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The Mysterious Case of Walker’s Roast Chicken Crisps


As you know, I fell in love with a little something called Walker’s Roast Chicken Crisps when I was in England last month. I brought home a little multi-pack of them that I was rationing out until I became desperate enough to put in a distress call to Kathryn!

Then last week was my birthday and Kathryn told me to expect a package from her to arrive by then. When I got home on my birthday there was a big box on my porch and when I opened it – there was a smaller Walker’s box inside and when I opened it – I saw THIS!!:

A CASE OF WALKER’S ROAST CHICKEN CRISPS!!! And underneath all the bags were loads of Cadbury candy bars and hot chocolate!!

I got right on FB and uploaded this pic screaming about how awesome Kathryn is – and she was thrilled it had arrived in time and that I was so pleased. Later that night I emailed her a thank you and asked her about a t-shirt she’d mentioned because I couldn’t find one in either box.

The next day she responded that she was happy I was happy, but she was a little confused because she hadn’t sent me ANY Cadbury, and had sent me a t-shirt and a BranCard. Hmmm…we both pondered how in the world I could have gotten a box from her that had the personal gifts removed, and the candy inserted. What kind of customs officials do that?? And how do they know I like Cadbury so much?? Yeah Holmes and Watson we are not.

OK so maybe you are smarter than we were – and have already figured out “Um – maybe someone else sent you that box!” Well, yes – of course now that seems obvious! Especially since the box came from New Hampshire NOT England – but in my defense, I thought she had just ordered it on-line to save the cost and hassle of mailing it overseas.

So after fretting for half a morning at how this had all happened, it occurred to me to text Rachel who had also told me to expect a package. Rachel sent me the case of crisps and Cadbury – mystery solved! So you know what that means – the next day I got THIS!!:

This one came with the custom-made t-shirt and a pretty boy on a card 😉 So I now have TWO cases of Walker’s Roast Chicken Crisps – soooo – I think I’m set (for a few months at least ;-p)

Many many thanks and lots of love to my wonderful friends who know me so well that they were generous enough to fill my tummy with all this deliciousness!


Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

5 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of Walker’s Roast Chicken Crisps

  1. It’s just as funny reading it as it was hearing this story in person!!!!!! You and Kathryn wouldn’t be able to open up a detective agency with mysteries like this popping up!

    But I agree with Terra-it’s still an amazing gift idea and Rachel and Kathryn totally rocked it!

  2. I’m still cracking up every time I think about it. Glad there was some added mystery and fun for your birthday out of all of it. Plus, double crisps!

  3. now that’s what I call a birthday gift! If I got a case of my favorite munchies I’d do a serious happy dance! 😀 I may just have to take a trip to England and try these Chicken Crisp.

  4. This is what happens when you put two Killers fans together to try and solve a problem because a certain pretty boy turns grown women’s brains to MUSH!!! Let’s never enter The Amazing Race or anything like that – then again it could be pretty entertaining viewing ;-0

    • BWAH!!! Oh I think I would TOTALLY do Amazing Race with you – they would give us a challenge and we’d say “no, we can’t possibly do that” – then they’d hold up a picture of Brandon to lure us into it and we’d race right towards it w/o thinking!!

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