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The post where I whine about missing ComicCon


I’m fascinated by ComicCon because it sounds like an awesome combination of celebrities and totally insane obsessive fans. Like there my Crush Crafting and traveling to other countries for a single concert would PALE in comparison to people who dress like Hobbits in their free time and name their kids after Star Wars characters.

But this weekend I watched my Twitter feed in total despair as pretty much EVERYTHING I LOVE showed up!!

Big Bang Theory? Yeah they made it. Jim Parsons is kinda a cutie too.

True Blood? Sure. No Jason Stackhouse though so suppose I can live.

HolyHellJoel McHale and Community? Why not?

The Vampire Diaries? SOB. Yes. AND there were these door tags that if I HAD a child, I would TRADE IT for one of these, I want it so much!!

Nathan Fillion? SIGH. Uh huh. Nathan’s a damn rock star at ComicCon because of Firefly and Dr. Horrible.

Pacey? Josh Jackson was not only there for Fringe, but he staged a PaceyCon!!!

Ok that last one I admit, made me want to kill myself a little bit. Josh Jackson wearing a Pacey Hawaiian shirt and reading frickin’ Dawson’s Creek fanfic!??!?!?! This sounds like something I would MAKE UP but IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! This is why he is, and will always be The Ultimate TVBoyfriend.

I have to go cry myself to sleep now on my huge pillow. 😦

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

5 thoughts on “The post where I whine about missing ComicCon

  1. “Ok that last one I admit, made me want to kill myself a little bit.”

    BWAH!!! me too. The saddest thing? That fanfic he was reading? If it’s real and out on the internet, I’ve probably read it.

  2. You and Julie need to go next year and do a live tweet on everything- I would love to read all the fangirl tweets you two would come up with! Especially when Joel is there and Mark Salling too!

    Yes, please start looking into this now. I’m counting on the two of you!

  3. It’s amazing how just a few years ago, Comic Con was just a bunch of geeks in Star Trek costumes, and now it’s the Pop Culture Event of the Year!

    Thanks for posting all these fabulous links! Even if I went to Comic Con, I probably couldn’t have afforded to attend ALL of the panels you “covered” here. Now I feel like a celeb! (Love the Pacey Con stuff, by the way! Absolutely genius!)

    And fear not, Amy! This time next year? We are SO THERE! Watch out San Diego, HERE WE COME!

  4. You have you other pillow there to comfort you…

  5. Oh I know! Jonathan Ross always goes and he was tweeting about it too!

    I’d heard about ComicCon but only really discovered what it was last year because of True Blood. Last year the cast of Dexter and Doctor Who were there too! I remember thinking ‘These Americans really know how to indulge in a geek fest! I should be there!’

    It sounds brilliant – a chance to see celebrity interview panels, even meet them and just generally be free to obsess over your own geekery!

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