she liked Imaginary Men best of all

I Want to Go to There (tm Liz Lemon)


Honeymoon Beach, St. Johns USVI:

I took this picture when I was there in 2005 and if this winter doesn’t fucking end soon I am GOING BACK THERE AND NEVER RETURNING TO NEW ENGLAND!! DO YOU HEAR ME MOTHER NATURE??!!

Ahem. Sorry. In my (nearly) entire life living in this part of the country I have never experienced a winter this bad and it just needs to STOP RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!!

Yeah. I think you get my point.

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

4 thoughts on “I Want to Go to There (tm Liz Lemon)

  1. That picture is the stuff dreams are made of. Seriously? Is that your laptop’s wallpaper yet? Because it’s prettier than the “beach scene” that comes with my computer . . .

    I actually visited the Virgin Islands back in 2007. We stayed at the Westin there. I adored IT! It was like spending a week in heaven! I could have done without all those truly massive and ravenous mosquitos, though. I got bit up on that vacation, something FIERCE!

    At least THAT’S something you don’t have to worry about in the cold 😉 See? Always a bright side!

  2. I’ve never been to an island-I feel like a part of my life is now missing! And I love how there’s a Liz Lemon reference for everything-she’s this century’s scholar.

    However, you can count on going to Italy next year-now that’ll be an adventure 🙂

  3. I’ll trade your winter for the 40 degree C heatwaves we’ve been having over here. I only like Imaginary Men to liquefy me, not extreme heat 😉

    • Deal! Just let me get the 9,000 Valiums I’d need for the long ass flight, and I’m yours 😉

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