxx

  2. Here is my thought process when I first visited your blog on MONDAY. JUST MONDAY. Can you believe it…

    – Oh my god Peter Bishop/Pacey paper dolls!
    – Oh my god! She loves Vampire Diaries!
    – Oh my god! She loves boys as much as me and my girlfriends do!


    – Oh my god! Brandon Flowers Friday? A WHOLE DAY dedicated to Brandon? The man I want I want to sit with in a quiet coffee shop and talk to. All. Day. Long???? And if it wasn’t for our pesky spouses I would want to do other naughty things to as well?

    And I can’t describe how jealous I am of you ladies….

    I have always enjoyed the Killers but have never gone to a concert. Changing that if they tour next year.

    Fell in love with Brandon just this summer while listening to Flamingo. Seriously, I have never cried so much over a damn album. My kids are ready to kill me with how often I play this 🙂 How did one person put so many of my feelings to music. He is genius. Pure genius. If this boy goes solo again, I may have to beg to be part of your “tour the world to see Brandon party”.

    Who is the stalker fan now? Oh yeah, me 🙂

    Nat (@bibliojunkies)

    • Nat this comment CMU!!! I’m so glad you found my blog – yet another thing to be grateful to the awesome Fug Girls for!!

      And yes, Pacey is my UltimateTV Boyfriend, I have weakness for hot Vampires, cute (often shirtless) boys and Brandon Flowers has eaten up a fair portion of my life the past two years.

      It is so awesome to hear someone who is not uber-obsessed with him say how much they like his music! We never take it for granted that he’s so talented and his voice is so singular – but it is great to hear how much you love “Flamingo” too. He’ll definitely do another solo thing and tour because he lives to be on stage – and you’ll have to join in the fun! Believe me, once you see the man in action, you’ll never be the same again ;-0 And no begging necessary – it’s always a pleasure to see people succumb to him right before my eyes 😉

      And you say “stalker” like it’s a bad thing ;-0

  3. Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated with cake and spent swooning over hot men!!

    I’m so happy I got to see this blog evolve into what it’s become now and that I met you at the start of your trip on the TKTrain. Of course, if you hadn’t seen them yet when we met in NC, I would have easily converted you that night! “Besotted to Stalker”-perfect description! Again, I’m thrilled to have seen THAT evolution as well 😉

    Happy Killersversary and here’s to even more moments to remember in Orlando!!!!!!!

    • You really WERE there at the start Jill! The U2 Conference was a mere month AFTER the TK show and I was SO EXCITED to meet someone who not only loved U2/LMJ as much as I did, but was already well-versed in Killers-fandom! You’ve been a wise guide for this Fangirl Lil Sis 😉 I’ll never forget,

      Me: Do you like The Killers?
      You: (hauling your TK tote on the table) Um YES!!! Do you want to see pics of when I met Brandon and Ronnie?
      Me: I love you (OK, I didn’t say that – but I’m pretty sure I thought it!)

      Then of course me walking around the rest of the night w/ your Borgata pic on my phone!

  4. I wonder if we’ll survive seeing them in concert again. The first time we had NO idea what we were in for (again, everyone else we went with to this show saw a completely different concert than you and I.) Not we KNOW what’s a comin’ and I think the moment they hit the stage, our heads may explode…

    • I think we’ll be OK. We survived seeing Brandon from the front row AND meeting him – I think we can do this! (although I think we should re-enact key moments from the original show – such as the “if you look in the reflection of the piano you can see his ass” “where? OHHHHHHHHHHH!” 😉

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