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My new imaginary job

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Last week while viewing The Killers Live from The Royal Albert Hall concert in the movie theater, my Sister Obsessive Jill and I tore our eyes away from Brandon Flowers for 5 seconds to notice that drummer Ronnie Vannucci is pretty frickin’ awesome.

(He’s the one that looks like Earl Hickey):

Ronnie and Earl 2

(Seriously – that’s not Jason Lee!)

He’s a really great drummer and he totally gets into playing. As seasoned Larry Mullen Jr. observers we had to laugh at how expressive and animated Ronnie is compared to “Sullen Mullen” who plays hard and serious, then puts down his sticks and folds his arms while Bono pontificates. He makes expressions behind that kit – but not many!

Ronnie meanwhile makes what I call “Ugly Drummer Faces” and hurls drumsticks into the air and audience, and stands up to finish bashing out a song, yet he seems to have no drum tech. Now Larry has Sam O’Sullivan who is My Hero. Sam’s job is to attend Larry’s every whim during a concert which includes but is not limited to: changing his sticks, putting on/removing his mike, dealing with his ear plugs, getting his beverage, getting his towel (and in a truly charming moment observed in Raleigh – smoothing out the towel just so after Larry had used it), and all sorts of setting up, dismantling, and packing of the drum kit.

Let’s face it – the basic part of Sam’s job that I covet is crouching next to LMJ for 2 hours every night and staring at him.  😉 Sam works hard and he’s been with U2 forever and he must be good because he’s the Crew Chief. I love Larry, but I can’t imagine he’s a easy guy to work for. So it says alot that he’s in charge.

So we decided I should totally be Ronnie’s “Sam”. My qualifications include:

  • Years of watching Sam work
  • Dating a drummer in high school
  • Watching tons of Killers clips on YouTube so I’m pretty well-versed in their live catalog
  • Detail-oriented (behind that kit would be the tidiest place on stage!)

Ok fine so I don’t know much about drums! But I can do headsets and hand out drumsticks and smooth towels (though something tells me Ronnie wouldn’t really give a shit whether his towel was smoothed or not.)

Will you look at that: I did a Killers post with hardly any fan-girling over Brandon!

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Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

One thought on “My new imaginary job

  1. I thought that WAS Jason Lee.

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