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Jon Hamm = Dreamboat


I think I have a little crush on Jon Hamm. He seems so charming and funny and nice in real life. I loved him all living in The Bubble and smelling like frosting on 30Rock; I loved his little booty shaken’ with Betty White at the Emmy’s. I haven’t seen much of his SNL appearances but I hear he’s pretty damn wonderful in them. But I don’t watch Mad Men.

This may see odd – “but Amy, if you have find Jon Hamm so crushworthy, why not take advantage of seeing him on a weekly basis by watching his show?” and to that I say: because I don’t think I would like Don Draper. Blogging Pal Extraordinaire Julie is often trying to get me to watch MM. But reading her recaps, and other TV related sites which discuss the show – make me think that my Jon Hamm love could in fact, be killed by my Don Draper dislike.

Don Draper seems like kinda an asshole, and I like Jon all shaggy haired and Cartoon Pilot Looking – not all buttoned and suited up with the slicked back hair (which is also odd because I do normally love that look something fierce!)

I’m thinking I should see The Town and see how he is in that (hopefully not sporting a shitty Boston “accent”). For now I’m going to admire this sexy pic that I stole from Julie and BTW, have you seen what a cutie he was in high school??!

(uhhhh…I just found out Jon Hamm is only ONE YEAR older than I am? Whaaaaa??!!)

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

4 thoughts on “Jon Hamm = Dreamboat

  1. Oh the lovely Jon Hamm – he’s another one who is impossibly handsome!

    I see you’ve been spoiled by falling for the loveable 30 Rock Jon Hamm (loved it!) BEFORE having your pants effortlessly charmed off by suave, retro bad boy Don Draper.

    I don’t think Don is all bad, but if he is, he’s pretty sexy at it, so I tend to give him a free pass ;-0

  2. He is dashing isn`t he? Tina Fey said he was so handsome she had to look at him through a hole in a piece of paper like a solar eclipse!!

  3. Having met you in person, of course, I would never guess that you are so close in age to Jon Hamm. I personally would have guessed you at 7-years younger, 5 at the least (which is not to say that Jon Hamm IS or even LOOKS old, mind you, just that YOU LOOK and ARE YOUNGER) ;).

    However, the good thing about your being so close in age to Jon Hamm, is that he is perfectly dateable for you (should he and Jennifer Westfeldt ever decide to see other people). But if you WERE dating him, you would probably want to go see The Town (great movie), and brush up on a few Mad Men episodes, just so as not to hurt his feelings . . . 😉

    And who knows? You might just find something to like about the Dapper Don Draper. After all, you and I are known to embrace Bad Boys who bite and kill people (Vampire Damon and Vampire Eric). Surely, there is room in our hearts for a bad boy who engages in lots of random sex, drinks too much, and is sometimes mean to his colleagues. Right? 🙂

    (Great post by the way! Awesome links! And thanks, of course, for the shout out. You rock!)

    • Julie – Jon Hamm should hire you for PR! Oh, except you’re MY publicist with all your wonderful compliments about my looks vs. my age 😉

      I think I will see “The Town” – I’d like to support Ben Affleck in making better career choices!

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