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Bow down to a new Mistress of Crush Crafts!!


I had my college reunion this weekend. I had a fabulous time with my friends including one who I have been in touch with on Facebook, but hadn’t seen in person in years.

This friend, Laura – is mom to three energetic kids under 5 years old. Just reading her status updates sometimes exhausts the hell out of me! When Laura told me she’d made me a hostess gift (even though I didn’t end up hosting) I figured it was something crafty based on her amazing Mom Birthday Party skills (she could seriously do a business running Kids Birthday Parties, they are really extraordinary her kids are lucky.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened my gift box to find a themed present that she had indeed made. What was the theme?

She made me a Killers/Brandon Flowers THEME GIFT!!!!

So above you see that she decorated a canister with the K logo. That is no small feat I can tell you from experience. Then she made me Brandon Flowers – silk flowers into which she glued sparkles in the center!

So as I was oohing and ahhhhing over those, I saw this little packet. Now let me explain that Laura is a Cupcake Queen. She’s always making cupcakes for fundraisers and school parties and birthday parties. At her last set of birthday party pictures I said “please make a theme party for me!”

So I got – Brandon Flowers Cupcake Picks!!

You really should click to enlarge and see how amazing these truly are

At this point I nearly started crying because her attention to detail was flawless. The envelope? Animal print and feathers. She got the K logo and searched for Killers lyrics that had anything to do with sweet or treat They say the devil’s water it ain’t so sweet, Candy apple red dress.

These things are so beautiful I just could not even believe it. And Laura isn’t obsessive, she doesn’t love Brandon or The Killers. She did this all for me because I do. I told her that when the BranObsessives make me stuff it is very meaningful because they feel it – but to have someone whose only interest in the topic was to make something to make me happy – that was just the greatest feeling in the world. I couldn’t express how much that meant to me – and that she gave up valuable Nap Time during her crazy full days to work on all this.

Did I forget to mention she also gave me an animal print jar with a purple feather boa in it!?

This is why I’ve stopped worrying about letting people know about my crazy obsessiveness. You never know what wonderful things will come out of it – like finding out how much someone cares about you.

(but if she thinks I’m putting those beauties in a cupcake where a BranObsessive party goer could easily slip it into her pocket – she’s crazy ;-))

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

2 thoughts on “Bow down to a new Mistress of Crush Crafts!!

  1. I love the Brandon Flowers flowers!
    so creative!

  2. Laura is a BEAST-and I mean that in a Ronnie pounding the hell out of his drum kit kind of way!!!

    Those are amazing crafts and she totally “killed” it for making them for you. It’s so awesome when someone understands an obsession. Rock on and craft on, Laura!!

    And the cake decorator in me definitely bows down to her- those cupcake picks are beautiful- LOVE THEM 😀

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