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The woman who could make me go gay


Last year I posted that I had a GirlCrush on Marion Cotillard, based on nothing but her 2008 Oscar dress and how she was really, really pretty. Since then I’ve actually seen her in a few films and my crush has only intensified because not only is she so pretty she almost makes my eyes hurt – but she’s a really incredible actress.

If you haven’t seen La Vie en Rose – every award and accolade she got was absolutely deserved. I watched it with my mouth open the entire time. I’m not often stunned by a performance but she so inhabited Edith Piaf that I nearly forgot it wasn’t a documentary. I just watched her in Inception and her character’s mix of vulnerability, volatility, charm and danger was so sexy, scary, alluring and she’s SO DAMN PRETTY she just made me a bit swoony:

I mean, I’m a straight girl who loves cute, shirtless boys – but I would totally Switch Teams for Marion. And she just announced she’s having a baby!! Who will no doubt be gorgeous because omigod look at her!!!

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

5 thoughts on “The woman who could make me go gay

  1. It is kind of hilarious that you took this angle on this point, because the $20 question (yep, that was the prize!) for celebritis who went on an Aussie talk show on air a few years back would have to answer a series of question, with the capper being “Who would you go gay for?” (Can’t remember if they ever had a gay guest and asked them “Who would you go straight for?”)

    I agree with KJewls that the Veronica Mars character is girl crushworthy.

    But if I am brutally honest about who I most wanted to be at one point in my life, it was Cher for Clueless. As a tween that was my favourite movie by far, and Cher had such a charmed life yet had street smarts that belied her dumb blonde image. You just knew she would end up smart and tough like her “Daddy” one day.

    Other than that, I swing between being violently jealous of and desperate to be Natalie Portman. Hot, Harvard smart and with a critically acclaimed movie career.

    • I don’t want to BE Marion, but I WOULD sleep with her – and I wouldn’t even need $20!! ;-00

      I used to work at Harvard Law and see Natalie roaming around the Yard – always with meathead boys at her beck and call. She is a teeny tiny little thing. I’m scared to see “Black Swan” though.

  2. I just saw aGood Year with marion and Russell Crowe, silly movie but she was mesmerizing its true,so then Russell beccomes a better man for her and leaves his greedy life in Nyc for the life in Provence mais oui!!!!-

  3. She is so damn pretty. She puts a lot of these other Hollywood actresses to shame. How she was not practically GIVEN the role in the “Crossfire” vid will always boggle my mind!

    My girl crush was always and forever be Tina Fey-girls with glasses stick together!

  4. Those are some seriously gorgeous pictures, Amy! This really got me thinking about what actress I would go gay for. Typically, my response toward beautiful women is either to want to BE them (if they are good people) or to HATE them (if they are not).

    I always did kind of have a bit of a girl crush on Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars. She just seems like a really cool chick. Though, honestly, I’m not sure if it’s Kristen Bell I’m crushing on, or Veronica Mars the character, who was created, in part, by writer/producer Rob Thomas . . .

    I’ll have to keep thinking about this one. Awesome post though! (And I loved Marion Cotillard in Inception too. I thought her performance was Oscar worthy – truly.)

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