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Brandon. Tuxedo. Flaming water. Disco ball. What more does one need really?


I went to bed ON time last night and was rewarded for my good behavior with a nightmare that jolted me awake in a sweat at 2AM. JOY. Then I was woken up an hour before the alarm went off. Needless to say, not a happy lil’ Obsessive this morning.

But then I got up to this, and all was well in the world again:

(OK I’m not sure why this isn’t in HD since it is on VEVO which is the damn record company’s YouTube Channel!!)

But ohhhhh the Vegas-ness of it! The tux! The Cirque du Soleil-ing! Flamboyant Brandon being dramatic! The flaming water and disco ball that LIGHTS UP AT HIS VERY TOUCH!!!! What I love about it is that it is kind of like the world is revolving around him. Which, well – it does, doesn’t it? 😉

Apparently this was directed by Sophie Muller who is a video director I love since she did the brilliant Mr. Brightside which had me enthralled long before I was even into The Killers.

There’s lots of great shots in this video, but by far the one that I love the most is this:

I'm just posing all suave and sexy with my gigantic disco ball - as one does

(Thanks to Teralyn for righting my morning!! And thanks to Jill for pointing out this is likely based on La Reve at The Wynn in Las Vegas)

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

8 thoughts on “Brandon. Tuxedo. Flaming water. Disco ball. What more does one need really?

  1. Can that image be transferred to an oil canvas and be displayed in a museum?

    And whenever Cirque du SoBran arrives, we shall by an entire block of tickets!

    Beautiful video-visually stunning. Way to go B-no need for any Oscar winners 😉

  2. Have you seem the youtube footage of the Academy in Dublin – Brandon does a great version of U2’s ‘If God Will Send His Angels” hope he does it on the 18th!

  3. I LOVE the diaphanous [sp?] dresses as they rise and fall – what a unique, cool and visually beautiful video…and Mr F isn’t too bad either!! Actually he looks TRES HANDSOME and Irene would approve!!

  4. It’s a good thing I’m an insomniac and stay up till all hours of the night searching for BranNews… either wise we wouldn’t have gotten such an awesome wake up call. He is quite amazing and beautiful and I LOVE this video!! So Brandon and So Vegas!!

    • I just updated w/ link to La Reve that Jill mentioned. That is definitely where the idea came from and probably where they shot it.

      And of course now I HAVE to see this show!!

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