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Hey ABC – you’re the only one who still cares about Adam Lambert-Gate

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Disclosure: I did not see the American Music Awards two (I think) weeks ago. Of course I heard about the Adam Lambert brouhaha and am aware of his subsequent I’m Not Really Apologizing, but I Got Carried Away and Would Have Done Things Differently PR Tour. I think he’s actually handled it pretty well. He’s very savvy. He’s sticking to his guns while admitting that yes – it may have a been a little much. It should have died as a story at that point.

ABC meanwhile can’t let it die and is cancelling his appearances every chance they get. First Good Morning America now Jimmy Kimmel Live. It is so stupid and as he’s pointed out the double standard of girls macking on each other = OK vs. boys macking on each other = not OK on TV is tired and lame. I wonder if ABC succeeded in shaming Adam into a public mea culpa – would they actually air it? Or cancel that too?

And isn’t this the same ABC and the same Jimmy Kimmel show which gave us I’m Fucking Ben Affleck? So it is OK to fake being gay and really stereotypical if you are heterosexual movie stars? Because that’s not threatening right, that’s funny? But an actual gay performer being open about his sexuality? Well that scares the shit out of some people and that is what ABC is milking for all it is worth.

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

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