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The problem with Bill Compton


I am not Team Bill. I am however, Team Stephen Moyer. He seems so charming, funny and sexy in interviews and is SO handsome with his lighter hair and his British accent. In fact Sarah and I much prefer “HotEnglishBill” to “BoringSouthernBill.”

So what’s the problem with Bill Compton? Oh where do I start!: Bill is ineffectual. He yells a lot but no one pays any attention to him (he yells at Jason – and gets thrown out of the house.) He threatens a lot but no one feels threatened (Eric just looks down at him and smirks.) He makes demands for information that no one ever gives him (Pam scoffs and starts beating him up.) He believes he’s powerful but he’s not (don’t get me started on the whole Lorena thing.)

The issue is that he’s completely impotent. Everyone is older, stronger, more powerful than him – Eric, Russell, Pam, Lorena. Even the one being he should have control over – Jessica who he “made” – she doesn’t listen to him either basically acting like the teenager she is by asserting her will against her father figure! He’s constantly overpowered by other vampires, by females, by werewolves. I mean, Bill gives good fight – but still there he is – chained to the floor getting cut to shreds by CrazyLorena and sucked dry by VampireJunkie werewolves!

For me Bill is the Dawson Leery of True Blood. He’s the guy who the show keeps saying “don’t you like him? Like him!! We like him! LIKE HIM DAMMIT!!!” then they make him do things to consistently make me not like him. Plus – the real life Moyer/Paquin chemistry does not translate to the screen for me at all.

"Sookeh is miiiiine" We KNOW. Shaddup!

He’s bossy, demanding, broody (and not in a hot Salvatore way either, in a whiny way) and is outshone by the sexiness of Eric, the dopey hotness of Jason, and the (usually – when he’s not having drunken flashbacks of murdering people!) sweetness of Sam. He’s just Bill Compton stomping his foot trying to get anyone to heed his threats, demands and assertions of Sookie ownership while no one really gives a shit.

So I feel bad ripping Bill apart when, like I said, I really like Stephen Moyer. The interviews I wanted to post are all from NBC (Fallon, Conan) and they’re pains in the ass about clips. This one from Emmy weekend gives a peek at his charm, that sexy accent, and how really good looking he is without tons of pale make-up and dopey bangs!

Why can’t Bill have moved to Europe after the Civil War and come back to Bon Temps British and blonde and not so damn drippy??

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

8 thoughts on “The problem with Bill Compton

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  2. I’m a huge fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books and regularly driven crazy by Alan Ball’s tendency to invert important plot points in Bill’s favour (e.g. having Bill rather than Eric save Sookie from Longshadow as happened in the books).

    It is so damn annoying because he always seems to choose to do this with moments that are important to Eric’s character growth and ability to demonstrate the humanity that makes his connection with Sookie believable. I know, I know, I’m very protective of the Gracious Plenty!

    Check out this YouTube video by EricTheSheriff, which should dull any Ball-induced migraines down to headache level:

    • I haven’t read the novels, but this is the main complaint I hear from those who have. I’m not sure what sort of “dirt” Moyer has on Alan Ball! Compromising photos? 😉

  3. It wont surprise you in ANY way that I prefer his SexySouthernDrawl to his overly chipper Essex boy bark!

    But yeah I’m with you on the other things. Plus I think their chemistry was better in S1 when they were first getting together and having incredibly hot fires side sex scenes ;-p

  4. LOVE THIS! So, so, so TRUE! 100%! Absolutely! You’ve totally nailed what’s wrong with Bill Compton, in an articulate way.

    (This is as opposed to what I do when I write about Bill Compton — which is post embarrasshing pictures of him on my blog, and write “Sookeh and Beeeaaaaall” under them — which is no where near as intelligent or effective as this post).

    I was nodding, smiling, and giggling the whole way through, until I got to THIS part, which almost had me rolling on the floor . . .

    “For me Bill is the Dawson Leery of True Blood. He’s the guy who the show keeps saying “don’t you like him? Like him!! We like him! LIKE HIM DAMMIT!!!” then they make him do things to consistently make me not like him.”

    Face it, Mr. Ball, not everybody shares your Bill Compton-sized hard on. But this can be fixed. And here’s how: break Bill and Sookie up. And, no, not for 3/4 of an episode, for 3/4 of a season, AT LEAST. Let her move on (with Eric or Alcide, preferably), and let him QUIETLY pine and long for her (maybe while on a trip to Great Britain – so that he can dye his hair, and cultivate that accent you suggested?).

    Everybody always wants what they can’t have. But Sookie can ALWAYS have Bill. And that (along with all of the other brilliant things you have already mentioned) makes him the villain in Sookie’s romance stories with the other, more complex, male characters on the show.

    • Brilliant point – that totally got me when they broke up and get back together IN THE SAME EPISODE! Ridiculous!

  5. Oh I’m glad I’m not alone! I’ve never really been a fan of Bill… he’s just too boring like you said. I still don’t understand why Sookie hasn’t gone over to the hotter side with Eric. =]

  6. So true.
    Every time he tries to yell or demand something, NO ONE CARES.
    Why is Sookie still with him?

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