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Just what I needed


I am a pretty obsessive person. If you haven’t noticed. Particularly about entertainment stuff. Well, mostly all about entertainment stuff. When I first get obsessed with something it is kind of like what I assume being a drug addict is like: I need more, I need it now, I need it all the time. I want to talk, watch, listen, experience whatever the topic is 24/7. Working or doing anything unrelated to the obsession is just a distraction that is keeping me from obsessing some more.

Not having a partner in the obsession can get a little lonely. Sure I can go on-line and find random strangers who love the same thing. But that is impersonal. Of course I bombard my mom or friends and everyone always listens and is encouraging, but if they aren’t right where you are, it isn’t the same.

In the past year I’ve re-ignited one obsession and recently launched another. And in wonderfully timed twists of fate, I found myself meeting two like-minded people who felt the exact. same. way.  as I did. And I adored them both instantly – and felt like I’d known them both forever.

I was a big X-Files fan back in the day and was lucky enough to have a connection to the show from when I lived in LA which graced me with not only scripts and autographs, but actual encounters with cast and crew. I saw I Want to Believe last summer and remembered I’d never finished the series. Thus started a many month long hijacking of the Netflix queue I share with my mom.

I have a good friend who was also a ‘Phile and we discussed it, but I was kinda consumed all over again. I’d recently separated from my husband and there was solace to be found in shape shifters and black alien goo and implanted cancer chips. Much easier to focus on than what was happening in my marriage. In December the ‘Phile friend and I went to NYC for the day and had dinner with a college friend, who in turn took us home to meet her roommate who I pretty much think of as “The X-File Queen.”

She and I started emailing and slowly I discovered she was who I was looking for: the person to whom I could watch 3 episodes in a row and then write a detailed dissertation on each and have her respond in long thoughtful posts. Who I could say “I loved the scene when….” and suddenly there would be a still photo of it on my FB page. Nothing I said was too outrageous, or weird, or obsessive that she was like “ok – you need a life” because she was right where I was! It was so great, it made watching the show better, it made me feel less lonely in my obsessing over a show that hasn’t been on the air in several years, and I made a really great new friend.

If you follow this blog you know that I am about a month into my raging Brandon Flowers crush after seeing The Killers in Boston in September. The same X-Philer was with me when this started and shared in my – uh – enthusiasm for Mr. Flowers. But my obsession was off and running and I have spent lots, and I mean lots of time looking shit up on this guy since then. My best friend has a great husband (and Killers fan) and they have both been feeding me links and my mother has not only listened patiently but has followed all the YouTube videos I send incessantly and deemed him “ObsessiveCrushWorthyHot!” because my mom is awesome. And hilarious.

So this weekend my mom and I went to North Carolina for a U2 Conference and concert. On the first night we sat at a table for dinner with two ladies we’d never met before. I started talking to the one across from me and we hit it off right away. We both are obsessed with U2 and Larry Mullen Jr. so that was an obvious starting point. Then I started to ask if she liked The Killers and she throws her bag up on the table – which is a Killers tote that she got from one of the like, 5 concerts she’s been to in the last few months!

It was like the angels were singing! I found my Brandon Flowers soulmate! She’s whipping out her cell phone and showing me a pic of when she met him, and before the night is even out we’re plotting our own Killers Conference and speaking in song lyrics. When we weren’t talking U2 we were talking Brandon. It was such fun and when she had to leave the conference early on Sunday, it was totally not the same with her gone (so we texted back and forth the whole afternoon!)

So now I feel complete. There are people out there that are as nuts as I am about these topics. Who nothing I say or do is too out there because they’ve likely said or done the same or more. To top it off they are delightful women who I am totally lucky to be able to call a friend now. So my heartfelt thanks to SO’s “Sister Obsessives”: “Candy and “Bambi for making my life a lot more fun. And obsessive.

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

2 thoughts on “Just what I needed

  1. OMG amy that was the sweetest thing i’ve read in a long time (besides all the awesome larry/brandon material you leave me on facebook and OF COURSE mr. mccormick’s EPIC book lol)-so happy to be your fellow sister obsessive, so happy our paths crossed at a U2 conference!! and to clarify am i candy?lol 🙂

    • Yes – unless you prefer being called Jackie 😉 I am so happy to have met you too! (ha – U2 – get it?) I love our phone chats and I am so excited to reunite for Stalkathon ’09 – New York Edition!

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