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Wall of Men


I transferred to a women’s college my junior year. In my first semester my boyfriend of three years dumped me – long distance – for a girl who I had my suspicions about from the very first time he ever said her name.

After the dumping and the weeks of my friends propping me up, I decided to rearrange my room to get rid of any bad juju he left behind. I also decided to resurrect a youthful pastime of putting up pictures of cute boys to moon over bc I had had it with real boys at that point.

Thus the Wall of Men was born.

The first incarnation was up for only a semester and was pretty cool building from just above where my pillow sat to just below where the wall met the ceiling. Some of the additions on it now are embarrassing – and totally 90’s: Evan Dando and Antonio Sabato Jr. are two I will admit to. There were also pretty boy models, headless torsos from Calvin Klein underwear packaging, and guys I idolized like Steve Martin and Bill Clinton.

My senior year the WoM went from Fairly Impressive to Really Frickin’ Awesome. It took over nearly one entire wall as well as three smaller “walls” that covered plumbing or something. It was like wallpaper with nary a space between pics and reaching fully to the ceiling and almost right down to my bed. It was a joy to sleep under it and I often found friends and other assorted hall mates standing in my room with their eyes glazed over.

We wasted a lot of time on that wall. A lot. Of time. We discussed which guy was the hottest, which picture we’d take if the dorm caught on fire, really important crap like that. If any of us had flunked out of school we would have had that Wall to lay partial blame at (the rest of the blame on dinner time 90210 repeats).

I am in the process of getting divorced and as part of my “healing” I changed furniture around to get rid of bad juju. Then I remembered the WoM and how happy it had made me, how my friends still talk about it, how when I posted scans of it on Facebook they were giddy. So I am going to make another one. Not quite as all encompassing and I think I will use those cork tiles so that the pictures can be rotated out based on who I’m going loopy over at the moment.  Plus that is more tidy and if a grown-ass woman is going to have pictures of cute boys Wall of Men 1adorning her walls, they at least better be arranged nicely.

One thing is definite though – there will be NO Christian Slater on this one.Wall of Men 2

Author: Amy H. Johnson

Amy H. Johnson is the author of The Fangirl Files a memoir about Boy Bands, TV Boyfriends and imaginary betrothals to 80s English pop stars. She prefers to be referred to as a "Cute Famous Boy Aficionado".

7 thoughts on “Wall of Men

  1. OMG, I recall you showing this pic to me circa 1996 and we bonded how we had matching rooms across campus and we didn’t even know each other!

  2. Oh, I had one of these! But I am a bit older than you so my wall consisted of Scott Baio, Leif garrett (before the unfortunate change in his life direction to world class scumbag), and Shaun Cassidy! Come to think of it, I would still hang Scott baio pics up on my wall if I thought I could get away with it 🙂

  3. Kim – I remember you excitedly telling me you’d seen “The Matrix” – 3 years after it had come out! Thanks for stopping by – as you can see, I have only gotten wackier with age!

  4. You are CRAZY! This is coming, remember, from the culturally illiterate one. And one who has had no interest in putting up pop posters.

    Oh, wait. In college I put up posters of Meg Christian, Ferron, and Cris Williamson. Nevermind.

    Funny blog name. Hope all’s well with you!


  5. Ah, Josh! How I loved thee!

  6. very impressive Amy ,did this as a teen also,lots of english rockers and french actors and models wanted to change my name to Chantal…..

  7. I had one too, Amy! Though it was nowhere near as impressive. If you will admit to Evan Dando, then I feel compelled to admit to …. wait for it…. Bob Costas. … yeah, I don’t know either. I think it’s because he was a smart and comforting presence in the world of sports reporting. One year I remember watching the Summer Olympics mostly to hear his commentary!

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