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Chris in the Morning is still hot


John Corbett was on Craig Ferguson last week. He’s still such a good-looking, charming guy. Who didn’t love Chris in the Morning on Northern Exposure? Or Aidan on Sex and the City?

Oh Aidan!! My old roommate and I agreed on all our fave TV Couples: Joey and Pacey, Felicity and Ben – but oh we had WORDS about Aidan vs. Mr. Big. I HATED Big, how in the world could you pick a philandering dick who treats you like crap over a guy who loves dogs and builds you FURNITURE?!?!

We would argue about this all the time, because you know – we went to college so we could debate the finer points of who made a better mate for Carrie frickin’ Bradshaw. Personally I loved the episode where after cheating on Aidan and getting dumped by him, Carrie ran into a slimmed down, better hair-styled, wicked hot Aidan and felt really shitty about what she did.

I once had a dream that I opened my door and John Corbett was standing there wearing a tux and holding a present. Aaaaaaand then I woke up. Grrr.

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

2 thoughts on “Chris in the Morning is still hot

  1. I had NO CLUE you were a Felicity and Ben fan TOO! (I was the ONLY one of my friends who was a Ben girl. EVERYONE else in my circle was all about Noel, who was nice and all, but definitely fit better in Felicity’s “friend zone,” as far as I was concerned. Hey, remember those random post-finale “DO OVER” episodes, where Felicity chose Noel over Ben, and, as a result NOEL DIED? Case in point! (Yet, probably the show’s biggest Jump the Shark moment after “The Haircut from Hell”)

    Joey and Pacey, Damon and Elena, Felicity and Ben . . . you and I are TV Couple Shipper Soulmates I think. However . . . while I enjoyed Aiden (and hottie John Corbett), I have to say, I am a bit surprised by how much you are harshing on Mr. Big! In all of the aforementioned couple situations, you chose “The Bad Boy” in the love triangle. And Aidan was definitely the “Angel” of Carrie’s two main beaus.

    Just saying . . . 🙂

    My personal preferences aside, I, like you, LOVED when Aidan got the best revenge against Carrie, by getting his life together and looking awesome, the first time she saw him post-breakup. Who DOESN’T dream about having that exact moment when encountering “the one who got away?”

    • Ugh don’t even get me STARTED on Big. God, I hated the SATC movie so much it made me retroactively go back and hate the entire series!

      Although you have a point about my usual choice in the “triangle”. But those guys were all pining and dreamy and often had wounded hearts (ok, mb Damon likes to wound hearts! But he’s snarky so he’s got that.) Big just couldn’t make up his friggin’ mind. And he’s not cute enough to make up for all the douchey things he did!

      It was over for me re: Ben Covington in the S1 ep where he and Felicity get mugged and her necklace gets stolen. He buys her a replacement one and I said to my roommate “if he puts that on her I am going to love him forever.” And he did. So I do. 🙂

      Poor Noel, they just kinda ruined him for me by making him whiny and needy and then a dick. But I will always love Scott Foley’s awesome performance in the finals one where he’s jacked on SmartPowder “SHE’S SUPPOSED TO LIKE ME!!!!!”

      That reminds me of a story that I think I will post about!

      Stay tuned…

      And…tomorrow is DAMON DAY!!!!

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