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Wall of Men ’10


Last year when I started this blog I posted about the Wall of Men I had in college. I mentioned I was thinking of starting a new one, which I did:

Currently making the cut: Dirty Ewan,  Matty Motherfuckin’ Jason Bourne Damon, Brandon of course, and the Brothers Salvatore.

I’m thinking someone is going to have to move soon for Jake Gyllenhaal (and it won’t be the three at the bottom.)

Doncha like how they’re pinned up on corkboard squares, because I’m all grown up and shit – so no more blu-tack for me 😉

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

8 thoughts on “Wall of Men ’10

  1. I love that it’s on cork board-it makes it more homemade and from the heart!

    I think Ronnie deserves to be up there- what’s a wall of men without some Beastmaster awesomeness?

  2. Matt Damon goes… no contest.

  3. Wow ladies! Fabulous input and ideas from you all!!

    My mom is actually on me to cork the other side of my bookcase. She thinks it will “balance the room” more 🙂

    @Teralyn – I love Elvis and James Dean too! I used to have an Elvis bathroom, swear to god.

    @Julie – Yes the Salvatore Brothers aren’t going anywhere – no worries!

    @Dani – I was so sad that Matty wasn’t actually “Astronaut Mike Dexter” He SO should have been

    @Kat – Bran can’t have EVERYTHING. He’s on the phone, all over the computer, there’s a whole other collage of him in another part of the room. He has to share sometimes ;-p

    @Laura “Corkworthy” and “Brothers in studliness” Damn woman – you are hilarious!! I may need to do another post re: corkworthiness!

    Thanks girls! That was fab to wake up to and I appreciate your investment in who gets on/stays on the Wall of Men!

  4. I think it’s more like the rows are going to have to get shifted together so there are six corkboards. And you have to look at the blank one wondering when your next Mr. Wonderful is going to come along, who will be corkworthy enough to join his brothers in studliness up there on your wall.

  5. Very sophisticated ;-p But nowhere near enough Brandon there for my liking!

    I approve of Jake tho – that bare-chested pic you have of him doing kung fu moves made me go from thinking he was kinda cute, to thinking F*ck yeah, Jake Gyllenhaal!

    But where is this wall? And is it another source for constant distraction?! Hope so! 😉

  6. You can’t get rid of Matt! He was on 30 Rock last week. He played Liz Lemons’ new love interest. A pilot named Carol… and he was looking FINE in that pilot’s uniform. I hope his character stays. *crosses fingers*

    But then, you can’t get rid of Ewan!

    Maybe, for Jake’s sake, you can add another cork board? lol

  7. Your wall looks gorgeous, both from an aesthetic perspective and a hotness-filled one!

    Now, regarding your post, there is certainly no need to TAKE DOWN any of your current men for Gyllenhaal! Looking at your wall, it seems like you have a perfect space, right in between the core four pictures for a fifth one of equal size. 😉

    But since that one will be at the center, you may want to relocate your FAVORITE man (I’m assuming it’s Brandon) to the prime position. You can then move Gyllenhaal to bottom left, right next to those SUPER SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE SALVATORES!

    See? Decorating problem solved! 🙂

  8. I’m totally diggin you wall of men! A little jealous I have to admit. I do have one similar to that and it’s all pictures of Elvis Presley and James Dean. =]]

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