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The Post Where Brandon Flowers Steps on my Crap


So Sarah and were so lucky to 1. Get tickets to Brandon Flowers first solo gig in Vegas 2. Get a good spot in line to get into the 300 capacity venue and 3. Get right up to the stage and be about 10 feet away from him most of the night.

That is until he got to his last song, the incredible Playing With Fire. See, by being up against the stage, I had a nice little shelf to put my purse and Brandon Flowers Merchandise. In particular I was worried about the limited edition lithographs we had just purchased, we had been concerned they would be crushed by a wild pack of BFlow fans (ahem!) but now they were safely out of harm’s way!

Well during the final song Brandon decided to walk right over to our side and I thought wow, here comes Brandon Flowers! Holy shit this is so exciting!! until I realized he was still walking, in fact he was walking ON MY STUFF.

My thoughts went something like this: OMFG here comes Brandon Flowers! Oh shit Brandon is stepping on our lithographs! What if he breaks my iPhone?? Oh damn if he trips on my purse and falls this audience is gonna beat me to death!!

He did not fall because he is a Professional Rock Star, instead he got 5 feet away from me on top of an amplifier at which point his mike cord started trying to strangle me. Then my thoughts turned to this: Oh Brandon! Don’t you know I’m all yours? You don’t have to incapacitate me with a mike cord! Oh! Hey! I’m Brandon Flowers roadie now! Hell YEAH!

THEN he climbed up even higher and I continued my most excellent roadie skills (I hold a mean mike cord Brandon! Call me!) and he sang the hell out of that song until we were all eating out of the palm of his hand. By the time he climbed down I had the presence of mind to MOVE my crap out of his way and was rewarded with a touch of the (sweaty) hand of god – er – I mean Brandon.

Now the very cool thing is a woman I met at the show, the lovely Katelyn actually captured a picture of the EXACT MOMENT Mr. Flowers stepped on my crap!!!

You can find me by looking for the ONLY person who is NOT looking UP at The Man, The Myth, The Brandon. That’s because I am too busy looking down and thinking well that was $60 well spent on lithographs that are now dented! and goodbye iPhone I love you! Oh and that purple thing at the bottom of his left leg? That would be my purse 🙂

But afterwards Sarah and I were super excited. I mean, lots of people get autographs and photographs with him, but how many get him to walk on their crap? How many get a Brandon Flowers Boot Dent in their Brandon Flowers Limited Edition Lithographs? NOT MANY!!!

We want to frame them, but somehow keep The Dents in them. It may be hard to explain to the framer though: no, no keep it bent! Yes BENT for Brandon dammit!!

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

11 thoughts on “The Post Where Brandon Flowers Steps on my Crap

  1. Do you know who the artist was who designed the lithograph??? I love them!!!! Did you know theres one for every date on his tour?

    • I don’t know who the artist is. I did know they were all different – I didn’t get one for my NY show but it is costing me a FORTUNE to get my Vegas one framed!

    • Did you go to the New York Show? I cant find anything on the web about the designer. He is awesome though. I saw 2 more on the brandon flowers website. Im hoping to collect all of them.

      • I did go to NYC. Next I’m going to London and Birmingham! I hope they have them there too – although getting them home may be tricky ;-0

  2. Could you post a photo of the lithograph? Also do you remember how much it was?

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  4. Am I reading this right??? YOU TOUCHED BRANDON? ARE YOU SERIOUS? That’s the greatest thing ever!!! You are my hero!!!!!

    • I like to think that Brandon touched ME ;-p But yes, I got BranSweat on me. I nearly cried when I had to wash my hands ;-((( (there’s a video on YT and you can see after it happens, Sarah and I collapse into one another. Bc we’re 14!)

  5. My photo scanner at work is really sensitive and picks up dents/creases in photos. So I could scan that litho and put it on a big ass cake for you!

    Side note-those pants do NOT cradle his ass at all. Give me skinny jeans anyday!

    • Oohhh!! That would be a BIG cake ;-0

      Yeah not loving the pants, bring back the tight black jeans Brandon!!

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