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Fifty on our Foreheads


I’m totally in love with White Lies album To Lose My Life. It is in heavy rotation on the iPod and I recently realized I had the liner notes/lyrics in iTunes from when I downloaded the album. And as BB King once said to Bono “son, you’re awfully young to be writing such heavy lyrics”!

I watched them on Sundance’s Live from Abbey Road series and was really impressed with their live sound. In an interview bassist Charles Cave discusses how their music has a very “euphoric, uplifting” sound, while the lyrics are “melancholy and introspective” creating a “weird limbo in the middle of depressing and uplifting” which of course is just the kind of music I love! The drummer Jack Brown looks all of 16 years old and I’m in love with lead singer Harry McVeigh’s really beautiful hands.

Their English names are too adorable – Harry! Jack! Charlie! It’s like a nanny barking commands to naughty little boys in a London park!

Check out Fifty on our Foreheads which they said is a song they’d love to re-record again because it has come into its own now that they’ve been performing it live. I’ve gotta see these guys in concert:

I know you’re sad I’m leaving / so this may hurt a little / but girl look from your window late tonight  / you think my heart is frozen / while yours is slowly grieving / you’ll see the boy you loved start burning in the sky

(thanks to being Freshly Pressed, this post is getting plenty of hits. Check out White Lies official site here)

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

18 thoughts on “Fifty on our Foreheads

  1. JUST my cup of tea! Thank you for the heads-up!

  2. What soothing and cool beat you guys have, Hope to hear more songs from you guys.

  3. thanks for this, i’ve never listened to them before until now.

    and yes, his hands are AMAZING

  4. Never heard of them, but I think it’s a really cool song.

  5. I agree- amazing live band! Thanks for the clip- fabulous song!

  6. great band huh. yuhuuu

  7. whoa hahahaha, great band

  8. Never heard of these folks, but guess who I’ll be listening to all day at work tomorrow!!! Wowza!!! (And I’m pretty sure I’m now a pedophile because there’s no way in hell these boys are of legal age, but Daaaaaammmmmnnnnn. (The hands… oooooh… the hands…)

    • HA!!

      I’m pretty sure they’re legal – just barely though 🙂

      I’m so happy this post has brought in so many new White Lies fans! Happy listening and thanks for commenting!

  9. I DO love his hands!!!

  10. oh my god.
    those hands!
    I love their music, but I had no idea that hands such as those were involved in the creation of it.

    • I KNOW!

      Clearly I had to stop my enjoyment of the music so I could pause and screencap away!

  11. Yep. Epic, sweeping, uplifting, ringing, chiming guitars, [insert Coldplay-esque adjective here]. Not digging the lower-register singing, but they’ve got the BIG chorus thing down, at least on this track.

    Thanks for posting!

  12. I love White Lies, my favorite songs are Death and Farewell to the Fairground. 😀

  13. They have such an epic sweeping sound! With the melancholy lyrics – as you say, perfect! And although I KNOW what his voice sounds like, I just didn’t expect it to come out of that face, y’know?!

    Oh and those hands could give Brandon’s a run for their money!

    Great quality clip BTW!

    I love that you linked to Charlie bit my finger!!!

  14. Great song! I’ve been looking for bands to explore this summer

  15. Wow…thanks for introducing me to them! Great song.

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