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Meet White Lies


I’ve mentioned before how I love Palladia. It has been a good source for me to find new music I may want to listen to.

One band I saw during some European festival they aired was White Lies. The song Farewell to the Fairground really caught my ear. I finally got around to checking them out on iTunes and ended up downloading their entire album To Lose My Life.

I fucking love it!! They have the sound I absolutely love: 80’s English Moody Pop – with thick bass lines, clanging guitars, catchy beats, and moody lyrics. These guys probably weren’t even born during the heyday of New Order, The Cure and Depeche Mode but damned if they don’t capture that feeling in their sound.

I’m also impressed with their website. I’ve never seen one like it and it is really exciting to have it launch with a live performance – that’s how I got into them and it looks great.

The song I am most obsessed with is the title track. It has been blasting in my car and reminds me of a little show I love beyond all reason:

Let’s grow old together and die at the same time – how damn fitting is that for a pair of Sexy Undead Vampire Brothers like The Salvatores??

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

4 thoughts on “Meet White Lies

  1. Another song they do called “Death” is AMAZING!

  2. Ah! The White Lies! =] I forgot about them… They are a really great band ❤ Dani is the one who turned me on to them and I am soooo glad she did.

  3. Wow! Great song and great promo! It featured lots of stellar Damon scenes in particular, most notably his open-shirted dancing, which was oddly in time with the music! 🙂 I never saw this particular trailer on television. Here’s hoping they replay it soon . . .

    I generally don’t pay as much attention to song lyrics as I should. Most of the time, I tend to just sing along mindlessly, and let the words sort of wash over me and affect me subliminally.

    However, after our discussion about this particular song, its lyrics had particular resonance, not only for The Vampire Diaries Series, but also for the OTHER supernatural book series I recently finished, Vampire Academy. The fourth book of that series, Blood Promise, fit the lyrics to a tee, but in a very different way than they fit with the Vampire Diaries series. (I won’t spoil the story, by explaining further, just in case you plan on reading those books.) I love how songs can be open to interpretation, in that way.

    By the way, did you check out the original video for this song? To be honest, it creeped me out a bit, and not in a sexy TVD way either. I’d be interested in hearing your interpretation. (The video is cut off a bit at the beginning, but you will get the idea.)

    • Hi Julie!

      Yeah I did watch the official video but it was too weird and not what I would have done! That’s why you can imagine my excitement to find the CW themselves had already thought to pair TLML/TVD (and I saw the open-shirted dancing and thought of you!)

      I’m a big fan of matching lyrics of songs I love with shows I love. I’ve often made my own “soundtrack” of songs that make the think of the character, storyline, etc. It combines two of my biggest obsessions: Music and TV (now if I could only get chocolate in there somewhere 😉

      I highly recommend the whole album. It’s only $8 on iTunes and well worth it. And the lead singer is an English boy named Harry. How adorable is that??

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